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Mondo Izumi

– Plumbobber Game –
Week 15

Joker Week 🃏  – You can take one parameter from this week’s roll and change it into whatever you want.
Please Remember! – @TPlumbobber [Twitter Profile] has made The Plumbobber available for download.
You all know The Plumbobber as mostly a randomizer and a tool to help spark creativity, but it is actually much more than that. You can read about and download The Plumbobber here: The Plumbobber – Creativity Needs Tools


Mondo Izumi


Mondo Izumi was once told a fairytale about a water spirit that travels the wellsprings of the world and blesses Sims who drink from them. He became obsessed with this marvellous piece of folklore and studied it for years. One day he came across the spirit and received his blessing. He can now travel the sea faster than anyone and get to live out all the adventures he so desires – when he’s got time. He has to flip those burgers from 5 to 9 – and what about family-life? #Plumbobber15

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Mondo Izumi

Joker: Mondo had his skin colour changed from Average to Unnatural

Phoenix Seaman – by Sigery97


Phoenix grew up bouncing between two houses after her parents separated. She spent half the year with her (merman) dad in Sulani and the other half in Mt. Komorebi with her mom. As fun as snowboarding is, the ocean has Phoenix’s heart. The ocean is also kinda Phoenix’s job. Getting a biology degree took a while, but it was well worth it. Now Phoenix gets paid to take care of the sea. Plus, she already made a dolphin friend. #plumbobber15 (Joker: career change)

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Phoenix Seaman

Joker: Phoenix had a career change form Fast Food Employee to Conservationist – Marine Biologist

Kelly Murata – by simplydawn


A Sulani native, outdoorsy Kelli is a Child of the Ocean who loves snorkeling, scuba diving, & sailing. Adventurous at heart, she also travels to the mountains for the rush she gets from snowboarding, rock climbing & hiking. Yoga & meditation, along with healthy eating, provide balance. Her dreams? Climbing Mt. Komorebi & one day starting a family. #Plumbobber15

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Kelli Murata

Joker: Kelli had her Hair Type changed from afro to straight

Hudson Nautica – by jordans243


🏆 Congratulations on getting a Maxis Favourite 🏆

The #merman son of Poseidon & a river naiad, Hudson Nautica has spent his life searching the oceans for a partner to start his family with, to no avail. Being an #adventurous sim, Hudson has decided to come ashore to begin his search anew. Will he be successful now that he’s on land? #Plumbobber15

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Nautica

Joker: Hudson had a career change form Fast Food Employee to Lifeguard

Heqet Hu’ah – by Minraed


Amphibiopeds, shape-shifting bi-gendered beings of another time, are nearing extinction so Heqet is seeking a safe place to start a family with the hope of saving their race with a #successfullineage They can take on either gender so all they need now is to find a suitable mate. They work in a taco shack in Sulani, awaiting the day to take the leap. #childoftheocean #proper #adventurous #frogperson #amphibian #plumbobber15 #minraed Named after Egyptian God of eternity and Goddess of fertility.

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Heqet Hu’ah

Heqet had one of their favourite colours, blue, changed to grey

Minraed’s own page about Heqet can be found here!

Marielle Huber/Wahine Pu’uwai – by lisabeesims


To land lubbers Mari appears as an average girl. She works for her uncle Amu at his beachside fast food stand. Nice quiet proper girl, Nothing too remarable other than her emerald green eyes. BUT Mari has a secret life that not even Unc knows about. Under the sea she is known as wahine pu’uwai, the adventurous maiden who loves to play tag with sharks & explore the deepest cave, One day she hopes for her greatest adventure, raising a strong successful family. #Lisabeesims #plumbobber15 #Onyeka001

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Wahine Pu’uwai

Joker: Marielle/Wahine had her hair colour changed from green to black

Emerald Greene – by divanthesimmer


Emerald might seem like a regular girl with fun hair, working as a fast food employee near the beaches of Sulani, but she’s keeping a secret – she’s actually a mermaid princess on the search for a spouse to father an heir. But will she ever find him and how will he react when he learns who she really she is? #Plumbobber15#DiscoverUniversity#IslandLiving#GetFamous#Seasons#GetToWork#ThrowbackFit#Moschino#LaundryDay#VintageGlamour#Mermaid#Princess#Female#Cute#Pretty#Beautiful#Cutegirl#Skilled#NoCC

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Greene

Joker: None

Pearl Waverly – by DeathCuddle89


Pearl just celebrated her 16birthday when things started to get strange. While she was working at one of Sulanis fast food restaurant it somehow felt like the ocean was calling her name, but thats insane right?!When she was free from work, she went down there, and spotted a dolphin wrapped in fishnets, she help it right away. The Dolphin seemed to trust her, but why?It was happy when it was free, and wanted Pearl to join, it was there she found out that she was a mermaid #Plumbobber15

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Plumbobber15

Joker: None

Athena Atlantica – by Peapod79


Athena grew up in Sulani as a child of the islands but she wasn’t always a mermaid. On a cave adventure exploring, she found some mysterious kelp which she ate. As a result it transformed her into a mermaid & it changed her hair & eye colour to that of the colour of kelp. Now she uses her expert swimming skills to rescue sims that get into trouble in the ocean as a part time life guard. One day she would love to have a family of her own, but first, more adventures! #plumbobber15 some #maxskills

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Atlantica

Joker: Athena had a career change form Fast Food Employee to Lifeguard

Guppy Salas – by MuddyPuddles13


Life for Guppy is all about fun and adventure, who needs an education when you have a job that gives you free food. Guppy spends every waking second in or around the Ocean; fishing, swimming, diving and perhaps one day looking for love with a mermaid or two #plumbobber15 #muddypeople #skilled #teen #teenager #Nocc #ccfree

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Salas

Joker: None

Join in on The Fun!
If you want to give it a try, create your Sim following the above Plumbobber Rolls [see first screenshot of this post] and upload them to the gallery and add #Plumbobber15 somewhere in the description. Upload your Sim before 03/30/2021 13.00 UTC. My partner and I will pick our favourites, and I’ll post them here along with Mondo Izumi.

You do not need to download The Plumbobber to participate.
Each new post will contain a screenshot of The Plumbobber with the rolls for the current game.

Basic Rules:
– One outfit per category [everyday, formal, athletic etc…]
– Add a description/story where you incorporate their job and/or aspiration and at least one of their traits.
– You decide the age of your Sim – anything from toddler to elder.
– Your Sim can be any kind of occult/supernatural that you think fit the rolls
– You may add Parenthood Character Traits/Traits from the Reward Store to support your Sim’s story
– You may add Lifestyles to support your Sim’s story
– You may assign skill points to help support the story of your Sim’s career, aspiration etc
– If there are traits/aspirations/jobs you don’t have access to pick something yourself or do a random roll.
– Please no CC and no custom poses!

TIP: You can use mods such as UI Cheats Extension, MCCC and TwistedMexi’s AllCheats to help with adding skills, lifestyles, job promotions etc. Your Sim(s) will not be flagged as having CC if you do.

The rules can also be found here along with links to previous creations: Plumbobber Sims


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