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Yates Connery

– Plumbobber Game –
Week 13

The game will be 100% standard this week – No hoops and loops you need to jump through – Just rolls with the rolls!
However, I do have a little service message for you all – @TPlumbobber [Twitter Profile] has made The Plumbobber available for download. You all know The Plumbobber as mostly a randomizer and a tool to help spark creativity, but it is actually much more than that.
You can read about and download The Plumbobber here: The Plumbobber – Creativity Needs Tools


Yates Connery


Finding lasting love is very difficult when you’re Mean, Hot-Headed, Argumentative and Insensitive. However, this doesn’t bother Yates one bit. He’s a Sim of discerning and ever-changing taste. Yates has found that those same traits which help him stay unmarried can make him excel at Bagley & Buckley LLP – he just has to play his cards right and that’s something Yates is usually very good at. Though, his temper does have a rather unpleasant habit of snapping at the wrong times. #Plumbobber13

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Yates Connery

Daniel Burks – by adwilson


Attorneys privately groan when they see Judge Burks take the bench because he’s stern and rather blunt. There’s also a running bet for how many gavels he’s broken. His demeanor on the dating scene is polished and to the point … you better present your best case if you hope to keep him interested and not signaling an abrupt dismissal. Made for the #Plumbobber13 CAS Challenge.

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Daniel Burks

Derek Morales – by Sigery97


#plumbobber13 As the youngest of 5 siblings, Derek felt neglected and acted out constantly during his childhood. His teen years improved when he joined the school debate team. While not the nicest teammate, he had the fire and focus to annihilate his opponents. Derek got his grades up and ended up with a partial scholarship to Britechester and graduated with honors. His law career got off to a rough start, but boxing and jogging helped him remain calmer in the court room.

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Derek Morales

Jolene Friedman – by Peapod79


Beware of Jolene! Not only will she take your man, but she might just lock him away too! (As if she doesn’t get enough of that every day sitting on the bench as a judge). She’s a mean one with a quick temper so don’t get on her bad side either or she might just put you behind bars as well! (But at least you will be with your man again?) Made for the Plumbobber Challenge by @Onyeka001 #Plumbobber13

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Friedman

Judy Justice – by divanthesimmer


🏆 Congratulations on getting a Maxis Favourite 🏆

Judy is one tough cookie. One of the most successful (and feared) judges around, it would be wise not to get on her bad side. But lately, she seems to give every (attractive) male criminal a slap on the wrist – is there something she’s hiding? #Plumbobber13#Judge#Female#Woman#Adult#Skilled#NoCC

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Justice!

Margot Vanderpole – by DeathCuddle89


Who would have though that this very well dressed lady works as a judge, maybe because she can hide her temper behind the hammer? doesnt sound trusting. Margot is really something, she does have a lot of charm, and known exactly what to say to make people interested in her. However when they learn more about her, people seem to run away. Margot also hunt younger men at clubs, because in her opinion they are more naive, and easy. Be careful this one has claws #Plumbobber13 #Deathcuddle89 #NoCC

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Plumbobber13

Millard Wolff – by lisabeesims


Handsome & fit, he strides in to the courthouse wearing his fancy Italian suit & smelling of Louis Vuitton. He is the #judge & he is in charge here. The ladies all turn their heads. He gives them his patented “How you doin” smile & they melt. Oh dear ladies run from this one. He is a mean one, this ladies’ man, & he will break your heart. He loves only money & power! & where, pray tell, did he get all that money? On a civil servant’s salary? OK! Right! #lisabeesims #plumbobber13 #law #Onyeka001

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Lowdown Dirty Scoundrel

Nathanial McClellan – by MuddyPuddles13


Nate really can’t believe he managed to wing his way through law school, truth be told, no one can, especially his parents who never thought he would make anything of his life; nevermind carry on with the family tradition. Will he make his parents proud? Or will his temper and partying ways be his ultimate downfall? #plumbobber13 #noCC #skilled #muddypeople #challenge

Sims 4 Gallery Link: McClellan

Oswaldo Gavel – by Minraed


Known as The Judge, Oswaldo is the leader of the #notorious Judge and Jury gang. He was once an actual judge, but he was lured by a life of crime when he realized it also put him in favour with the ladies. Created for #plumbobber13 #wildwest #bandit #ladiesman #serialromantic #minraed (very loosely based on Oswaldo from The Hateful Eight that I just watched last night)

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Oswaldo “The Judge” Gavel 

Minraed’s own page about Oswaldo Gavel can be found here!

Phil Anders – by simplydawn


You’ve seen his face on bus stop benches & maybe #bowling-while-juiced at the local lanes on league night, but do not underestimate this smooth-talking meanie based on his casual appearance. By day, he may be a respected, if hot-headed, attorney; at night he’s a creepy casanova, charming the unsuspecting into one-night stands. Phil Anders: the Licentious Litigator. If he invites you back to his place, just say no! You’ve been warned. #Plumbobber13

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Phil Anders

Wynona Gambel – by jordans243


Well known around town as the meanest judge, Wynona Gambel holds the record for highest number of citizens placed in contempt of court. Colleagues & criminals both eagerly await the day she will retire, but that day has not come yet! Outside the courtroom, she enjoys baking & romance. Will you take a ‘gamble’ on Wynona? #Plumbobber13

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Gambel

Yvonne Guiltsy – by @TPlumbobber using my game/Origin ID


After a young bully threw a broken bottle at Yvonne’s face, she has developed a strict policy when it comes to the juvenile delinquents that end up in her courtroom – They are ALL guilty. No Exceptions! At night when Yvonne is not busy putting young Sims behind bars, she likes to go out and have fun – preferably in the good company of a single attractive Sim. When morning comes, they better be gone since Yvonne is in a hurry to get back to work. Made by @TPlumbobber for #Plumbobber13

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Guiltsy

Join in on The Fun!
If you want to give it a try, create your Sim following the above Plumbobber Rolls [see first screenshot of this post] and upload them to the gallery and add #Plumbobber13 somewhere in the description. Upload your Sim before 03/16/2021 13.00 UTC. My partner and I will pick our favourites, and I’ll post them here along with Yates Connery.

You do not need to download The Plumbobber to participate.
Each new post will contain a screenshot of The Plumbobber with the rolls for the current game.

Basic Rules:
– One outfit per category [everyday, formal, athletic etc…]
– Add a description/story where you incorporate their job and/or aspiration and at least one of their traits.
– You decide the age of your Sim – anything from toddler to elder.
– Your Sim can be any kind of occult/supernatural that you think fit the rolls
– You may add Parenthood Character Traits/Traits from the Reward Store to support your Sim’s story
– You may add Lifestyles to support your Sim’s story
– You may assign skill points to help support the story of your Sim’s career, aspiration etc
– If there are traits/aspirations/jobs you don’t have access to pick something yourself or do a random roll.
– Please no CC and no custom poses!

TIP: You can use mods such as UI Cheats Extension, MCCC and TwistedMexi’s AllCheats to help with adding skills, lifestyles, job promotions etc. Your Sim(s) will not be flagged as having CC if you do.

The rules can also be found here along with links to previous creations: Plumbobber Sims


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