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ISBI 2.3 – Basketcase

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +260 Points

Things are not going too well with Chip.
As I predicted he’s very moody and as a result, his relationship with the rest of the family is not that good. Normally my Sims within the same household are all “Good Friends” but with Chip, nothing is a smooth ride. He’s barely even friends with Bellatrix and she spends the most time with him.

He wakes up angry from hunger – poor guy.

09-13-20_7-41-48 PM

He’s fed and has a nice chat with Eric while eating.

He uses the potty and reaches level 3 of the potty skill – He’s so proud and happy.

09-13-20_7-44-05 PM

Potty Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Maybe things are starting to turn around?

In a matter of minutes, he goes from super happy to angry again.

09-13-20_8-00-08 PM

That one is on you, Chip – You should not play with the toilet water – as you’ve been told several times!

Eric is sick but finds the energy to give Chip a much-needed bath.

09-13-20_8-08-58 PM

He’s now playful and storms around the house like a tornado.

Meanwhile. Bellatrix is giving birth – No time to take care of extra-super-energetic toddlers.

09-13-20_7-49-37 PM09-13-20_7-53-00 PM

Single Birth: +5 Points

Welcome to SimNation, Link Grimm –  in case you can’t tell by the name, it’s a boy.

Bellatrix was in the middle of making a mechanism… or a computer chip… something… when she went into labour, so back to that she goes.

09-13-20_8-10-14 PM

She also needed to tinker at the robotics station for work, so that gets taken care of too.


The next day she gets a promotion.
This career feels so slow – probably because the robotics skill feels slow.

Ehren haunts for the first time.
He’s sad 😥

09-13-20_8-14-45 PM09-13-20_8-17-19 PM

Like most ghosts, he likes to break the plumbing. Norah follows him around and repairs whichever item he breaks next. At least they still have something to do together.

Eric is mostly a great dad – compared to other examples I’ve seen of ISBI-parents.

09-13-20_8-19-13 PM

He’s clueless with infants, but he tries.

He’s pretty good with Chip and they often play together – which of course makes Chip super-hyper and happy.

09-13-20_8-20-55 PM09-13-20_9-47-22 PM

Potty accident!
Do toddlers still have accidents when they are fully potty trained?

Chip loves to dance – look at that moodlet – and it makes me think of the hopefully long-forgotten Chippendales LOL. (A/N: Well, research tells me that the concept is still alive and kicking in 2020 – who knew!?)

09-13-20_9-25-30 PM

Movement Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Maybe if we get a dance-career that would be something for Chip to pursue?

It’s not that no one ever speaks to the toddlers in my households, but quite often they seem to get the last bit of the communication skill by talking to Big Puds.

09-13-20_8-12-01 PM

Communication Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Bellatrix is sick again, and she looks like she’s related to Big Puds. Cute!

09-13-20_8-27-40 PM

Not Cute! – Give me Medicine!
– Okay, chill…

Bellatrix finds a bit of time here and there to work on her writing skill. At level 5 of it, I have her sell her books to the publisher.

09-13-20_8-38-28 PM

She gets a notice that her latest book has been nominated for an award. Let’s see if I remember to have her attend the ceremony.

Norah Paints!
It’s been ages since she did it last…

09-13-20_8-40-40 PM

She finishes the painting and feels compelled to go check on the screaming infant upstairs.

09-13-20_8-43-29 PM

She looks so annoyed – or maybe she’s praying to the Watcher to not age up the little bugger.

I… I just can’t deal with more toddlers in my life…

Well, whether or not you want it, he ages up so yeah… Here’s Link.


He rolled to get the Charmer trait. Not bad. He’ll probably need encouragement in the movement and thinking department.

Let’s get started on the thinking, shall we?!

09-13-20_9-22-56 PM09-13-20_9-45-08 PM

Eric helps with talking – not that I suspect Link will have a problem maxing that particular skill.

Both Link and Norah seem to despise the situation they are in. Link is tired and Norah well… I don’t know what her plan was. She ended up just putting him down in the hallway and walking off.

09-13-20_9-52-05 PM

Link found the bed on his own.

I don’t know if Eric was scolding Chip for making a mess but I got the Basketcase achievement right when I noticed the two of them interacting so I guess Chip has had a day that played out like an emotional roller-coaster?

09-13-20_10-21-05 AM

Time for bed – You’ve got a big day tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Chip!

09-14-20_10-31-25 AM

Happy Toddler Achieved: +5 Points

09-14-20_10-45-16 AMchip_traits2

Chip Grimm – Genius who likes to meet new Sims.

Cousin Milton aged up during my play session.



So did his dad, Glenn – who is now an Elder. I guess he was already rather close to becoming one when he and Portia married.

Score: +285 Points


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