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ISBI 2.1 – Hands Off!

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +230 Points

Someone might have been zapped one time too many – *giggle*

09-11-20_8-43-33 PM

It’s okay – Bellatrix doesn’t mind and the nooboo can’t be harmed from it either. This is the Sims after all.

It’s time to celebrate Norah – She’s done pretty well as the wife of a Torch Holder. She reaches her Elder-birthday with a total score of 0 points – Could be much, much worse.

09-11-20_8-22-05 PM

After celebrating Norah, it’s time for Bellatrix and Eric to go on a date.
I take them to a restaurant in Brindleton Bay that I’ve not had any Sims visit before. (A/N: I play in SweetieWright_84’s awesome save file and there are still lots of places for me to explore. Link to it here)

09-11-20_8-01-06 PM

Eeeep – There’s only a gigantic table for 8 Sims inside – the rest of the tables are outside on the deck. It’s Autumn, so it might be a bit chilly to sit outside.

Bellatrix and Eric seem to do fine despite it being a cold day in Brindleton Bay.

After they have had their dinner I have them walk the short distance to the beautiful view from the docks. On the way there Eric gets lost and to find him I have to change over to him.


I see Astra calling him and get curious.

Okay – that’s awkward.


I have Eric tell her he doesn’t feel that way about her… I hope this won’t cause trouble at future family gatherings. Yikes!

Hands Off, Astra – this man is about to say yes to Bellatrix.

09-11-20_8-12-09 PM09-11-20_8-16-07 PM

Nothing like changing into your wedding attire on the chilly docks of Brindleton Bay – just so that your watcher can get the screenshot she wants.

Back at home, in Oasis Springs, there’s still a heatwave.
Eric decides that he wants to dance the night away, but he needs to repair the stereo first. He gets zapped once, but that doesn’t seem to bother him and he soon picks op the screwdriver again and starts poking around.

09-11-20_8-47-23 PM09-11-20_8-47-56 PM

Time to distract and save Eric with a cute nooboo-belly.
Bellatrix had already gone to bed but stays up to repair the stereo for Eric – if he wants to dance the night away so be it.

Before she’s done with the repairs Eric has gone to bed… 🙄

It seems Eric has a sixth sense with his pregnant wife.
He flies out of bed with a mad case of Pre-Parental Panic before Bellatrix has even noticed that she’s in labour.

09-11-20_9-18-18 PM

Time to get up and give birth, Bellatrix!

09-11-20_9-24-11 PM09-11-20_9-25-01 PM

Single Birth: +5 Points

Welcome to SimNation, Chip Grimm.
In case you’re wondering about the name – We’re going with robotic/tech names this generation.

Norah, who never spent much time with her own kids when they were small, comes flying up the stair to assist with her new grandson.

Diaper change…

09-11-20_9-37-07 PM09-11-20_9-37-58 PM

… and a bottle.
She looks so happy – bless her and her newfound joy as a grandmother.

In the morning, Bellatrix gets promoted to Cog in the Machine.

09-11-20_9-27-46 PM09-11-20_9-35-24 PM

… and Ehren discovers that his daughter is an alien which makes Bellatrix embarrassed. You two… *sigh*

Eric’s dad, Tomax, comes for a visit in the afternoon. Sadly, Eric is at work and so Bellatrix has to entertain their guest as best she can.

09-11-20_9-38-52 PM

Tomax is not very impressed with Bellatrix’ skill as a hostess and decides he’d rather try to kill himself with a run on the treadmill.

09-11-20_9-41-48 PM09-11-20_9-42-53 PM

I have Bellatrix run up and discourage him.
Tomax is still not very impressed with Bellatrix…

Norah is doing nothing to help entertain their guest.

09-11-20_9-40-52 PM

She’s still in her pyjamas and has found the bubble blower.
You do you, Norah.

Eric comes home from work pretty late and takes a nap.

He is woken up from his nap with a bladder that’s in distress, but Eric is drawn to the mysterious lights in the garden… Noooo, Eric – Be smarter!

09-11-20_9-52-30 PM09-11-20_9-52-51 PM

I guess not.

While Eric is tripping in outer space we get notified of the birth of Lana Grimm.



Which makes Ehren complete his aspiration.

Aspiration Milestone: +5 Points
Aspiration Completed: +10 Points

I do a random roll to determine his next aspiration and luck smiles upon us when he gets Successful Lineage as his next one.


Aspiration Milestone x 2: +10 Points

Eric is delivered back to us a few hours later.
He still has to pee, but otherwise, he seems to be in good spirits.

09-11-20_9-55-17 PM

Amazing that he can be so fascinated by aliens when he lives among them every day. Eric might not be too bright…

There have been a couple of additional notices.
Martin and Melissa Grimm have both aged up.


There’s a chance Portia will have more children since I’ve made her exempt from the general rules of only two children per household. I hope she and her husband have at least one more.

Score: +260 Points


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  1. I’ve fallen behind with sims this year but as soon as I started reading this chapter it was happy memories. Nice to be back. Looking forward to the continued story.

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