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ISBI 2.8 – Caffeine

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +305 Points

These two don’t spend a lot of time together because of their work schedule, but they are still a great couple.

12-23-20_10-51-11 AMeric_profile

Most days Eric cruises through on auto-pilot.
He’s great at taking care of his needs. Like today, where they are all in the green before he heads out the door for work.

12-23-20_10-26-36 AM

Bellatrix gets a promotion and picks the Computer Engineering branch.


The boys arrive home from school and it’s time to celebrate Chips birthday.
As he blows out the candles on his cake, Auntie Astra does a spin and also ages up.

12-23-20_11-05-06 AM

Chip ages up to a handsome teenager. Maybe it’s the curly hair, but I think he looks a lot like a blue version of Ehren.

Oh joy!
His first action as a teenager [post make-over] is to grab a cup of coffee. Yes, you are the kids that never really sleeps – we get it!

12-23-20_11-31-34 AMchip_traits

Chip gets the Freegan trait along with the Angling Ace aspiration. I try to dress him in something that’s chill and relaxed because of that Freegan trait.

After drinking his coffee, Chip needs to pee – and this time he goes for the nearest toilet.

12-23-20_11-34-05 AM12-23-20_11-34-33 AM

Poor kid.
Oddly enough, Bellatrix and Eric didn’t get embarrassed.

Yup, better take a run to get those emotions under control…

12-23-20_12-00-53 PM

Later I hear commotion downstairs.
Norah is angry about something and knocks over the trash. Both Eric and Chip decide they better have a chat with Norah about this. Norah just looks at them – unfazed.

12-23-20_12-02-31 PM

Norah continues her rampage through the house, breaking most of the plumbing once again.
Eric and Chip retreat to the kitchen where Chip has another cup of coffee.

12-23-20_12-04-36 PM

It’s pretty late, so I have Bellatrix influence Chip to get some sleep…
I should have known… This kid has a secret desire to become a mermaid or something.

12-23-20_12-07-08 PM

Okay, so he gets the “Revitalised by Nap” moodlet from floating in the pool, but it did nothing for his need to sleep. He’s running on fumes now, and I’m worried he might drown.

He gets out of the pool…

… and heads straight for the coffee machine and pours his third cup of coffee.

12-23-20_12-17-00 PM

Followed by a fourth cup…

12-23-20_12-23-20 PM

He drinks his fifth cup while Link eats his breakfast next to him.
It’s a good thing they have toilets at school because Chip really needs to pee but it’s time to leave now…

12-23-20_12-24-54 PM

When the boys arrive home in the afternoon, I have Bellatrix call Chip to his bedroom. I’m hoping that he’ll get some real rest if I have her influence him to sleep while he’s standing next to his bed.

12-23-20_12-19-04 PM

While Bellatrix reached Parenting level 10 from that interaction, it didn’t really have the effect I was hoping for.

Chip leaves the room and ventures downstairs.
I thought he might be headed for the pool again, but no, he was headed for the coffee machine and then….

12-23-20_12-20-39 PM

Pass Out: -5 Points

After that, he seems to get it.
He goes to bed and sleeps all evening and all night. No wonder since he’s been up for a at least 36 hours by then and he didn’t get a good night’s sleep before that.

12-23-20_2-16-30 PM

Chip passing out has us back at +300 Points.

Score +300 Points

During my time playing Portia called…


Bellatrix told her to go for it. Portia is a Family-Oriented so it seemed fitting.

Cousin Kamilla [Astra + Deon] has aged up to a child. She gets the Glutton trait.


Cousin Martin [Portia + Elmer Grunt] has aged up into a Yong Adult.



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      I’ll have to go back and fix it…

      *EDIT – I went over the rules just to make sure…
      Only Non-Torch Holders get points for maxing skills – I guess so that people don’t just go off lot to farm skill points while the rest of the family are on auto-pilot at home

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