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ISBI 3.3 – Love All Around

– Grimm Idiots –

Score +365 Points

Norah entertains me by painting her impression of P1umB07 during the night. The two of them can’t stand each other but as long as they stay a good distance away from each other all is fine.

03-24-21_3-31-43 PM03-24-21_9-33-45 PM

Later they let me get a screenshot to prove the tension they feel when being too close to one another.

Another event for this night is Eric ageing up into an Elder. Oops – I knew he was close, but obviously I didn’t pay enough attention to just how close. Eric is sad from not being celebrated… sorry, dude!

03-24-21_4-07-44 PM03-24-21_5-35-46 PM

He punishes the household by placing a toilet prank before heading back to bed.

Early in the morning Amber is the one to trigger the prank. She hates it and enter a rage-fuelled cleaning frenzy afterwards.

03-24-21_8-05-07 PM03-24-21_4-46-46 PM

Apparently she wants to cool off after cleaning so vigorously and angrily. That’s of course great and all – but dearest Amber, It’s winter and not really a good temperature for wearing a bikini 🥶

Chip hates his job… well, not this job specifically – any job probably. It’s weighs heavily on him that he’s a corporate sell-out. At least he still manages to get promotions, so he can’t be half bad at what he does – even if he doesn’t enjoy it.

03-24-21_5-02-48 PM

Time to have him save Amber from freezing to death in the pool.
What better way than to ask her to become his girlfriend – something I have been considering the wording of for a while. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to ask someone if you can become their boy/girl/whatever-friend instead of the other way around where it sounds like you make someone your property?

Let’s pretend Chip asked if he could become Amber’s boyfriend…

03-24-21_5-07-34 PM03-24-21_5-09-47 PM

Amber agrees – which is excellent since she’s already living here.

Eric and Bellatrix arrive home.
The two of them seem to have had a very different experience while away.

03-24-21_5-14-29 PM

Remember how Bellatrix wiped Eric’s memory a while back?!
Well, the two of them don’t remember being married, so I have to fix that.
I can control each ISBI-idiot for one action during each of their life stages.
I have Bellatrix ask Eric if she can become his girlfriend. He agrees.

03-24-21_5-17-07 PM03-24-21_5-17-43 PM


P1umB07 Has the Bodybuilder aspiration and I guess he’s working on it here…. I wonder if he can complete it?!

03-24-21_8-06-56 PM

While P1umB07 is keeping himself busy with the punching bag Chip and Amber are whisked away to the Spice Festival. It was Chip’s work-from-home task, and it seemed like a nice change of pace for Amber to go out and have fun in the city with her new boyfriend.

Tasting some of the spicy food – yum!

03-24-21_8-27-34 PM

Spicing things up… with a proposal on the docks of San Myshuno – with the bridge in the background and the fog rolling in – I don’t know if it’s romantic, but it is what it is.

03-24-21_8-24-29 PM03-24-21_8-25-06 PM

Chip is not excited about being engaged – not at all, but he’s not feeling sad or annoyed by it either so…

Back at home I have Chip work on his book and he gets a Starlight Accolade nomination for it.

03-24-21_8-47-32 PM

[A/N: Look at how proud he is!]

Link, who moved to Brindleton Bay not long ago, is now married to Poppy – a Sim I created for the Plumbobber CAS Game a while back.

2021-03-24 19_54_47-Window03-24-21_8-59-11 PM2021-03-24 20_50_31-Window

Since Poppy is Evil I’m not sure if we should congratulate Link on his marriage – He might regret it before long.

Chip once again mixes business with pleasure when he brings Amber for a trip to Mt Komorebi so that he can write a review of the food stall at the Festival of Lights and she can do whatever she pleases… as ISBI-Sims tend to do.

03-24-21_9-09-16 PM

When it gets darker and all the lights are turned on Chip and Amber find each other for their little private ceremony.

03-24-21_9-16-15 PM03-24-21_9-17-27 PM

Again, Chip is not very impressed by any of this… at least Amber seems happy about tying the knot.
Congratulations – Mr and Mrs Grimm!

Back at home, it’s time that I use Eric’s one controlled action.
Bellatrix loves the idea of getting engaged – again.

03-24-21_9-52-33 PM03-24-21_9-52-56 PM

Careful now – Eric’s back is not as strong as it used to be!

All the excitement of getting engaged has Eric tired and he decides on a nap… on the floaty in the pool, during a cold winter night. One day this pool is going to kill one of my Sims…

03-24-21_9-38-21 PM

No gains and no fails means that we’re still at…

Score: +365 Points

2021-03-24 16_38_52-Window

Portia has aged up – I hope that at least one of her two youngest kids will grow up to a Young Adult before she leaves us for good.

Astra has also aged up. I think her daughter, Kamilla, will grow up to a Young Adult soon and if not Astra’s husband might be around for a while still. He is still an Adult.2021-03-25 16_47_04-The Sims™ 42021-03-24 16_38_07-WindowOberon’s wife, Jane, has aged up too. I kind of feel bad that I never gave that family a cat…

Portia’s grandchildren, Henry and Hugo, have aged up to children. Cute little fellows.2021-03-24 16_39_24-Window2021-03-24 16_39_33-Window

Sadly, Oberon has left us…

Cousin Melissa and her husband, Caldor, are expecting. I wonder if they’ll have Spellcaster babies?!

Chip’s friend, Bess, has had a girl with her partner Anna-Lucia. I picked the first name suggested and so their daughter will henceforth be known as Princess Thimbleweed2021-03-24 21_23_08-Window


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    1. P1umB07 might end up being my favourite Sim of all time – just because he’s so impossible with his aspiration and his traits…
      I also get a kick out of it when one of The Plumbobbers show up in my game – It’s like a little sprinkle of fame and magic has blessed the save 😀

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