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MSSSC: Expectations

– Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge –

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This is my entry for the January 2021 Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge. You can find the rules and this month’s theme here: Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: January 2021 Theme

I’d like to you all to visit the link above.
Reason number one being I’d love if just one of you got inspired to try taking on the challenge. LisaBee does a lot of marvellous work to keep this challenge afloat and and she deserves all our support. Her work and each story submitted is part of keeping our beloved SimLit community alive and well.

Reason number two being that I’d be very happy if you took the time to read all the entries once they have been listed and then vote on your three favourites in each category.

– Expectations –

Anna and Freddy met at one of those colourful and cheery festivals some years ago.
They were there for very different reasons but found themselves sat at the same table enjoying a late lunch.

They connected over their shared love for vibrant colours and spicy food.

01-14-21_7-09-53 PM

It wasn’t long before they would call each other their very best friend – and soon that friendship developed into love and a shared home.

Another thing that made the two of them feel connected was their ability to dream and use their imagination.

01-14-21_7-12-35 PM

Anna used her imagination to write SimLit. This didn’t make her a lot of simoleons, but Anna never found that to be very important. The ability to work from home and only when inspiration came wafting in through an open window or shone its reflections in the pond held much more value to Anna than any paycheque ever would.

Freddy used his imagination to dreams of things he would like to have. Fame – even by proxy, shiny new bling, a mansion in Del Sol Valley, a cowplant, a collection of rare gems – the list went on and on. I bet if you asked Freddy, he could keep listing things he’d like to have for days on end.

“So, how is it coming along?” Freddy stood in the doorway, looking at Anna as she typed away on her laptop. Tension and impatience hovering around him like an ominous cloud.

01-14-21_4-56-19 PM

Anna was struggling to hold a brilliant play on words that were swirling around in her mind, but looked up as she answered, “what do you mean, Fred?”

“I’ve been patient with you for years now and we still don’t have any of the stuff I want – not even a simple cowplant!” Freddy was talking himself into a fit of rage. “So, I guess what I’m asking is… WHERE IS MY BLOODY CAR? WHERE IS MY THOROUGHBRED HORSE? WHERE. IS. MY. STUFF?

01-14-21_4-59-30 PM

Anna was confused and shocked…
“What are you talking about? Why is this something I have to fix? What’s up with you and this foul attitude?”

Freddy’s anger only grew as Anna asked her questions.
“You told me you could do stuff like that… So I don’t understand why after being together for years now, you have never just given me some of the stuff I dream off – as a kind gesture, you know. To show me you love me…”

The confusion Anna had felt just before was replaced by a curious understanding.
“Ah, uhmn… I don’t know how to tell you this, Fred…” Anna tried to let Fred down gently – she didn’t want to further fuel his anger. “When I told you I make things come to life with my imagination and written words, I didn’t mean it like that… I can’t conjure up a functional car with just my imagination and a few written words.” Anna wasn’t sure how to tell Fred that functional cars weren’t even within the coding that made up their universe – he seemed so clueless. Had he always been like this… had she been too busy with her imaginary world to notice this side of Freddy all along?

“Fred… you do know that we don’t even have access to functional cars and horses, right?”  Again, Anna tried her best to not upset Fred any further.

Something inside Freddy seemed to break as Anna’s words sunk in…
“Can’t we get CC or mods, maybe… I just really wanted a functional car…” For a brief moment, Freddy seemed defeated – sad even.

“That’s not really up to me, Fred…”

“Well… what can you do then?! NOTHING! IT SEEMS! We’re done – Over! I’m leaving!”


Freddy storming out of the house in anger was the last Anna ever saw of him and she eventually ended up counting herself lucky for it.

01-14-21_5-45-55 PM

“Well, good riddance! What do you say, Atwood – I guess it’s time for a new beginning.”

01-14-21_5-44-57 PM

Later that same day…

“Hey, do you mind if I set here? You look like I can’t ruin your mood any further with my miserable company.”

Anna looked up from her coffee and tried to produce a smile. “Misery loves company, so be my guest…” she said as she nodded towards the chair in front of her. “So, who rained on your parade? if you don’t mind me asking…”

01-14-21_6-03-46 PM

The guy sat down and smiled through sad eyes. “I work for a gaming company – sometimes Sims just demand the impossible of us and get angry when we can’t deliver… it’s so frustrating and disheartening, you know…”

01-14-21_6-04-09 PM

Anna knew exactly how the guy was feeling and they connected over their shared frustrations and their love for creating fabulous, though not perfect, worlds.

01-14-21_6-06-43 PM


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A big thanks to SweetieWright_84
The story was set in her marvellous savefile – the [Non-Populated] version. You can find it here: Save Files by SweetieWright_84


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15 thoughts on “MSSSC: Expectations

  1. I really love this story and the reference to Simmers who are always unsatisfied with everything the devs do for the game. The game is not perfect, but it sure is fun and I think storytellers enjoy the game much more than regular players.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Divan 🙂
      I know Twitter is not the best place to get a feel for the Sims community but from what I’ve seen it sure seems like the Simmers who spend their time and imagination working with what we’ve got in the game are more satisfied than those spending their time and imagination thinking of the things we don’t have (yet). So as I see it it’s not a matter of not being creative – it’s a matter of how you spend your creative energy. I hope that comes across in the story and from your comment, I get a feeling that it does 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I love the double meaning one can interpret in your text. Pure fiction or a commentary on the Sims community.
    A really good story with a message ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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