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ISBI 2.0 – Under New Management

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +230 Points

Bellatrix is ready to take over and starts out strong by getting a job.
I do their jobs as random rolls since it’s more fun for me that way. Bellatrix, like her sister Astra, rolled to be an engineer – but in the other branch of it.

09-11-20_4-01-10 PM

I’m not looking forward to doing the Robotics skill since I know it’s frustrating because of all the zaps your Sim will suffer – but this is a good opportunity for me to play around with the skills and the robots since I haven’t done it much before.

Next on the agenda is to find a spouse for Bellatrix.
I don’t normally care much about who my Sims hook up with, so I just pick the first decent looking guy in Bellatrix’ friend panel.

Bellatrix does this on her own…

09-11-20_4-01-54 PM

… Eric doesn’t seem to mind – thankfully.

The two of them get along really well, and soon the pink relationship bar is half full.

09-11-20_4-18-21 PM

It’s time to also work on their friendship with some cloud gazing.
One of the best options in the game for building friendships – I like a lot of the gameplay that came with Outdoor Retreat, but cloud/star gazing is one of the absolute best features of that pack.

09-11-20_4-23-44 PM

Eric is still in a good mood, so Bellatrix asks him to be her boyfriend.
He agrees – and also agrees to move in.

09-11-20_4-25-48 PM

Yup, working fast here!.


There’s a text from Astra congratulating the new lovebirds.

Making sure Eric has no regrets about moving in… 😉

09-11-20_5-34-34 PM

Hah, the poor guy is exhausted afterwards and falls asleep on the pool floaty – after noticing that the first snow is here.

09-11-20_5-42-17 PM

Eric will make a brilliant idiot – I mean, who would sleep outside in wet swimwear while it’s snowing? Luckily it’s Oasis Springs and the snow never became more than a tiny sprinkle of snowflakes.


While Eric snoozes, I take a look at his job and skills.
No skill worth mentioning but his job is nice – breakthroughs he can have without being controlled so maybe he’ll get promoted once or twice.

Eric is the son of Tina Tinker [Eco Lifestyle] and Tomax Collette [Realm of Magic]

I want to make sure that Bellatrix is not constantly disturbed while working, so I build her a tiny basement with a computer and a robotics station. I lock the door for all the other household members – something I’ll later learn that Norah likes to ignore.

09-11-20_5-48-16 PM09-11-20_7-00-08 PM

One of Bellatrix’ tasks for work is to crash an engineering course at uni.
She had a splendid time and I sort of regret not having her attend university – but I don’t really want her to spend most of her life as a student – so hmm, yeah. I only have my Sims get educated if I can stop time while they are there.

Portia gives birth to baby-girl Melissa in the evening.



Jane and Oberon are expecting.

Which makes me realise that maybe there’s enough time for Ehren to fulfil his aspiration.

Bellatrix convinces Eric that they should try for a nooboo of their own.

09-11-20_7-05-56 PM

Didn’t take a lot of convincing and Bellatrix can conclude that they didn’t need a lot of practice either.

09-11-20_7-09-51 PM

Eric is such a sweet guy and cheers with joy – after the initial shock of hearing he’s going to be a dad.

09-11-20_7-11-20 PM

See… such a sweet guy!
He even cleans the toilet after Bellatrix has puked all over it.

09-11-20_7-16-19 PM

He even smiles while doing it – Yup, he’s a keeper.

Bellatrix is spending a lot of time in her little robotics lab in the basement. I figure since pregnant Sims can’t die there’s no harm to just have her keep working when she gets zapped.

09-11-20_7-18-15 PM

Eric stayed up way too late last night and is exhausted when he gets home from work.

09-11-20_7-30-50 PM

I cheer him on as he heads for the bedroom upstairs but instead of going to bed, he heads for the bathtub.

09-11-20_9-50-19 PM

Well – multitasking is nice, and he made it all the way there without passing out. He even has his first breakthrough while napping and soaking in the tub.

I have been rooting for Portia to get married to that guy she likes so much- Elmer Grunt. Well, at least I suspect she likes him because she’s had two kids with him by now. I had more or less decided to make them husband and wife via Manage Worlds/CAS but then Portia marries this guy instead.


He too is an alien – like Oberon’s wife, Jane.

I realise that something in my MCCC settings is it set so that occults can only marry the same occult as they are themselves. Something I decided on doing long ago when vampires were taking over my entire save because they were marrying left and right.

… but then Oberon and Portia would have to be aliens for this to make sense – so I guess the game considers them aliens despite them looking like ordinary Sims and having no alien abilities.

I’ve now changed that setting back to normal so that at least Astra can marry whoever she wants – or at least whoever MCCC decides she wants.

Score: +230 Points


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