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ISBI 1.10 – Getting Older

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +145 Points

A very pregnant Portia stops by and lets herself in (A/N: Ehren gave her a key when she moved out)
Since Ehren is busy and everyone else is at school or work she tends to the garden. Something she never bothered to do while living here – well, thanks, I guess.

09-02-20_6-30-52 PM09-02-20_6-29-10 PM

She spends a couple of hours disturbing Ehren while he works. She leaves before the rest of the family returns home.

She obviously had important things to do.


Welcome to the family, Martin.

Later after a short dip in the pool Ehren ages up – Yup, I forgot his birthday – again. Sorry, Ehren – I can’t even promise you that I’ll remember the next one…

09-02-20_8-49-16 PM

He’s a good-looking Elder-Sim – even when squirming from back-pain.

There’s another birthday to celebrate the next day.
Oberon is about to grow up and move out. Since he’s been miserable most of his teenage years I decided that he should have a proper party to make up for it.

Friends and family gather around to sing while Oberon makes his birthday wish.

09-02-20_5-50-54 PMoberon_traits

Positive Character Trait x 2: +10 Points

Oberon’s last trait is Squeamish.
I have him join the culinary career before he moves out to live in Willow Creek. Oberon managed a personal score of +30 points.


I hope he’ll find a nice partner and have cute kids with cute ears.

Portia stays after the party to chat with Ehren. She really loves to disturb him when he works.

09-02-20_8-57-45 PM

It has taken Ehren a long time but he finally maxes his Writing skill – which then reminds me of his Starlight Accolade nomination.

He’s got a few hours before the award ceremony starts.
Since Ehren is not famous enough to enter the lounge I have to adjust a few things on the lot before he can attend the ceremony.

09-02-20_9-03-09 PM

Ehren wins an award for best book – and then he wins two more for the same book. It was very odd and I suspect there was a glitch in the matrix or something.

Since it doesn’t mean anything for the score I let him keep all three awards.

09-02-20_9-13-17 PM

I figure it’s about time to prepare Ehren for being an Ex-Torch Holder. So I have him work on his skills. In that way, he can get his last promotion even if I don’t control him any longer at that point.

09-02-20_9-46-13 PM09-02-20_9-47-41 PM

Norah has got the giggles but since I can’t do anything to make her feel better I let her go to work.

She gets a chance card.


I figure Norah would choose to paint the portrait and I also want the extra simoleons.


Norah is a bit worried about what she might have done to the timeline but it’s probably nothing serious – since almost nothing in the Sims 4 ever comes with severe consequences.

Since Oberon moved out Astra has started staying up most of the night. How she managed to get an A while being so sleepy is beyond me.

09-02-20_9-51-09 PM

A in School: +5 Points

Remember Arnold, who died from playing basketball during a heatwave?
Apparently he just can’t get enough of the heat and starts a fire during the night – thanks!!

09-02-20_9-15-01 PM

Fire: -10 Points

Couldn’t he at least have made a nice quality cake instead of that disgusting looking thing?!

Ehren and Bellatrix to the rescue – while Norah just stares at the fire with fascination.

09-02-20_9-16-05 PM

Some of the money from Norah’s chance card is used to replace the burnt kitchen.

The rest, along with most of their saving, are use do build an annexe in the far back of their lot. That way Ehren and Norah have their own place when Bellatrix takes over.

09-02-20_9-43-36 PM

I tried to keep the style similar to the original house I downloaded off the gallery. I’m quite pleased with the result even it’s mostly just a box with windows 😆

Score: +150 Points


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