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ISBI 2.7 – Not Very Pleasant

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +300 Points

Norah has not gotten any smarter after joining the afterlife.
During one of her first hauntings, she breaks most of the plumbing and then spends the rest of the time trying to mop the puddles.

12-21-20_5-53-31 PM

Eric wakes up early and gets pretty frustrated with the state of things.

12-21-20_5-25-03 PM12-21-20_5-26-10 PM

But alas, he too is an idiot and does not repair the broken plumbing before trying to mop up the puddles.

Link has found Norah’s grave and spends his morning crying his eyes out. What a way to start your day.

12-21-20_5-23-53 PM

Chip is trying real hard for the idiot of the day award as he waddles to the toilet furthest away from his room – passing two other toilets on his way. Sorry kiddo – but the door to the annexe has been locked to prevent Eric from spending his entire life mopping puddles in there.

12-21-20_5-28-00 PM

Both kids and Eric manage to get out of the door in time for school and work
Bellatrix gets to work form home and tinkers a little with Swiffer. It needed a tuning.

12-21-20_5-35-04 PM

Don’t ask me how banging on it with a hammer will improve anything – I don’t have any skills in robotics.

Both boys need a bit of attention when they arrive home from school.

Link gets a hug and a satisfying chat.

12-21-20_5-32-58 PM12-21-20_5-42-16 PM

Chip needs his Genius [Yeah – I don’t know about you but I see no geniuses in this household] trait exercised so Bellatrix invites him to a game of chess.

The next day Coral stops by.
She pregnant and apparently also mean…

12-21-20_6-15-12 PM

Bellatrix sends Coral on her way. She doesn’t feel like dealing with a moody and mean Sim.
I decide that she’s better get a bit of sleep because she’ll have to deal with three miserable Sims once they return home from work and school.

12-21-20_6-26-53 PM

Chip earns his A in school. Both of them are about to pass out from exhaustion. By some miracle, they make it to their beds where they nap the afternoon away.

12-21-20_6-27-51 PM

A in School: +5 Points

Bellatrix has made a Gardening Utili-Bot.
She calls it Søren Ryge – a small joke that will most likely be lost on anyone not from Denmark.
[Søren Ryge is a Danish gardening guru of sorts who has hosted several TV-shows about gardening during the last 40 or so years]

12-21-20_6-35-34 PM12-21-20_6-38-59 PM12-23-20_2-15-02 PM

Søren Ryge takes his gardening very seriously. He even tends to the wild plants in the area around the house.

The next day Angela Pleasant comes home with Link after school, but she’s not interested in playing on the Starcruiser X. She leaves such childish behaviour to Chip and Link…

12-23-20_10-30-08 AM

Instead, she spends her time browsing the internet – which seems to make her creative juices flow…

12-23-20_10-30-45 AM

She spends a lot of time “decorating” the yard.
Bellatrix cleans up after her and Link decides to help – such a good kid! Aaawe!


Link can’t believe it!
just as he and Bellatrix are done cleaning, Angela starts all over with the paint… Grr! 🙄

Bellatrix has had enough of this, not so very pleasant, member of the Pleasant family and does the Mischief -> What’s that Spot? before sending the kid home.

12-23-20_10-38-21 AM

Link looks more than pleased with that development – haha!

It’s been a long day, and it’s time to get some sleep…

12-21-20_5-57-29 PM

Chip still prefers naps, which is probably going to be a problem I have to battle until he takes over the torch or moves out. *sigh*

Score: +305 Points

Cousin Melissa [Portia + Elmer Grunt] has aged up to a teen. She looks a lot like her Auntie Astra – just with brown hair… and doesn’t her head look like it’s too big?


Melissa got the Erratic trait and wants to become Leader of The Pack.


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