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ISBI 2.5 – Summer Fun

– Grimm Idiots –

Score +290 Points

It is the First Day of Summer and I decide that a day at the beach is just what is needed. Time to have some fun and enjoy the clear blue water and grilled food full of sand – yum!

09-15-20_8-38-19 PM

Bellatrix, Eric and Chip take off to do their own thing and forgets all about Link.
No worries though, he’s putting his grumpy charms on the local ladies.

09-15-20_8-40-27 PM

Chip and Eric have decided to play chess… or actually to just sit at different chess tables staring into the void. Okay, you do you then… don’t let the beautiful surroundings or the lovely ocean distract you.

09-15-20_8-41-32 PM

Bellatrix makes grilled fruit for the family but none of them reacts when she calls them.
Portia shows up out of nowhere and chats a bit with Bellatrix before leaving to do her own thing.

09-15-20_8-46-29 PM

Maybe it was seeing his wife in a bikini that finally made Eric snap out of his trance. he joins her in the water and seems to be in a playful mood. He splashes Bellatrix.

09-15-20_8-54-19 PM09-15-20_8-55-29 PM

She responds with a kiss. I’m sure Eric is happy he snapped out of that odd trance and joined in on the fun.

The family goes home late in the afternoon. Only Eric and Bellatrix got some of the holiday traditions ticked off. Chip never left the deck area and the chess tables. Link napped in the shade most of the day.

The day is not over for Bellatrix. She’s got an award to win.

09-15-20_9-03-59 PM

Bellatrix plaster on her best [nervous] smile and sits down among the superstars of the save file.
Behind her, in the [very popular] black dress is Marcella Huntington III and next to her sits Nick Alto, Flora Behr, Ricardo Lobo. The woman in the yellow dress, giving Bellatrix a thorough stare, is Lauren Moon.

Bellatrix wins her award and gives her speech. The hostess, Eleanor Elderberry, looks like she’d rather be somewhere else.

09-15-20_9-05-17 PM

Before going home Bellatrix enjoys the fireworks show, thus completing the last of the holiday traditions.
Bellatrix thinks it’s been a splendid day.

09-15-20_9-11-45 PM

Back at home, Bellatrix finds a grumpy Link on the sidewalk. What is he doing out here in the middle of the night?!

09-15-20_9-13-06 PM

Time for bed – both of you!

Since I’m writing this 3 months after the screenshots were taken I can’t remember why Norah didn’t join the family at the beach. Maybe she had to work or was too tired?!


Tired seems likely. I remember her having a habit of staying up at night so that she could enjoy some time with Ehren doing their whole break the plumbing – repair the plumbing routine.
Tonight they actually talk and kiss on the couch. At first, they just talk but then I remember that I get to control Norah one time during her Elder life-stage and I use it on having her kiss Ehren.

I think Bellatrix had the next day off from work or maybe she took a vacation day.


She worked on her robotics skills and made a cleaner-bot. It’s been named Swiffer.

She earned a promotion the next day – At least I think it was the next day.
Anyway, before we jump ahead I think there were other events that took place during Bellatrix’ day off.

09-15-20_9-54-08 PM

Eric celebrated his birthday and is now an Adult. Congratulations Eric.

09-16-20_1-36-12 PM

He looks so confused in the above screenshot…
What am I supposed to do with my chicken stir fry while I blow out the candles on my cake?

It seems he figured it out…

09-16-20_1-36-57 PM

There was also time to work on some of Link’s skills
Bellatrix read him a couple of stories which worked wonders for his imagination.

09-15-20_9-46-37 PM

Imagination Skill Maxed. +5 Points

Big Puds once again gets the honour of helping one of the Grimm kids reach maximum communication skill.

09-15-20_9-39-59 PM

Communication Skill Maxed: +5 Points

It is time to blow out the candles…

09-16-20_1-41-05 PM

Happy Toddler Achieved: +5 Points

Here, have a screenshot of Link using the real toilet for the first time… I think he really needed to before blowing out the candles and using the toilet was his first autonomous action as a child.

09-16-20_2-17-19 PM

Link is a Good Sim with the Social Butterfly aspiration.


Norah cleans up after the family eating birthday cake and gets notified that her time is coming to an end.

09-16-20_2-33-02 PM

The look on her face… She’s sure she gets to spend eternity with the man she loves while being able to keep an eye on her family – not too bad actually.

Score: +300 Points

Cousin Milton [Portia’s youngest child] aged up during this play session. He’s an Insider with the Social Butterfly aspiration.



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      1. Very… I was very puzzled when I couldn’t find him and Søren Ryge (the gardening bot) – then I saw strange [different look than normal trash] trash piles on the ground… It had to be them – rip!

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