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MSSSC: Red Riding Hood Reversed

– Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge –

This is my entry for the February 2021 Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge. You can find the rules and this month’s theme here: Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: February 2021 Theme

I’d like to you all to visit the link above.
Reason number one being I’d love if just one of you got inspired to try taking on the challenge. LisaBee does a lot of marvellous work to keep this challenge afloat and and she deserves all our support. Her work and each story submitted is part of keeping our beloved SimLit community alive and well.

Reason number two being that I’d be very happy if you took the time to read all the entries once they have been listed and then vote on your three favourites in each category.

– Red Riding Hood Reversed –

Once upon a time, far away in the forest that hides between Glimmerbrook and Windenburg there was a little family of two, soon about to grow into three.

Pepper was sniffing a particularly interesting bush when he heard his mate come rushing through the tall grass, “Pepper… Pepper! – I’ve got fantastic news to tell you…”

02-12-21_2-44-02 PM

“Oh… well, what are you waiting for? Tell me before my tail falls off from excitement!” Pepper already had a good idea about what the news might be, nevertheless, he wanted to hear Ginger tell it to him. She was so excited and denying her the joy of giving him this very important news would be cruel.

“I’m pregnant – I’m finally pregnant! We’re going to be parents!” Ginger’s voice carried her feelings so well and they found their way to Pepper’s heart so readily. The joy and excitement was contagious, and he soon found himself smiling from ear to ear…

02-12-21_2-49-02 PM02-12-21_2-50-11 PM

“I’ve never been happier in my entire life!” he proclaimed as he pulled his mate in for a warm and gentle hug – he was a little afraid that he might squeeze her stomach, containing their precious offspring, too hard.

“We should celebrate with a feast” he said and before Ginger got to tell him that she really didn’t have much of an appetite right at this moment he had run off to catch them dinner.

Pepper heard strange noises nearby – like a youngling of sorts might be hurt, and so he went to investigate.

It was Sim-child. She was singing the song of her people – or at least one of them… Pepper had heard that Sims also had many different songs. However, to him they all sounded more or less the same.

02-12-21_2-58-52 PM

No matter how delicious and juicy a Sim might be, Pepper decided against catching this one. It would most certainly cause trouble with Sims disturbing the peace and quiet of the forest if one of their younglings went missing.

After many hours of searching for food, Pepper had to give up. He dreaded having to tell Ginger that they would go to bed hungry that night. The Sim-child had chased all the suitable prey away with her noisy behaviour and she had even picked all the bushes clean so there weren’t even berries to bring home.

Ginger was quick to forgive Pepper. She really wasn’t that hungry, but would like to go swimming and relaxing by the lake. Pepper thought it was a marvellous idea and so they went…

To their surprise, the lake had been fenced in and there was a sign telling them they weren’t welcome anymore.

Ginger got very anxious.
“This is our only source for clean water – how will we get something to drink if we can’t visit the lake anymore?” she asked Pepper with worry and sadness in her voice.

02-12-21_3-03-56 PM02-12-21_3-09-16 PM

Before Pepper could produce a reassuring answer, they heard a door open at the nearby cabin. An elderly lady stepped outside.

“Quick Ginger – Run and hide!”
Pepper and Ginger ran as fast as they could and got away before the lady noticed them.

Back at their little home, Ginger broke down in tears. With their prey getting disturbed by the increased Sim-presence and their source of water cut off, she was aware of the impending doom hovering over their little family.

02-12-21_3-16-03 PM

“What are we going to do, Pepper?” she cried.

Pepper who couldn’t bear to see his mate in tears promised to go investigate. Maybe he could find a solution.

He went to knock on the door of the cabin where the old lady and the little girl lived.

They both stepped outside to see who might have come to visit.
The little girl was frightened of the big wolf on their doorstep and the old lady was angry and told Pepper to shoo and never to come back. She didn’t want nasty fleabag wolves running around on her property!

02-12-21_3-25-51 PM

Pepper tried his best to negotiate peace, but the old lady and the girl wanted none of it and continued to insult him over and over again.

“Enough is enough!” Pepper thought to himself as he bared his teeth in a fierce growl.

02-12-21_3-29-12 PM02-12-21_3-52-02 PM

Before he knew it and without really wanting to, Pepper attacked the little girl and she fell lifeless to the ground. The old lady figured she would be next and ran to safety inside her little cabin.

02-12-21_3-53-36 PM

Pepper was quick to follow – There was no way this old hag was getting away with her nasty behaviour and crimes against the natural balance of things.

She was a feisty one and started hitting Pepper as soon as she noticed he had followed her inside.

02-12-21_4-00-54 PM02-12-21_4-03-28 PM

Pepper saw no other way than to fight back, and soon he had overpowered her. Since nature dictates that no natural resource is to be wasted, Pepper made a meal out of her.

02-12-21_4-07-58 PM

A few weeks later Ginger gave birth to a healthy little puppy and if anyone ever came to their neck of the woods, they would see a happy and harmonious family – ready to live happily ever after!

02-12-21_3-41-37 PM


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17 thoughts on “MSSSC: Red Riding Hood Reversed

  1. You are really good at getting inspiration in the old folk tales and reversing the action.
    Here are Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma the villains 🙃
    I love it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this! It reminded me of how when I watch nature shows, I cheer for the lion to get his catch when it’s a show about the lion, and I cheer for the wildebeest to escape when the show is about the wildebeest! I also really like the characters you developed for this story!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank You, Lisa ♥️
      I grew up with H.C. Andersen and The Brothers Grimm fairy tales – most of those have a very dark side to them – and also, I always felt bad for the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood 🐺


  3. I love a good “antagonist’s” perspective story. This was a good spin on the fairy tale. While I read I thought how we’re encroaching more and more into animals (especially predators) natural habitats. That’s how I’d feel and react if it were me. Also, I love the wolf bodies and half-wolf humanoid transformations of Pepper & Ginger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You – I tend to feel strongly about how we treat our planet and the other inhabitants of it. The fairy tale theme was great for seeing things from a different perspective

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I took me so long to get around to reading these this time. This is so fabulous. I love the underlying messages of nature’s needs but also we should stop to hear both sides of the story before judging. I am pretty sure no one took time to think about the wolf’s story before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment.
      I don’t know if no one ever did, but it makes me feel a little bit better that I did – even if it was just via SimLit. Besides, I had fun creating Pepper and Ginger both as dogs/wolves and as Sims 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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