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Paxton Smiles

– Plumbobber Game –
Week 9


Paxton Smiles


Paxton is in love with the city and everything it offers – The Sims, the festivals, the food, the opportunities, the colours and the diversity. When he gets enlisted into military duty and has to serve in StrangerVille, he is sad to leave the city and his friends behind. Before long Private Smiles has turned the frown into a smile – He just can’t help it. Happy comes naturally to him – though, he really wishes they served better vegetarian food in the mess hall #Plumbobber09

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Paxton Smiles

Brandon Wells – by Peapod79


Brandon still has a long life ahead of him & a lot that he wants to do with it! He loves living in his city of San Myshuno and he wants to explore it all, especially the food & he appreciates that there are so many vegetarian options. However, he does not want to stop exploring there, he also wants to join the Military career when he grows up and with it, get a chance to explore the rest of Simnation! Hopefully the canteen serves veg too! Made for the Plumbobber Chall by @Onyeka001 #Plumbobber09

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Wells

Caiden Orsini – by lisabeesims


#StrangerVille is the secret base of an alien Rebel faction. Aliens & humans banding together to train for the day they overthrow Sixam’s evil queen. For city boy Caiden being a part of the rebel forces team has been a dream come true BUT them crazy aliens! Who knew they could be such barracks pranksters, putting that grape drink mix in his just for blondes purple shampoo? UGH Reporting for duty with lavender hair! He will be wearing his cap A LOT! #lisabeesims #Plumbobber09 #Onyeka001 #military

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Orsini

Frankie Caprese – by simplydawn


When your dad was a famous chef & you had the most popular mom at school, it was hard for Francesca “Frankie” Caprese to make her own light shine bright enough to be seen. Determined to stake her own claim in the world, she left her trust fund (mostly) behind in Willow Creek, joined the military to pay for university & landed a great apartment in San Myshuno’s Spice Market…perfect for the foodie in her. She’s cheerily making big city her own, one friend at a time! #Plumbobber09

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Caprese

Millie Tarry – by Minraed


Millie is a semi-retired #military officer of the highest rank. After years of service she deserves some time to enjoy life so whenever she can she travels and blogs about all of the wonderful #vegetarian foods of the world and parties with her dance club “The Swing Fling” . She is a Del Sol #citynative and her heart always draws her back home. #elder Created for #plumbobber9 by Onyeka001

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Millie Tarry

Wyatt Winters – by DeathCuddle89


Wyatt has always been facinated by the big city, and got an apartment when he was a teen. San Myshuno has it all, he loves the buildings, and the people, and most of all the funny festivals. Especially the food festivals, they are the best, and they also serve the best vegetarian food downtown. Wyatt also loves to color his hair, and right now he is trying the purple look. Well, his Captain doesnt like it that much, but thats doesnt matter when you are a good officer #Plumbobber09 #Onyeka001

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Wyatt Winters

Tina Hardflyer – by @TPlumbobber using my game/Origin ID


Tina is the flight mechanic at StrangerVille Military Base and enjoys being the one testing her own handy work after hours. When her workday and adrenaline-inducing flight test are over, she cooks up scrumptious vegetarian meals for her friends at SVMB. On the weekends you can find Tina partying all over San Myshuno – Once a city girl, always a city girl! Made by @TPlumbobber #Plumbobber09

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Hardflyer

Join in on The Fun!
If you want to give it a try, create your Sim following the above Plumbobber Rolls [see first screenshot of this post] and upload them to the gallery and add #Plumbobber09 somewhere in the description. Upload your Sim before 02/16/2021 13.00 UTC. My partner and I will pick our favourites and I’ll post them here along with Paxton Smiles.

You do not need to download The Plumbobber to participate.
Each new post will contain a screenshot of The Plumbobber with the rolls for the current game.

Basic Rules:
– One outfit per category [everyday, formal, athletic etc…]
– Add a description/story where you incorporate their job and/or aspiration and at least one of their traits.
– You decide the age of your Sim – anything from toddler to elder.
– Your Sim can be any kind of occult/supernatural that you think fit the rolls
– You may add Parenthood Character Traits/Traits from the Reward Store to support your Sim’s story
– You may add Lifestyles to support your Sim’s story
– You may assign skill points to help support the story of your Sim’s career, aspiration etc
– If there are traits/aspirations/jobs you don’t have access to pick something yourself or do a random roll.
– Please no CC and no custom poses!

The rules can also be found here along with links to previous creations: Plumbobber Sims


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8 thoughts on “Paxton Smiles

  1. Actually I have a story that happened in RL when I was in Basic training .. IN FACT a major movie used it (yeah I never got paid) – they had gotten a bunch of us together to chat about what life was like in the military and I told them of a prank (or two) that we pulled on out DS

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL our poor DI in basic training… that for a woman put up with so much from us. We were horrid pranksters. One time we tied her in her room with pantyhose I tell you you cannot get out of it the poor thing we stretch them all the way down the hallway and tied it to another door probably a supply closet or something that did not get opened honestly we were diabolical. We took another girls whole bed apart and we put it back together out on the fire escape. Somehow a whole bunch of rascal Scott in the same platoon. But do not fear she got us back a timer to. One time when do the girls who was having a birthday but everybody a chocolate bar and she hit them under her mattress to make a surprise for us later … We were not allowed candy. Well the day I found out and she made that girl eat every candy bar while we watched. Not only did we suffer for not having the candy but that poor girl threw up for about two days. Happy birthday sweetie where ever you are now LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh Plum – Sounds like you had a lot of fun xD
        I bet that girl with the candy bars wasn’t too keen on chocolate for a good long while 😛


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