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ISBI 3.2 – Moving In

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +365 Points

Hmn – well, that was bad timing and I’m starting to resent how predictable this particular lifestyle is.
If your Sim hasn’t engaged in romantic interactions during their teen years, they seem to always get this Lifestyle a day or two into their Young Adult life stage.


P1umb07 is also sleeping [recharging] and I get this notification.
What does he want to take over… the household? The World? 🤔

Lots of interesting things happen during the night.
Eric has a breakthrough while using the toilet and can now expect a promotion at work.


I have to move on with the generations since the goal of an ISBI is 10 generations [of madness] so I have to ignore that Chip loves being single. I know I could just have him impregnate someone without them being a couple, but I don’t feel like doing that – at least not this generation.

Chip invites Amber to GeekCon – She seems pleased.

02-18-21_4-05-24 PM02-18-21_3-59-25 PM

P1umB07 tagged along for the adventure-opportunities. I imagine he’d like a trip with one of the rocket ships at GeekCon.
He runs into Frankie Caprese – a Sim made by @dawnlysimple [Twitter] for the Plumbobber CAS Game. The two of them enjoy some light conversation.

Chip and Amber are having fun with video games and since they both seem to be in a good mood, I have Chip ask Amber to move in with him and his family. Amber happily accepts.


Time to celebrate with a little telescope-woohoo.

It’s time to do a little check of Amber and get to know her a bit better.
She’s a Secret Agent  – I don’t expect her to get any promotions since she needs a high charisma skill.


She thinks Chip is attractive.
Most of this we already knew from Chip’s view of Amber in a previous chapter. The main difference being that their attraction to each other is not the same. It’s Very attractive vs Attractive.


It still baffles me that Chip has the People Person Lifestyle – it’s not like he has a lot of friends.


Amber has the Renaissance Sim Aspiration and Dog Lover, Genius and Loves Outdoors as her traits.
I think she’ll do pretty good as a Grimm Idiot – but we’re not getting her a dog! No!
Wouldn’t be fair to Eric either, since he is a Cat Lover and never had a cat.

Speaking of Eric…
He got his promotion and a spiffy new outfit.


He also got a notification about his upcoming birthday and he immediately made this grumpy face. I guess he’s not looking forward to being an Elder.

During the night, P1umB07 has me wondering whether Servo’s can die from electrocution…

02-18-21_4-58-26 PM

Score: +365 Points

Cousin Melissa and Cousin Lana both got married on the same night.
Melissa has found herself a Lazy Kleptomaniac Spellcaster named Caldor Severin.


Lana has decided to spend her life with an Evil and Self-Assured Merman named Red Lure.


Congratulations to the four of them!


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6 thoughts on “ISBI 3.2 – Moving In

    1. I hope, that if they can, it won’t be P1umB07 who gets to show me – He took so long to make and I can’t make a new one since I can’t control Bellatrix any more. I’ve cheated to make him waterproof because of course he’ll try out the pool at some point 😬

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    1. Some of them I like and find fun – My biggest problem with them is that they feel very shallow – like this one. I know most of my Sims will get it because very few of them have romantic interactions before they are Young Adults – My Teen-Sims often live rather dull lives since most of them are not under my control and then no romantic relationships seem to develop ever… 🤔


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