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ISBI 2.10 – P1umB07 53rv0

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +320 Points

Chip seems to want to do well in school and does his homework without having to be influenced.

12-30-20_5-21-20 PM12-30-20_5-24-32 PM

Bellatrix decides to help him and finishes all the school projects he has lined up in the backyard.
Oberon stops by for a chat. He seems worried about something, but I never figure out what seems to be the problem.

While everyone is asleep, Norah checks in for a haunt and paints a little bird.

12-30-20_5-27-51 PM

Hmm, okay. This was not supposed to happen already. Do you remember Bellatrix telling Portia to try for that last baby…


They did, and Portia is very much pregnant these days. Sadly, Glenn will not get to meet his youngest child.

The next day Chip earns his A, but it has come at a cost. He’s about to have a meltdown over low fun and a crappy schoolday. Link just sends him a smug smile – happy that he’s not a teenager with mood swings yet.

12-30-20_6-08-49 PM

A in School: +5 Points

Chip’s [only] friend, Jules Rico, has come for a visit. I don’t think it’s a very successful one since Chip is in an awful mood.

12-30-20_6-10-47 PM

Link likes to hang around when Jules is here. I think he enjoys listening to their conversations about teenage life, which must seem like stories out of a fantasy universe for someone who hasn’t experienced it yet.

His fascination doesn’t last long this time.
He spends some hours crying at Ehren‘s grave and then just heads for bed.
Poor kid – He’s really not very good at handling death and grief.

12-30-20_6-21-39 PM

Astra has stopped by for a visit and helps by repairing the fridge.

12-30-20_6-20-36 PM12-30-20_8-06-22 PM

I think this is a gathering to support and help Portia since her husband just passed away. The girls and Eric spends some hours playing games and chatting.

Shortly after leaving, there’s a notice about Portia giving birth to a girl. I hope this new addition to the family might help cheer her up.

In the morning, it’s time for Link to age up.

12-30-20_8-12-35 PMlink_traits

He didn’t max any skills, so there are no extra points to gain.
Link has rolled the Paranoid trait – maybe he spent too much time around tombstones as a kid – and like his brother he wants to become an Angling Ace. I guess that makes it easier when the time comes to pick the next torch holder.

12-30-20_8-29-41 PM

Link continues his bad habit of crying at the graves – and of course, he’s allowed to mourn the passing of his grandparents, but does it have to be several times a day?

12-30-20_8-44-53 PM

I don’t know who Chip has walked in on while they were using the toilet, but he looks pretty annoyed and disgusted – LOL 😆

12-30-20_9-05-17 PM

Being a teenager without guidance from the Watcher is tough!

I’ve replaced the Starcruiser X/Jungle Gym with a small fitness and wellness room. At first, I replaced it with their old basketball hoop until I remembered why I had taken it down. My Sims kept dropping everything they were doing to go shoot a hoop – yes, just one and then they would stand out there like… well the idiots they are… very frustrating.

12-30-20_9-35-05 PM

Eric is the first to try out the new room. Even if he’s not very good at yoga, he seemed to enjoy trying something new.

Bellatrix is spending most of her time in her small robotics lab downstairs.
She has finally reached Robotics level 8.

12-30-20_9-11-35 PM

After a refreshing shower and a meal, she gets started on her first Servo. Something I’ve never played with in my game, even if I got the University pack on release. I play in slow motion and experience the new stuff when it fits into my gameplay.

12-30-20_9-50-26 PM12-30-20_9-52-10 PM

I thought it would take her forever and day to finish one of these, but it actually wasn’t that bad.
Let’s get him activated!

12-30-20_9-52-47 PM

Haha – I got major Frankenstein vibes from the activation process.

… which I suppose was intended judging from the moodlet Bellatrix got when the process succeeded.

12-30-20_9-53-21 PM

After a few adjustments such as giving him a name and a new colour, he’s ready to meet the audience.
Welcome to the ISBI – P1umB07 53rv0!

[LOL – a thought just hit me. Does this count as the birth of a Sim thus giving me 5 points? I guess not]

12-30-20_9-57-43 PM

I guess I can’t really control him since he’s not the torch holder, but I’ll allow that he can put himself into Recharge mode – just so he doesn’t break. I’ve also installed a mod that should make him waterproof.

His aspiration is BodyBuilder. I don’t know how well that works for a Servo but, oh well…

I like his traits – though I’m sure he’d be more useful to us if he had rolled Neat and such. This way he’ll feel more like family and not so much like a butler.

Speaking of breaking. Somehow both Swiffer and Søren Ryge were just piles of trash on the floor after I excited build mode. They will be missed, but I’m not making new ones if this is something that happens frequently. It’s just not worth all the trouble – and the fact that a gardening bot can’t handle the rain seems immensely stupid to me – but okay, whatever. [sadly the aforementioned mod does not work on the Utili-Bots]

Back to Bellatrix and our newest family member…

12-30-20_10-01-21 PM12-30-20_10-03-40 PM

Bellatrix shares some Techie Lifestyle advice and P1umB07 is very intrigued by it – makes sense.

Chip is woken up in the middle of the night because he enters a phase.
He wants to be a rebel and challenge parental authority. Just Great! 🙄

12-30-20_9-38-10 PM12-30-20_9-45-50 PM

He finishes his coffee and then does his homework. What a rebel!

After school, he is of course very tired but that’s nothing new. The kid is running on fumes most of the time.
Link has discovered that being a teenager is not very much fun.

12-31-20_12-39-58 AM

Chip is headed for a nap when P1umB07 interrupts him with a chat… very sweet, but please – Chip really needs his sleep…

12-31-20_12-41-30 AM

Chip makes it to the coffee maker and has a few sips but then has to pee.

12-31-20_12-42-48 AM

When he tries to make it back downstairs, completely ignoring that he was just next to his room with his bed in it, he passes out… again!

12-31-20_12-43-57 AM

Pass Out: -5 Points

Why won’t you sleep normally? Why do you only want to nap, float in the pool, pass out and drink coffee?

12-31-20_12-45-28 AM

Chip – the Sim who didn’t know how to sleep… a story in many parts!

With this pass out and his A in school, we remain at…

Score: +320 Points

Cousin Milton [Portia + Glenn] has aged up into a teenager. I see him as a studious Sim because of his aspiration and traits, so I make him the leader of a Knowledge Club.



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