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ISBI 3.1 – So Long, Link!

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +360 Points

There are a few things I feel I should try to fix in the Grimm family.
One being that Chip and Eric never really bonded.

I have them play a few games of chess and chat but it seems that Bellatrix has other plans with Eric…

eric_friend02-18-21_11-40-23 AM

She is flirty and approaches him with a big smile plastered on her face.
“Hey Handsome – Remember me?”
Eric looks at her – confused but also pleased with the flirtatious attention she’s giving him.
“Not really, but let’s change that…”

02-18-21_11-42-18 AM02-18-21_1-58-19 PM

… and so they did!

Bellatrix still has a lot of energy she feels like getting out of her system after the woohoo.
She’s punching that bag like there’s no tomorrow.

02-18-21_2-04-31 PMbella_tired

Eventually her energy runs low.

Eric is also low on energy and tries to fix it with coffee – luckily sadly the coffee-maker breaks while brewing his cups of ISBI-failures.

eric_tired02-18-21_11-48-10 AM

Link to the rescue!
However, by now Eric has found his bed and is sleeping soundly.

Chip gets prompted to pick his career branch.
Food Critic it is.


He’s now a Chow Chaser making 49§ an hour, and his work hours are pretty good.

To celebrate, Chip takes Link on a one-day fishing trip to Sulani. Since they share the same Aspiration, I figured I could at least try to have them both finish the first Milestone. Link had other plans and never even caught a fish.
Chip got his Milestone completed and both me and my Sims had a lovely day at the beach in Sulani.


Aspiration Milestone: +5 Points

I think Chip and Link were out a bit too late list night 😬
Link is in dire need of sleep when he arrives home from school… DIRE!


“Who needs sleep when there’s coffee?”
– You Link! You need sleep – Please go sleep!
*makes coffee*

link_coffee02-18-21_2-13-22 PM

I guess he finally realised I was right, but now it’s too late…


Pass Out: -5 Points

Later Cousin Lana and Cousin Maya stop by.
I think they sensed that there’s cake to be had later…

Chip and P1umB07 watches a movie with them while they wait for Link to finish his nap.

02-18-21_2-24-32 PM

It’s time!
Hopple Borfna, Link! Hopple Borfna!


Link’s last trait is Self-Absorbed, and he also got the Responsible character trait.

Positive Character Trait: +5 Points

02-18-21_2-33-28 PM

Lana and Maya singing and cheering while Bellatrix throws confetti.

Link got a little make-over – Joined the Gardening career and moved to Brindleton Bay.
His final score was +40 Points


Good luck with your life and please find a cute wife and make cousins for Chip’s future kids!

Score: +365 Points

Chip’s friend Jules Rico and his step-sister Bess [whom we met briefly in the last chapter] both got married.
Jules has married an alien I made for the Plumbobber CAS Game, named Ituxi


Bess has married a Spellcaster I made for @KitDragonFlight [Twitter]


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