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Etta Llamante

– Plumbobber Game –
Week 17

Normal Week ☀️  – Roll With the Rolls – and Have Fun!

With all the recent Maxis Favourites granted to our little Plumbobber Community there will be quite a few of you that I do not nominate based on the simple rule that you can’t get a Maxis Favorite in the same category [Households] if you’ve already had one within the last 30 days – So, if I do not nominate you it’s not because I do not like your creation, it’s because you’re not eligible to receive a Maxis Favorite.

Please Remember! – @TPlumbobber [Twitter Profile] has made The Plumbobber available for download.
You all know The Plumbobber as mostly a randomizer and a tool to help spark creativity, but it is actually much more than that. You can read about and download The Plumbobber here: The Plumbobber – Creativity Needs Tools

Etta Llamante

As a Selvadoradian native in San Myshuno Etta often feels smothered but she hopes to bring some of the jungle back to the city every time she visits her old home in Selvadorada. As a Self-Employed Etta makes a living selling exotic plants to the city-Sims and by giving lectures on Botany and Selvadoradian Culture. She is active and keeps in shape by training for the annual Selvadoradian Trail Blazer IronSim #Plumbobber17 #Native

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Etta Llamante

Lara Jones – by Peapod79

Lara loves to explore and hunt for that perfect treasure. The good thing about tomb raiding is that it keeps you pretty fit, the bad thing is that it’s expensive! To fund her expeditions she sells most of her finds at a market stall in Evergreen Harbor. When not explorinig, Lara likes to pitch in and help her neighbours clean up the neighbourhood and she helps the environment by making some of her own clothes and furniture. #Plumbobber17

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Jones

Teresa Velázquez – by AmaiaE

Teresa loves her hometown and she participates actively in her community in order to take better care of the environment and to make Evergreen Harbor greener. However, ever since she lost her parents as a teen, Teresa feels the need to know more about where they came from. Her parents moved here from Selvadorada right after they got married. They did teach their daughter about their roots; but now, she wants to completely immerse herself in the culture to feel closer to them. #Plumbobber17

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Velázquez

Indiana VanGarde – by Minraed

After completing her PhD in environmental engineering Indiana was ready to take on the world, but the world had other plans. When a virus spread around the globe she found herself rethinking her future and decided to take an extended retreat in #Selvadorada the perfect oasis for an #active #greenfiend Here she plans to immerse herself in the culture while she makes her way teaching Simlish to the locals and doing odd jobs around the village. Made by #minraed for #plumbobber17

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Indiana VanGarde

Minraed’s own page about the lovely Indiana can be found here: Indiana VanGarde

Alicia Ventura – by DeathCuddle89

When the Green fiend Alicia heard about the Jungle beeing polluted, she knew she had to do something about it! – She is a jungle explorer, and have been on vacation many times in Selvadorada as a young adult, all the amazing memories, and the story about her hair that turned blue after eating a weird looking blueberry. She needs to save this place, so she can explore more about it, saving it for the villagers, and for new adventureous young sims #Plumbobber17 #Deathcuddle89 #noCC

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Plumbobber17

Robin Dare – by Sigery97

Robin visited Selvadorada once as a child with his mom who was seeking inspiration for new books. He fell in love with the beautiful jungles and the lovely culture. Now older, Robin is ready to explore the jungle himself. Of course, making sure not to disrupt the wildlife or hurt the ecosystem. Well, he might bring some produce back for the community garden. #plumbobber17

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Dare

Archie Burrows – by simplydawn

#Active #GreenFiend Archie feels most at home in Selvadorada’s lush jungles, but was denied a residency visa, so he makes frequent trips from his home in Oasis Springs. Self-Employed as a Relic Collector, he enjoys digging for buried treasures. During a recent temple run, he found favor with the Omniscan gods & was blessed with a waterproof trait to ease the jungle rains, & blue hair. In his spare time he gardens, bonds with his bees, & sells his woodworking sculptures on Plopsy. #Plumbobber17

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Archie Burrows

Alejandra Croft – by jordans243

Alejandra Croft is the adopted daughter of famous #tombraider Lara Croft. She followed in her mother’s footsteps as a self-employed tomb raider, but unlike others who raid for profit, she donates all authentic artifacts to the Museum of Selvadoradan Culture so that all Selvadoradans can enjoy & benefit from their own history, while she lives off her trust fund & reputation. Created for #Plumbobber17 challenge; her name means “protector & defender of humankind”.

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Croft

Dax Vogel – by lisabeesims

Dax is a man on a mission! This intrepid jungle explorer is on a crusade – a green crusade. He is a self-appointed vigilante who tirelessly scours the jungle to discover & bring to justice all those who would destroy his dear mother – Mother Earth! We can relate! Go get ’em Dax! #earthday #lisaBeesims #plumbobber17 #onyeka001 #jungleadventures #ecolifestyle

Sims 4 Gallery Link: Happy Earth Day 2021

Join in on The Fun!

If you want to give it a try, create your Sim following the above Plumbobber Rolls [see first screenshot of this post] and upload them to the gallery and add #Plumbobber17 somewhere in the description. Upload your Sim before 04/20/2021 13.00 UTC. My partner and I will pick our favourites, and I’ll post them here along with Etta Llamante

You do not need to download The Plumbobber to participate.
Each new post will contain a screenshot of The Plumbobber with the rolls for the current game.

Basic Rules:
– One outfit per category [everyday, formal, athletic etc…]
– Add a description/story where you incorporate their job and/or aspiration and at least one of their traits.
– You decide the age of your Sim – anything from toddler to elder.
– Your Sim can be any kind of occult/supernatural that you think fit the rolls
– You may add Parenthood Character Traits/Traits from the Reward Store to support your Sim’s story
– You may add Lifestyles to support your Sim’s story
– You may assign skill points to help support the story of your Sim’s career, aspiration etc
– If there are traits/aspirations/jobs you don’t have access to pick something yourself or do a random roll.
– Please no CC and no custom poses!
– Entries will be nominated for Maxis Favorites – Maxis Curation Guide

TIP: You can use mods such as UI Cheats Extension, MCCC and TwistedMexi’s AllCheats to help with adding skills, lifestyles, job promotions etc. Your Sim(s) will not be flagged as having CC if you do.

The rules can also be found here along with links to previous creations: Plumbobber Sims


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