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1.0 Tellez Household

– Life of Plums –
No Good Neighbours

Once Olive graduated from Foxbury she and Darin were bound for the city of San Myshuno.

02-28-21_8-29-21 PM

They found a great flat in the Hakim House building of the Arts Quarters. It wasn’t luxurious and big, but it wasn’t small either. It was just perfect.

Olive was hired as a Minor Crimelord by the local Mobwives Gang. She was promoted within the first month and chose to venture down the path of the Oracle.
Darin got a job as a file clerk with Bagley & Buckley LLP. Not a well-paying job but that didn’t matter a whole lot. He was in the perfect position when it came to snooping out information for Olive and her gang.

Olive, as per usual, had a hard time with the other Sims living in the building.
She just didn’t click with any of them – and Geeta Rasoya had the nerve to openly question Olive’s line of work.
Nah, these were not Sims Olive would end up spending a lot of time with.

02-23-21_9-24-07 PM

Olive feared that she would feel lonely during the day when Darin was at work. She wanted company and suggested they should adopt a couple of kittens. Darin wasn’t really that keen on getting two little furballs but since he didn’t like letting Olive down he ended up having agreed to the idea without too many protests.

02-23-21_9-03-43 PM02-23-21_9-18-55 PM

Quinoa and Rye – kittens adopted from the local cat-shelter and oh so very cute! ♥️

It was no secret that Darin and Olive were madly in love from the moment they first laid eyes on each other.
The two of them had been engaged within weeks of meeting, and they were both ready and eager to take the next step.

Since Olive wasn’t really that good friends with anyone other than Darin it would be a private ceremony held at Myshuno Meadows.

02-24-21_8-06-02 PM02-24-21_8-08-06 PM02-24-21_8-09-09 PM02-24-21_8-12-12 PM02-24-21_8-19-39 PM

They even rented the Honeymoon Suite for the night…

It wasn’t really something they had planned or even spoken about – not a whole lot anyway, but it would seem that they were to become parents in the near future.

02-24-21_8-32-30 PM

Darin was supportive and sweet – Olive was nervous and not sure that this was what she really wanted. However, she wasn’t one to run from responsibility.

02-26-21_1-59-25 AM

When Luca was born everything Olive had been thinking about being a mother changed. She was completely smitten with their son and would spend hours rocking him and making silly faces at him. Darin even teased her that he would end up jealous if she didn’t split her attention between them.

02-26-21_11-19-39 AMplum_luca

Olive was far away in nooboo-blabber-land and barely heard Darin’s joke…


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    1. Both of them have all degrees available but each of them have different distinguished degrees. Britechester leans more towards People-science like communication, creative arts etc – Foxbury is more about technical/mechanical/hard fact-science like physics and economics. Both universities have organisations to join and they ofc match the focus/distinguished degrees of the uni. Both universities have soccer and I believe also eSports teams for your Sim to join. They work an unpaid job with requirements to fulfil before you rank up

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      1. Nothing I have noticed. You need to leave in good time for classes if you live on campus and try to avoid getting bikes for your Sims – The routing with those are pretty bad and might cause Sims to be late even if you leave home in good time

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      2. I had heard they were challenges in that. To be honest if I’m playing normally I would just teleport them to the front of the class and let them wait there but with the game that I’ll be playing I won’t allow myself cheats. I wonder how long it is before Bob and Bee will flunk out lol

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