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Uni Life and Love

– Life of Plums –

The dynamics of these Sims is not something I interfere with a whole lot. I have various mods to make things go less smooth than it would in an unmodded game. I like my Sims to have a bit more personality and opinions than they normally come with.

It was clear right from the start that Bonnie and Olive wouldn’t get along.02-07-21_5-03-44 PM Olive liked to use Bonnie as her target for various mischievous interactions and Bonnie hated it.

She even started looking at me [The Watcher] with disbelief written all over her when they ended up in the same room.02-07-21_3-07-07 PM “Really? Do you expect me to eat my dinner in the same room as this… this FIEND?”

As time went by Bonnie got better at telling Olive off. Gone were the days of being a push-over – gone were the days when Bonnie still had hopes that the two of them would become friends.

02-19-21_10-02-07 PM

Bonnie had a huge crush on Martin from the very first day. Something he seemed completely oblivious to  – or just decided to ignore.02-07-21_4-31-03 PM02-20-21_7-26-58 PM

Eventually Bonnie got over her teenage-like crush and found love with one of her professors. Secret love…
Bryan Purcell, an elder and not really the kind of guy Bonnie would normally fall for. Maybe she had pushed herself into finding someone to love just so she could experience having a special someone.

Something about Olive made most Sims dislike her. It might be her pushy and competitive nature that drives them away, or it could be that she has just been practising too much mischief on her roommates. Nevertheless, she often found herself in awkward situations with Sims who didn’t really want her around.02-07-21_7-21-33 PM02-08-21_1-46-18 PM Martin, who didn’t really like or dislike anyone tried his best – which wasn’t very much, considering his low social skills – to make Olive feel okay about it all. A sort of friendship grew between the two of them and for a while everyone thought they would end up together.

It was Julien who eventually fell for Olive. The two of them spent a summer together and enjoyed every minute of it.02-19-21_8-38-11 PM02-19-21_10-16-17 PM However, when the Summer was over so was their love. Julien is a polyamorous Sim. Olive was not into sharing her love with anyone and couldn’t bear the thought of Julien loving anyone but her – not in that way.02-20-21_7-31-11 PM Somehow Professor Bryan – whom Bonnie was dating, ended up in a brief affair with Julien.
Yes, it was all a gigantic amorous mess!

Martin, who didn’t really connect with anyone due to his non-committal trait got drunk at a party and so did Ashti.02-19-21_8-04-51 PM02-19-21_4-04-01 PM No one saw the two of them sneak off but a few months later it was very clear what they had been up to. Martin who didn’t want to be tied down by anything now had to deal with an incoming nooboo.
Since he was not the kind of guy to run from his responsibilities he tried his best to deal with the hand he had been dealt himself.

02-19-21_4-24-58 PM02-19-21_8-48-37 PM

He did his best to be supportive. He and Ashti ended up as a couple – of sorts. It wasn’t exactly love connecting them but a deep felt sense of responsibility and duty. There seemed to be a silent accept that the two of them would now be bound for life and would move in together and get married when Martin finished his degree.


Martin was there for the birth of his daughter – Myra.02-19-21_9-05-56 PMplum_myra

Myra got the best room on the crummy student housing and everyone agreed to pitch in with a few extra simoleons so that she could have a nice room of her own.02-19-21_11-57-24 PM02-20-21_8-58-23 PM With her toddler-charm and attention seeking nature she was always found enjoying company.

Keon, especially spent a lot of time with her and seemed to truly enjoy every minute.

02-20-21_12-28-55 AM

Spending all that time with Myra might have been a key-factor in him starting to look for someone special to cast his love and affection on. It seemed like he was readying himself for family life.

He met Eden Elderberry at a party and the two of them both felt a strong attraction towards each other. Keon experienced having a genuine crush for the first time in his life and Eden was not about to say no to all the extra attention.02-20-21_8-10-53 PM02-19-21_10-35-43 PM02-19-21_10-53-57 PMplum_edenplum_rohan

The two of them became an item – one of those couples where you never saw one of them without the other being very close by. They seemed the perfect fit. Eden already had a son from a previous relationship, but Keon didn’t mind. He was so ready for family life that Rohan seemed like an added bonus.

Eventually Bonnie gave up on Professor Bryan, who seemed to be very much in love with Julien – when he wasn’t spending time with his wife.

When Bonnie ran into Sleepy Guy’s Townie friend Arnold, she was instantly smitten by his charms, blonde hair and creativity – here was the perfect replacement for her first crush, Martin.02-20-21_8-38-57 PMplum_arnold

Even Olive found someone whom she liked and who wasn’t intimidated by her strong presence.02-19-21_11-34-00 PM02-19-21_11-36-07 PM Townie, Darin Winter managed to sweep her off of her feet in a matter of weeks and before anyone could really fathom what was happening the two of them were engaged.02-20-21_9-30-09 PM02-20-21_9-30-52 PMplum_darin

University isn’t all about complicated love… of course.
A lot of studying and prepping for exams took place in those years – Even when sick and wanting to stay in bed those exams had to be attended and studied for.02-07-21_3-57-34 PM02-07-21_5-57-10 PM Keon had to work extra hard in his last year because he had been caught cheating on his exam the year before. His promise to do better kept him from being forced on academic probation.

Graduation Day came without making much a ripple in the Sim-Universe. That’s how it is when you’re the first generation in a fresh save. There are no parents and sibling to celebrate you and your achievement. [Besides, The Watcher very much dislikes micromanaging the Sims into submission for great party screenshots so don’t expect a lot of that in the future!]

Bonnie Warren – Degree in Psychology – With Honours – University of Britechester02-21-21_1-52-41 PM Olive Tellez – Degree in Villainy – With Honours – Foxbury Institute02-21-21_1-54-46 PM Martin Oxen – Degree in Fine Arts – With Honours – University of Britechester02-21-21_1-51-37 PM Keon Drummer – Degree in Biology – With Honours – Foxbury Institute02-21-21_1-56-18 PM

Time for these Sims to leave university and find their place in life!


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