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ISBI 1.9 – Double Abduction

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +130 Points

Portia seems to have found love – or at least someone willing to get her pregnant. Since she has the Family-Oriented trait I think she deserves the whole package – you know, including a spouse – but it seems that maybe Mr Grunt isn’t the right Sim for her.


Maybe she’ll find someone she likes better at a later point.

I’ve realized how close Bellatrix is to ageing up to a teenager and also how close she is to getting an A in school and also maxing out her creativity skill so I have Ehren help her with a school project.

09-02-20_4-01-42 PM09-02-20_4-07-32 PM

Creativity Skill Maxed: +10 Points

He also makes sure to guide her to the creativity table – just in time because apparently it’s now time for an abduction.

Please don’t get impregnated!

09-02-20_4-06-27 PM09-02-20_4-06-54 PM09-02-20_4-10-43 PM

Ehren is returned more or less unharmed – and also not pregnant. Phew!
He ponders why aliens seem to have such a keen interest in him while he eats a bowl of fruit salad.

The next day Norah has the day off from work.
She spends most of it running around in her nightwear.

Playing games…

09-02-20_4-16-56 PM09-02-20_4-18-43 PM

… seems like she had a nice day.

Bellatrix arrives home from school in a good mood.

09-02-20_4-22-29 PM

A in School: +5 Points

Well, done!

Most days Oberon arrives home in the company of a nasty mood swing. Today he’s once again embarrassed.

09-02-20_3-50-23 PM

Maybe the other kids are teasing him with how his ears look?

In the evening Bellatrix celebrates her birthday.

09-02-20_4-30-05 PM09-02-20_5-12-59 PM

She’s a really cute Sim – disguise or not. I’m not a big fan of the yellow hair on my Sims but I think it suits Bellatrix. She’s like the Smurfette of Sims when she’s not disguised.

Ah, living in Oasis Springs during the hot summer days with a bunch of idiot Sims. What an absolute joy!

09-02-20_6-15-35 PM09-02-20_6-16-19 PM

I have Ehren ask her to change into her warm-weather clothes. She looks at him like he has lost his mind.

I don’t know what she told Ehren but now it seems he’s the one thinking Norah has lost her mind. At least she changed into something cooler.

09-02-20_6-17-08 PM

Okay – so we managed to save Norah. Arnold Knott, who is Norah’s good friend, is not quite as lucky when he visits later in the evening.

He qualifies as a true ISBI-Sim.
He’s an elder doing exercise (basketball) in a heatwave – what could possibly go wrong?!

09-02-20_8-00-05 PM09-02-20_8-01-18 PM

Well… it was nice knowing you Arnold – and then I realise that I don’t really know what to do with a non-family Sim’s ghost. I guess since he died on the lot he has to stay? I’m not counting it as an unnatural death (-10 Points) for my score since he wasn’t part of the family.

09-02-20_8-05-35 PM

I guess, in some sense, he is now.
Arnold is put to rest under the tree right next to the basketball hoop – I guess he really liked that thing so now he gets to enjoy it in his afterlife as well.

Bellatrix decides I haven’t had enough excitement within the last 24 Sim-hours so she takes it upon herself to learn cooking the next morning. Yay 😬

09-02-20_8-29-10 PM09-02-20_8-31-42 PM

No fires, thankfully.
Bellatrix and Norah celebrate it with some soccer-practice which ends badly for Norah – or Bellatrix, depending on which of them you ask. Astra is dancing in the background – I think she has a hidden Dance Machine trait.

In the evening Norah is taken for a visit on her home planet.

09-02-20_8-38-14 PM09-02-20_8-38-40 PM09-02-20_8-40-39 PM

Looks like it was quite the party.

I’ll end this entry with this notification – Ehren is almost an Elder. He’s got 24 hours before he turns grey.


Score: +145 Points


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    1. Thanks ❤
      They appear naturally – but the chances are higher if your Sim lives in Oasis Springs, is in the science career and/or has high logic skill. I think it also increases the chance if there's already an alien in the family.

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