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ISBI 1.8 – Romance

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +110 Points

Oberon brings Kenya home from school again and I take it as a hint that they might want me to set them up for something more than just friends.

Ehren befriends Kenya and then I have him talk to Oberon about hooking up with Kenya.

08-31-20_4-26-04 PMIt started out looking pretty good, Oberon didn’t think badly about Kenya.

kenya1 kenya2

But then something clearly went wrong. I’ll just stay out of it (for now).

Meanwhile Norah all of a sudden remembers she’s an alien and does some of her alien voodoo on Ehren (A/N: I wasn’t fast enough to get a screenshot). The seem to be a bit conflicted on what actually happened.

08-31-20_4-28-36 PM

Long story short, Norah got some of Ehren’s focus and went to play chess by herself.

Portia is still having a horrible mood swing. She spends a lot of time shouting forbidden words – at basically anyone and anything.

08-31-20_4-38-50 PM08-31-20_4-39-46 PM

Well, now you really have something to be mad about!
Just shut the Plum up….!

Okay, retreating!

Remember, I bought that expensive research machine so that Ehren didn’t have to leave the house so much for his daily work tasks.

08-31-20_4-46-07 PM

It would seem that the game had other plans.
Ehren now has to go the university to do guest speakings *sigh*

… which seems to be bugged. There’s no option for to do “Guest Speak” and the “Visit University Law Class” just makes Ehren bug out in a T-Pose.

2020-08-31 16_48_04-The Sims™ 4

Waste of time!

Back at home Ehren finishes his other task and then decides to help Astra complete her school project – in a very dark backyard.

08-31-20_5-56-06 PM08-31-20_6-03-58 PM

A in School: +5 Points

The next day Astra is rewarded for Ehren’s hard work – yay!

Our other kids have not had a good day at all.
Both Bellatrix and Portia had a test that didn’t go well so they are stressed.

08-31-20_5-00-56 PM08-31-20_5-13-43 PM

Oberon is having a severe mood swing. Poor kid 😦

Norah gets a promotion – the last one for what I suspect will be a long time since she hasn’t shown any interest in the easel for a while now.

08-31-20_5-44-09 PM

She’s also like a vacation day. I should probably let her have one.

Ehren also gets a promotion.

08-31-20_5-47-57 PM

Portia seems to have a death-wish – she just loves repairing electronics.

08-31-20_6-08-13 PM08-31-20_6-09-05 PM

Norah too – she took over when I had Ehren interrupt Portia’s attempt 🙄

You’ll be happy to know that everyone survived – not that they would actually die from being electrocuted – at least not the first time.

Portia is about to grow up and move out. Our first-born and most intelligent child.

08-31-20_6-12-21 PM08-31-20_6-13-45 PM

Positive Character Trait x 3: +15 Points

Portia’s last trait is Family-Oriented. I have her move into a nice house in Brindleton Bay so that she might have room for a husband and a bunch of kids – or the two allowed by my MCCC settings. She never produced a single negative point and she moves out with a personal score of +45 points.

Next up for a birthday celebration is Astra.

08-31-20_6-40-14 PM

She hasn’t maxed any skills or completed any aspiration milestones something Ehren and I should probably be better at working on with the kids in general.

Astra is so pretty – and she sure is the Sim who smiles the most in this household.

08-31-20_8-18-54 PM

Astra has rolled Materialistic for her teen trait and she wants to become a Master Maker. I could totally see her running a business that sells fruity fizzy juice.

It’s actually also Love Day today – but I don’t think Norah wants to go on a date.

08-31-20_8-20-40 PM

Ehren decides that they can have Love Day at home and offers Norah a rose.

08-31-20_8-22-43 PM08-31-20_8-23-13 PM

Norah loves the rose and gives Ehren one in return. She even adds a cute note to it. Aw, thanks Norah – most favourite alien 💕

After Norah has had one of her refreshing Disco-Naps it’s time for blowing kisses and eating birthday cake…

08-31-20_8-28-22 PM08-31-20_9-26-21 PM

… and kisses in the new pool.

Ehren even tries out the new bubble blower. He has no clue how to us it but I think he had fun anyway.

08-31-20_9-29-07 PM

*cough sputter cough*
… or maybe not.

Portia doesn’t seem to like being all alone in her new house in Brindleton Bay. She has only been gone for a few hours when she comes to visit. She is given a key so that she can let herself in in the future.

She is distracting Ehren who is working on yet another children’s book.

08-31-20_9-04-47 PM

It seems the distraction was just what he needed. It’s a Bestseller and also get’s nominated for an award at the upcoming Starlight Accolade (A/N: That I’ll most likely forget about…)

Score: +130 Points


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6 thoughts on “ISBI 1.8 – Romance

  1. Omg I love Astra’s little gapped front teeth!!! ❤ (she's my favorite . . . I want to see the pink-themed fruity fizzy juice bar. I need this in my lyfe . . .) Also, the Alien Probe/Skill Sharing Telepathy toward the beginning almost made me spit my drink. *applause*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No – I roll for their looks, traits etc – Looks and traits are based on their parents/grandparents if they have any 🙂
        I like to make my Sims look “imperfect” and I think the tooth gap among others things adds a bit of quirk and personality to them so I’m always happy when my Sims roll something like that 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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