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ISBI 2.2 – Grimm vs Grim

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +260 Points

Bellatrix is more or less celebrating Spooky Day on her own – Sometimes living with a bunch of idiots can get lonely.

09-12-20_8-38-03 PM

It’s not that there aren’t other Sims to celebrate with – it’s just that they don’t really seem to get the concept.

Astra stops by for a chat. I imagine that maybe she was seeking advice regarding her relationship status – You’ll see why in a bit.

09-12-20_8-40-52 PM09-12-20_8-44-34 PM

Portia also stopped by and her Family-Oriented trait showed. She spent most of her time cooing at Chip.

Ehren still enjoys his little patch of flowers and herbs but it’s not like he does much gardening. Mostly he just studies the plants.

09-12-20_9-09-25 PM

Sadly, he won’t be around for much longer.

The aliens want him to visit one last time – giving me the Carried Away achievement.

09-12-20_9-04-57 PM

I hope he had fun up there.

Portia hot a severe case of nooboo-fever after meeting Chip and Astra has found someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with.




Deon is the son of Don Lothario [Base Game] and Sofia Bjergsen [Get Together]. With those traits, I think he would have loved to live in Sulani but he moves in with Astra in Windenburg. Got to remember not to serve fish when/if he comes to visit.

Norah and Eric stay up most of the night chatting.

09-12-20_9-11-57 PM

I imagine Norah telling Eric about Bellatrix’ childhood and all the embarrassing moments. If she could she would have whipped out the photo album – 100% sure.

The next morning it’s time for Chip to grow up.

09-12-20_9-14-47 PM09-12-20_9-32-58 PMchip_traits

Chip rolls the Wild trait – Not a fan. In my experience that trait makes for some pretty moody toddlers.

Time to get started on the thinking skill.

09-13-20_2-31-10 PM09-13-20_2-41-23 PM

Imagination also gets a boost. Those two skills are the ones I imagine he’ll have the hardest time levelling on his own since he’ll be too busy dancing and running around. Communication is never a problem, it seems.

(A/N: We have reached the point where I moved the family to a fresh version of the same save because I got an idea on how I could better manage the townies and such. I promised myself that this would be my chill and relax save but I just can’t chill and relax when Townies look like disasters. Hopefully, my new idea will work out for me.)

Maybe Chip would like a sibling?

09-13-20_2-44-17 PM09-13-20_2-45-43 PM

Well, yes – maybe he would.
Eric thinks it’s a brilliant idea.

Meanwhile, Astra and Deon are working on producing an extra cousin.


Bellatrix gets sick – so I’m not sure if her stomach pains are from being sick or from being pregnant and I haven’t noticed any nooboo-related thought bubbles yet.

09-13-20_3-19-16 PM09-13-20_4-25-32 PM

Bellatrix gets up in the middle of the night to give me an answer.
She goes back to bed. Eric can get the news in the morning because we don’t want to disturb him while he’s playing chess. He’s up to five or six breakthroughs by now – mainly form playing chess, I think.

09-13-20_4-43-41 PM

I like a moderate amount of chaos in my game and to be honest, the Grimms are not very good at being idiots so I have to help them a bit.

Adding a coffee maker might help things move along.

09-13-20_4-55-01 PM09-13-20_5-03-38 PM

Ehren can’t believe what I’ve just done…

You really think this is a good idea?
– Sure – I want some fun things to happen!
Yeah… I’m outta here!
– Wait, what?

Oh, okay then – just bail on us now that the fun begins 😦

09-13-20_5-04-58 PM09-13-20_5-06-05 PM09-13-20_5-07-29 PM

I have Bellatrix plead for Ehren’s life – not that it really matters if he gets that extra day but I thought I’d just see if Grim was in a good mood.


Well, since he here and Bellatrix doesn’t have ANY social life outside of her family she might as well get to know him a little.

09-13-20_5-09-29 PM

Turns out that Grim hates paperwork and that he likes nooboo-bumps.

Ehren’s remains are buried under the same tree as Arnold Knott used to “live” under – sadly we lost Arnold’s ghost when we moved save – along with Ehren’s biography. I’ll admit to cheating when I made him write a new one for this save – or maybe it wasn’t cheating since I hadn’t used a free action with him after he became a non-torch holder?! 😬

09-13-20_5-17-16 PM

Bellatrix strengthens Ehren’s connection and has a look at the family tree so far.


Ehren earned a total of +35 personal points – mostly from completed aspiration milestones. Not including the +5 points from the biography that he ended up writing 2.99 times.


That same night Portia gives birth to her third child. A son named Milton.

Oberon comes by to share in the sadness.
He and Norah chat most of the night.

09-13-20_6-10-10 PM09-13-20_6-15-03 PM

Portia also came to mourn her beloved daddy.
Aw – We’ll all miss Ehren. His good looks and his endless patience.

Two birthdays have been celebrated in the other related households.

Cousin Lana [Oberon + Jane] has aged up to a cute and charming toddler.



Cousin Melissa [Portia + Elmer Grunt] has aged up to a mean child – Oh, joy!

Score: +260 Points


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