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Where it All Began

– Life of Plums –

Honeydew Student Housing – Where the name comes from is anyone’s guess and somewhat of a conversation topic at social gatherings. The only thing that holds true to the name is the fact that the place feels sticky most of the time. That feeling might stem from the dirt and grit gathering when 8 Sims have to live together in an older and rather small set of houses.02-07-21_2-31-10 PM

Let us meet the first four [and controllable] of these Sims.

Bonnie Warren – Often found chatting on the phone or with anyone who cares to listen, really. When not engaged in chitter-chatter you can often find her lounging on the sofa reading or relaxing. Bonnie is often seen as a bit of a pessimist due to her gloomy nature.02-07-21_2-37-06 PMplum_bonnie

Bonnie is studying psychology at Britechester. She hopes this will help her get a job in education.

Martin Oxen – The creative genius who has known what he wanted to do with his life right from the moment he stepped out of his toddler-years. He spends a lot of time doing various creative projects, and he’s good at it – very good. Something about him makes most Sims instantly like him, but he’s not really interested in forming any long-term relationships. He has a clumsy side to him, but it never seems to show during his time creating.02-07-21_2-35-25 PMplum_martin

Martin studies Fine Arts at Britechester. He doesn’t really need to since he’s already making enough simoleons to support himself. Actually, the entire household is more or less depending on Martin’s skills.

Olive Tellez – Proud geek and smart enough to take anyone on in Simial Pursuit and win – every time. Olive is a perfectionist and doesn’t tolerate laziness and slacking. Some call her an IQ-snob, but this is a label that doesn’t really hold true. She is aware of her own brilliance but doesn’t show off to make others feel inferior – it’s all in an attempt to make other Sims worker harder and achieve more. She thinks of it as; “leading by example”.02-07-21_2-36-04 PMplum_olive

Olive studies Villainy at Foxbury. Not because she’s a mean and evil menace but because she’s smart. She knows she’ll easily get to the top in that line of work because she’ll mostly be competing against common street thugs.

Keon Drummer – Not your stereotypical jock even if he does like to keep active and has a tendency to vanish into an almost childlike fantasy-world where nothing but good prevails. He combines his childish outlook on life with a good portion of self-assuredness. Keon believes in himself and the world  – Everything will always end up being alright in the end.02-07-21_2-34-15 PMplum_keon

Keon studies Biology at Foxbury. He wants to become a bodybuilder. Both so he can keep being active but also to help others achieve good health and a rock-steady belief in their own worth.

Now, let us have a look at the other four Sims living at the Honeydew Student Housing. There were many applicants – including Mary-Sue Pleasant, who recently had a falling out with her husband. Martin politely declined her application. He didn’t want an angry husband running around looking for his wife at all hours of the day.02-07-21_2-49-32 PM

Robin Cuddle – Detective in training with a sweet and innocent disposition was accepted as the first roommate.
Olive didn’t really get along with her, but the rest of the household agreed on letting Robin stay, so Olive had to accept.02-07-21_4-03-17 PM

Julien Huston – No one really knew what Julien’s profession was or what he was doing in the town of Britechester, but everyone liked him instantly, and so he was voted in as the second roommate.02-07-21_4-52-18 PM

Ashti Majidi – In need of a new place to live because of a recent falling out with her family. The only adult of the household but with a good and steady income. She was instantly accepted as roommate number three. Besides providing a steady flow of simoleons she also acted as a bit of a mother-figure for the rest of the residents.02-07-21_6-20-57 PM

The Sleeping Dude – No one really knows much about Darryl… Derek? Yeah – not even his name. He got accepted as the fourth roommate because of his high handiness skill and because he really didn’t ask for much. Just a place to sleep and a meal now and then. He spent most of his time napping and fixing various appliances and electronics around the house.02-07-21_5-51-36 PM

The scene is set, and you’ve got a short introduction to the four controllable Sims and their roommates.
Now, don’t expect this to be a story about University Life in great detail – or that you’ll get to know all these Sims equally well. I’ll let the game decide a lot of what unfolds in this story. My control comes mainly from fulfilling the goals set out by The Plumbobber and by fulfilling Whims and whichever hints I feel the game and the Sims give me.

I hope some of you will join me and these Life of Plums founders on our journey!


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2 thoughts on “Where it All Began

    1. Thank You – I’m having fun playing them and writing their story so far but with me, you just never know. I might lose interest very fast 🙄
      I’m playing on a semi-long lifespan, so I’m struggling a bit – I’m so used to rushing things on a normal lifespan that this feels almost surreal – so much time!


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