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ISBI 1.7 – Cute Ears

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: + 90 Points

Okay, they’ve all been there. Dirty, stinky and miserable.
However, Astra seems to embrace this lifestyle with a cheery smile plastered on her face and I wonder if she’s a slob in disguise.

08-30-20_3-51-16 PM

Norah feels like moving up in the world – at least when it comes to culinary experiences. She has started making gourmet dishes – but of course, only for herself, mind you.

08-30-20_11-44-35 AM

Yum, delicious almond macarons – but only for myself. I can’t share stuff this good – not even with my children“.

Oberon doesn’t care because he knows it’s time for his birthday and with birthdays comes delicious cakes. (A/N: This cake is from a mod by Littlebowbub on Mod the Sims: Granny’s Cookbook)

08-30-20_3-18-21 PM

Oberon didn’t max out any skills and he didn’t complete any of his aspiration milestones.

Ooh, look at those adorable ears that he all of a sudden grew into!

08-30-20_3-27-17 PM

Why didn’t he have those as a kid?
Sim physiology – don’t question it! Just roll with it!

Oberon gets the Squeamish trait besides the Art Lover he already had. He wants to be a Master Mixologist.

… and isn’t this nice. He’s been a teenager for a total of the 20 minutes I spent on giving him a much needed makeover and he’s already being a moody teenager. Joy!

08-30-20_4-41-49 PM

Next project – cook himself Mac and Cheese with his non-existent cooking skill. Great 😬

08-30-20_3-35-11 PM

Stupidity is contagious (A/N: As I’ve always claimed!) and Portia decides that she too wants to live life dangerously.

08-30-20_2-51-51 PM

Could you two please go do something less idiotic, please!?

Ehren is only one Sim and he can’t keep them all occupied and away from disaster. Maybe he should just focus on the one I’m considering to be the heir (A/N: I really wanted to do heir polls for this but then I run into the problem of having played so far ahead that I get stuck waiting for the poll to complete etc etc – yeah it’s a whole thing. I might do a quick poll on Twitter or something – I don’t know).

Anyway, time to play chess with Bellatrix for her aspiration.

08-30-20_4-26-09 PM08-30-20_4-47-31 PM

Aspiration Milestone: +5 Points

…and read stories to her and Astra – amidst Portia blasting METAL tunes on the stereo. I wonder how any of them got anything out of that story – maybe Ehren was shouting it to them?

Speaking of aspiration milestones.


Aspiration Milestone x 2: +10 Points

Ehren has completed two milestones of his aspiration by now.

I’m tired of seeing all these school projects litter the backyard so I have Ehren complete a couple of them. Portia gets credit for both of them since she’s the one who has started them all. Clever girl.

08-30-20_4-42-39 PM08-30-20_4-17-43 PM

A in School: + 5 Points

The next day Portia is rewarded for all of Ehren’s hard work with the school projects. She gets her A and celebrates by taking a run on the new treadmill.

The next day it’s Norah’s birthday and she celebrates before going to work.

08-30-20_3-56-56 PM

Portia doesn’t notice her mother blowing out the candles on her cake. She’s too busy sending death glares at Ehren who stole her salad.

Thanks to some lucky chance cards at work the last couple of days and the fact that Norah occasionally paints she earns a promotion.

08-30-20_4-21-18 PM

Her mood is tanked and she’s stinky. Time to relax in the bathtub, Norah.

Oberon is still a night owl and he stays up late chatting on forums, programming and playing games. I guess he’s being a real teenager.

08-30-20_4-32-06 PM

It’s almost time for school and Bellatrix reminds him of their simulated reality. His needs are horrible and school starts in an hour.

I guess Oberon will be taking a vacation day – napping in the tub.

08-30-20_4-33-45 PM

While Oberon naps/baths Ehren works on his Research & Debate skill again. He FINALLY reaches level 7 which is needed for his next promotion.

08-30-20_4-18-49 PM

Portia took a vacation day too and spends the day in her pyjamas. She looks for pen pals – I take it as a hint that she’d like some friends.

08-30-20_11-53-27 AM

The next day in school I have the kids socialise so they meet some Sims. Portia made me feel bad about them all only knowing their family and the occasional random visitor.

Oberon is quick to befriend a girl named Kenya Eggleston [Daugther of Mark Eggleston, StrangerVille and Makoa Kealoha’s sister Wikolia, Sulina]

08-30-20_3-53-36 PM

She seems to be a nice sim and she’s also quite pretty – maybe she could be Oberon’s future wife?

Ehren is asked to chose a branch for work.


I pick the private attorney branch since that was what was rolled for him when he set out to start this ISBI. The judge branch would have given him the job title Gavel Smasher which sounds much more fun than Lead Litigator.

I make sure that this Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine isn’t a future job reward before buying it. It’s expensive but I’m tired of sending Ehren to the library to use one. I might still feel the need for him to leave the house now and then but now it’s an option – not a requirement.

08-30-20_5-17-45 PM

I find an empty spot big enough to squish a table and chair into. The the house really isn’t very big for 6 Sims and all their stuff.

Score: +110 Points


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