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ISBI 2.6 – Mourning

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +300 Points

Link is having a hard time dealing with the death of Ehren. He’s often found out back crying at Ehren’s grave.

09-16-20_3-02-38 PM

Bellatrix and I worry about him and wonder if maybe he could benefit from having a friend to share his thoughts with. I have Bellatrix fetch the first kid to walk by and have her do the Friendly > Other Sims > Talk Up… and pick Link.

09-16-20_3-10-32 PM

Bellatrix is shocked to her core about what happens next…

09-16-20_3-11-31 PM09-16-20_3-11-02 PM

The cute looking girl [Angela Pleasant – Discover University – aged down] doesn’t want to befriend Link because he doesn’t sound interesting, and after that statement, she throws in an extra insult aimed at Bellatrix… what a little brat!

Let us forget about Angela and send her on her way again…

Inside, Norah has found the easel and is having fun painting while flirting with Ehren.
She also has a whim to “Console about Death” – I’m assuming she wants to console Ehren about his own death since the whim mentions a romantic relationship!?

12-12-20_4-43-01 PM

What is Ehren even doing out of his grave at this time of day?
Maybe it was because this was my first time playing after a big game patch?!

Norah finishes her painting – Yay!

2020-12-12 16_44_25-The Sims™ 4

It’s the last painting she’ll ever create, so I save it and use it to decorate the bathroom in the little annexe out back.

Ehren has found his inner muse and started a painting of his own. I think of the motive as Ehren interpreting his own life – always trying to catch up.

12-12-20_4-45-31 PM

He finishes the painting and I use this one to decorate the sleeping area in the annexe. It’s nice to have these little mementos around.

It’s getting late, but Eric has lost his sense of time while playing chess. He reaches logic level 2 – which come to think of it seems like it’s not enough considering how much time he spends at the chess table.

12-12-20_4-47-25 PM

He is very focused and doesn’t even get up to witness Norah passing on.
Bellatrix rushes over to be with her mother in her final minutes.

12-12-20_4-50-38 PM12-12-20_4-52-15 PM

Grim checks his slablet before swinging his scythe – Norah Grimm, Oasis Springs, Elder – Alien… – yup, this is the right one.

Norah’s leaves us with a final score of -5 points
I consider this a bit of win.

Norah is laid to rest next to Ehren.

12-12-20_5-00-14 PM

One day when I find the time and the Grimm’s also have enough simoleons, I should make an actual graveyard. I suspect at some point there will be too many gravestones to have them all fit under the little tree.

A very sad Oberon stops by the next day. He and Eric have a little chat, and it seems to help a little with his sadness.

12-12-20_5-53-10 PM

Eric had to leave for work, and so Oberon was left to roam around in the empty house on his own. He played games on the computer for a while and then left. Maybe he felt comforted by spending time at his childhood home.

Link seems to have taken a ride on the emotional roller coaster.
After school, he spends some time mourning his grandparents.

12-12-20_5-22-19 PM

Then he gets playful from playing on the Starcruiser X.

12-12-20_5-39-22 PM

He plays enough to raise his Motor skill by one.
A few hours later, he’s back to being very sad and spends his time blogging about his feelings.

12-12-20_5-54-26 PM

Chip seems to have not even noticed that his grandmother passed away – or he has another understanding of death. He has seen that Ehren is still around and so it’s not that different when Sims die – they get to stick around.

Chip does his homework and then does random little things around the house until it’s time for bed.

12-12-20_5-37-55 PM

It’s pretty late, but for some reason, he doesn’t go to bed.
When I have Bellatrix tell him he should get some sleep, he decides to take a nap in the pool 🙄

12-12-20_5-28-12 PM

At least he raised his Motor skill by doing it, so I guess it’s not all bad.

Eventually, he gets out of the pool, but instead of actually going to bed he decides to just nap a little more. This kid is going to be like his Uncle Oberon, isn’t he?

12-12-20_5-33-26 PM

No points gained and no points lost this time around.

Score: +300 Points

Kamilla [Astra and Deon’s daughter] is now a toddler. She’s a charmer!
They also have a dog now. Indiana – who’s a fluffy and aggressive ball of energy. Oh Joy – better remember not to pet her if we go for a visit.




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