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ISBI 2.4 – Coffee Madness

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +285 Points

Bellatrix is taking a little nap on a bench at Foxbury University.
She had to crash an engineering course for work once again and she was too tired to make it home so I had her take a little nap.

09-14-20_10-55-04 AM

Ah, Bliss!
Such peace and quiet!

A nap is only enough to get Bellatrix home without passing out – she still needs to get some real sleep so the household has to keep itself afloat with only a bunch of idiots in control.

Link is sad because he’s stinky.

09-14-20_11-00-18 AM09-14-20_11-00-57 AM

Daddy Eric takes care of that – thanks!

A very pregnant Astra comes for a visit and takes care of the garden.

09-14-20_11-10-26 AM

Maybe Bellatrix should spend more time sleeping during the day. It seems like the idiots really step up their game when she’s not there to take care of everything.

When Bellatrix rolls out of bed Chip has finished his first day in school.

He didn’t meet any other kids so Bellatrix reels in the first kids she sees on the sidewalk and have him introduce himself to Chip.

09-14-20_11-22-39 AM

Jules Rico [Eco Lifestyle] and Chip become instant friends. Apparently that’s what happens when an introduction goes well.


Aspiration Milestone: +5 Points

Norah arrives home from work – in bad shape.

09-14-20_11-11-02 AM

She stands on the sidewalk speculating for a little while.

Then she makes a beeline for the coffee-maker.
That’s not going to solve anything, Norah – but this was what I was hoping for. I know an ISBI is about getting as many positive points as possible but where’s the fun in that?

09-14-20_11-12-41 AM09-14-20_11-13-13 AM

See, not the solution you were hoping for, eh?
You’re still exhausted and your bladder is about to burts…

09-14-20_11-16-15 AM

Pass Out: -5 Points

She made it to the toilet and was headed for her bed when she fell over.

Link is about to get us our lost points back.

09-14-20_11-34-13 AM

Potty Skill Maxed: +5 Points

Bellatrix has to go back to Foxbury for an engineering class again and the calm serenity there (despite students and teachers milling about) gives me a much needed break from needy toddlers so I have Bellatrix work on her robotics skill too.

09-14-20_11-43-36 AM

She meets this girl, named Cora Belle – thanks to whoever made and uploaded her to the gallery. She and Bellatrix chat for a while and become friends. About time Bellatrix socializes with someone other than her family – and Grim.

The next day is Love Day and Chip has a great time celebrating it at school. I wonder who his crush might be 💕


09-14-20_11-24-24 AM

Sadly it’s already pretty late when Eric arrives home and his needs are not too good either. No date but at least he and Bellatrix can exchange flowers and flirt a little before the day is over.

Eric has discovered the wonder that is coffee and he simply refuses to go to bed. He drinks cup after cup – runs waddles to the toilet – then drinks some more coffee.

09-14-20_11-29-13 AM

Bellatrix distracts him with a woohoo suggestion – hoping he’ll fall asleep in the bed after.

09-14-20_11-35-39 AM

It works – and no, it was not a try for nooboo.

Chip is also very tired but instead of going to bed he floats around in the pool while napping… I assume he’s napping. His energy is going up.

09-14-20_11-54-10 AM

I hope he finds his way to bed eventually.
Sleeping in the pool can’t be good for you…

Lana Grimm [Oberon + Jane] has aged up. She’s cute.



Martin Grimm [Portia + Elmer Grunt] has also aged up. His good looks might help him achieve his aspiration one day.



Both Oberon and Portia have aged up to adults.

Score: +290 Points


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