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ISBI 1.11 – Passing the Torch

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +150 Points

Once again we start the chapter with Norah being home alone.
She spends a lot of time looking at the flashy neon light show thingy one of the kids got for Winterfest.

09-10-20_9-24-22 PM

There’s a notification about it being Astra’s birthday in 24 Sim-hours. Got to remember that.

Norah also spends some time talking to random strangers passing by the house.

09-10-20_9-27-53 PM

I’m puzzled by this because her social needs we’re not even in the yellow. Maybe she just felt like getting to know some new Sims.

Both Astra and Bellatrix arrive home in dire need of fun.

09-10-20_9-34-47 PM

I love their facial expressions.

Bellatrix enters a phase that is supposed to make her listen to loud music and play instruments, but instead she strips naked and walks around like that for a while. Norah doesn’t seem bothered.

09-10-20_9-42-28 PM

Astra decides to get her fun up by doing some exercise.
Portia stops by for a chat.

09-10-20_9-48-27 PM

I’ve got to say. I’m pretty amazed by how Sims can keep a conversation going while jogging – while also not having any fitness skill at all.

Bellatrix keeps having severe mood swings. I don’t know if it’s her phase or whatever, but she cries her eyes out in front of Ehren for no reason at all.

09-10-20_9-44-35 PM

I think Ehren is as puzzled as I am.

Eventually, Bellatrix finds something to occupy her mind.

09-10-20_11-23-25 PM

She reads one of the many children’s books Ehren has written.

Meanwhile, in the garden, Ehren is once again being abducted by aliens.

09-11-20_1-24-41 PM09-11-20_1-25-09 PM

While he is being prodded and probed in space, there’s a notification about Portia getting pregnant again – by the same guy as last time. Why don’t you two just get married?

And no, I’m not worried about Ehren getting pregnant because I’ve turned Elder pregnancy off in MCCC.

The next day a very stinky Bellatrix arrives home from school with a beautiful A.

09-11-20_1-34-46 PM

A in School: +5 Points
I really love the Parenthood expansion pack – so many ways to make sure your Sims are doing well while they grow up.

… except for the kids, who you forget exist. Oops!

09-11-20_1-38-07 PM

Astra has been neglected and forgotten about quite a lot (A/N: Good thing they are just Sims and not real kids).

She still gains emotional control and a great sense of responsibility – along with her last trait; Paranoid.

09-11-20_1-44-51 PM

Positive Character Trait x 2: +10 Points

Astra gets a job as an Engineer before moving out to Windenburg.


Why an Engineer?
Well, that’s the random job I rolled or her.

Astra earned us +35 Points in total.

Ehren is working hard on getting the last skills needed for the last promotion – even though he already got the promotion. I think his career glitched when he got that chance card that was supposed to demote him back in his younger days.

09-11-20_2-45-21 PM

Nevertheless, he got his Research and Debate skill maxed out and also got his Charisma to level 7 – probably thanks to Norah and Portia constantly disturbing him while working.

Since it will be time to retire as Torch Holder in a matter of days I have Ehren upgrade a lot of the plumbing and electronics around the house.

09-11-20_2-48-26 PM

Maybe one day I should invest in a better TV for my Sims, but I enjoy giving them a crappy one so they don’t spend ALL their time in front of it.

Ehren also manages to write his biography required for the immortalisation.


Immortalise the Torch Holder: +5 Points

He actually wrote the book twice since it glitched out on his first try. It was at 99% complete and the “Resume Writing..” option didn’t work.

A notification popped up during the night letting us know that Oberon has married a girl named Jane.

09-11-20_1-40-06 PM

Ehren spots her walking by outside and rushes out to greet – and thank – her.

Oberon’s marriage has fulfilled the last task in Milestone 3 of Ehren’s aspiration. Now he just needs 3 more grandchildren and the aspiration will be done.


Aspiration Milestone: +5 Points

I check up on Jane to see if she needs a makeover or anything and I find out that she’s an alien too – how cute.


A romantic bro who loves cats and wants to befriend the world. She’s a nice Sim for Oberon to spend his life with. Watcher approves!

I also check in on Portia and see that Martin has aged up. He’s fussy – not my kid, not my problem.


As I return to the Grimms in Oasis Springs, I find Ehren and Bellatrix like this.

09-11-20_2-25-21 PM

So it would seem Bellatrix wanted to pull a prank on her dad. She used her alien powers to erase Ehren’s memories of her. What a horrible thing to do. Bad Bellatrix – BAD!

...and just before Ehren was about to make her birthday cake.

09-11-20_3-08-06 PM

Who was I making this cake for?
– Your youngest daughter – Bellatrix!
My youngest daughter is Astra… she moved out not too long ago…

The family is invited over to celebrate the passing of the torch. Ehren seems delighted to meet Martin – currently his only grandchild.

09-11-20_3-14-06 PM09-11-20_3-15-29 PM

It’s official – Ehren has now joined the Idiots Crew and Bellatrix takes over as Torch Holder.


Positive Character Trait x 3: +15 Points

General merriment and time spent with family.

09-11-20_3-17-42 PM09-11-20_3-24-05 PM09-11-20_3-25-47 PM

Portia reading to Martin – making sure her little son is not bored at the party. Such a sweet moment.

Time for Ehren to relax and enjoy his remaining time. He and Norah have moved out to the little annexe in the back of the lot.

09-11-20_3-54-50 PM

Tallying up my points at the end of the generation…


100K Simoleons x 1: + 20 Points
Random Traits and Aspirations: +10 Points
No Satisfaction Points Used: +10 Points

Score: +230 Points


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  1. This has been a fun read through. I am glad it caught my attention and it is inspiring my try at TSCC Simon Says challenge on Facbook. And.. keeping it open to see what happens next.

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