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ISBI 3.0 – Enjoying Life

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +355 Points

A/N: I’m trying out a couple of new mods to make it more interesting and fun to find suitable partners for my Sims. Let’s see how that goes!

No time to waste, so let’s get Chip a job. Back when he was born, The Plumbobber [random roll tool] decided that he was going to be a food critic when he grew up so let’s just go with that.

He starts out as a Beat Reporter.


Since Chip will eventually have to write his own Biography, it’s nice to have his career require him to write too.
Let’s get started on that then…

02-14-21_4-45-44 PM

Ehren haunts angrily and smashes the dollhouse – So out of character for him to be so grumpy and destructive.
He continued his rampage and also broke the toilet and the shower in the bathroom next door. Apparently that cheered him up and he decided to repair the dollhouse – Sim Logic!


Poor P1umB07 got so scared by all the ghost activity that he lost his eyes… I guess that adventurous trait of his doesn’t help him with the paranormal endeavours.


The next morning starts with drama when Link discovers that his school project has been smashed by someone… I’m pretty sure he did that himself though 🙄


Chip ignores my prompt to eat breakfast to run outside and do this…
Yes, enjoy that invisible first snow – Snow is rare in Oasis Springs – invisible snow might even be more rare.


After [finally] eating his breakfast, Chip decides to spend his day exploring the Spice District in San Myshuno. He finishes his Work-from-Home tasks in a matter of hours and off to the city he goes…
He tosses a coin in the fountain for good luck…


Then he tries to enjoy a spicy lunch – keyword; tries!
I love to have my Sims learn the City Living recipes – there’s so much food in the game that it’s kind of overwhelming trying to have your Sims learn to make it all.

When the lights get low and the air colder, Chip finds a little cafe where he can enjoy life… I get the feeling that he really enjoys being out on his own for the first time ever.

As he is about to leave, he spots this interesting Sim and feels drawn to her.
Her name is Amber. The two of them spend an hour chatting before Chip has to go home.

02-14-21_5-05-46 PM

It was almost like love at first sight – they have good chemistry and Chip finds Amber to be very attractive.
Their first impression of each other is positive.
[Mods used: Chemistry System by thepancake1 – First Impressions Mod – by LumpinouWicked Whims by TURBODRIVER]


I have a good feeling about this relationship, but I want Chip to meet more Sims before I decide anything.

While Chip was out having fun on his own, there was a notice that Link got his A in school.
Better help him keep it, so I have Chip help him with homework.


A in School: +5 Points


Bellatrix is celebrating her recent promotion by crying at her parent’s graves… I guess it’s about time she gets to mourn them since I never really had her do it back when she was the Torch Holder.

Chip has the following day off from work, and I send him to explore a little of Evergreen Harbor.
He runs into the Bess Sterling who in my save is the step-sister of Chip’s childhood friend, Jules Rico.

02-14-21_5-36-27 PM

Chip thinks Bess is extremely attractive, but their chemistry isn’t that great, and Chip’s first impression of Bess is that she’s got her head in the clouds.


I’m not too sure about their relationship. I don’t think of Chip as someone who pursues a Sim mostly for their looks.

A little later, Chip meets Jeanette Adams.
They have “Wonderful Chemistry” which doesn’t happen very often in my game. Chip also likes the look of Jeanette, but their first impressions are really not that great. However, that’s something we can work on. If they spend a bit more time together, this relationship could really blossom – I think.

02-14-21_5-39-27 PMjeanette_adams

Back at home, Link is having a mood swing… and is taking it out on Auntie Astra – who is her usual cheerful self. It takes more than a grumpy teenager to ruin her mood.


Link is also in need of sleep…
Chip and I regret coming home so early. No one wants to be near an angry and exhausted teenager.

Amber saves us with a text message…
Chip and I would love to go on a date with you, Amber!


Amber has invited Chip to a fancy Italian restaurant in Windenburg.
She’s in a great mood and smiles and chats a lot – Chip can hardly get a word in.

02-14-21_5-57-38 PMflirty_date

He lets Amber do the talking and then sprinkle in a flirt here and there…
Before they have finished their meal, the temperature has gone up several degrees and the there’s no doubt in my mind. Amber is the perfect Sim for Chip.

I have them go watch the view outside the restaurant and Chip leans in for their first kiss – Amber pretends to be a little shocked at first…

02-14-21_6-11-05 PM

Score: +360 Points

Hugo and Henry Grimm [Cousin Martin + Imelda] have agd up to toddlers.


Cousin Kamilla [Astra + Deon] has aged up to a Teenager. I like her traits in combination with her aspiration.



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3 thoughts on “ISBI 3.0 – Enjoying Life

  1. Ooh I like seeing how those mods have affected Chip’s process of finding a partner! I’ve had them installed to play around with but haven’t gotten into it as much yet. Did you let the mod randomize his attractions/preferences or choose specific ones?
    I also very much enjoy seeing the family updates with weddings, birthdays, & births at the end of each post. A family tree update might be a cute idea? 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The mods are fun and adds a little extra without taking too much away from me – the player.
      I’ve left the mods random for now – I like the added randomness it brings. I like my Sims to be complex – even awkward in the way their preferences might not really add up too well with their traits, aspirations etc – Like people. We might like art – but hate going to museums. Prefer being alone but then go to the concert anyway because it was that specific friend who asked – stuff like that occupy my mind while playing 😀
      I’ve been wanting to update/do the family tree but I keep forgetting – thanks for the reminder

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes that is totally true! The randomness is great and I love it too. I don’t want to tailor their attractions to find a specific partner. I can’t wait to get to play more and test out these mods myself.
        Ooh I can’t wait to see a family tree (obviously I CAN wait, please take your time lol)

        Liked by 1 person

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