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1.0 Drummer Household

– Life of Plums –
On Eggshells

Keon didn’t have to move far after finishing his degree.
Eden had arranged for him to move in with her – and her family.

02-28-21_8-25-32 PM

The family counted little Rohan – Eden’s son from a previous relationship…

02-26-21_12-18-39 PM02-26-21_12-19-28 PM

… and of course, Eden’s parents; Ekram and Eleanor Elderberry.

Things were not quite as rosy as Keon had expected them to be – remember, he does have that childish belief in everything always turning out for the better.

02-28-21_8-17-27 PM

Keon was surprised to learn that Eden was very easy to fall prey to her jealous trait. She would get tense and angry from what seemed like nothing to Keon. Eden really took it too far when she accused Keon of liking Eleanor, Eden’s mother, better than he liked her.

Ekram was another of Keon’s problems.
The man had a temper unlike anything Keon had ever experienced before – on top of that he seemed to suffer from quite a severe case of grumpy and mean.

02-26-21_1-58-41 PM

It was a rare occasion if there were not at least one Sim who were angry at Keon for something he didn’t even fully comprehend.

Keon remembered all the fun he and Eden used to have and suggested a night out – just the two of them.

02-26-21_2-05-37 PM

Eden begrudgingly accepted the invitation. It was as if she didn’t have any real interest in solving the problem — or maybe she didn’t feel like there was one?!

Sweet Eleanor agreed to look after Rohan so that Eden and Keon could have their night out without worry.

02-26-21_2-26-57 PM

Keon kept his eyes on Eden all night – He barely acknowledged Olive when he ran into her. He was too focused on keeping Eden happy and content.

02-26-21_5-05-54 PM02-26-21_5-09-51 PM

Eden ran into a couple of her friends, and they spent an hour or two in their company. Again, Keon made sure to only have eyes for Eden.

Eden was in a good mood. The night out had loosened her up and she even found it within her jealous self to flirt with her enamoured boyfriend.

02-26-21_5-11-02 PM02-26-21_5-19-13 PM

Keon had been carrying an engagement ring around for the past couple of weeks but never found the right moment to propose. He had spotted the area with the pretty flowers and the pink and red fountains in the background when they arrived at the nightclub. He figured it wasn’t ideal to propose when slightly drunk, but he was also nervous that it might be a long time before he would find Eden in such a good mood again.

She happily accepted the proposal – She was in fact rather eager to make Keon her own – not that she put it that way when she said yes.

Eden wondered… had she really had too much to drink or was this something else?!

02-26-21_6-10-50 PM02-26-21_6-17-58 PM

Well, it seems that it was something else…
Keon was thrilled. He had a dream of having lots of children and this was the beginning of that dream, though he had hoped to be married first.

Before long it was time for Rohan to have his child-birthday.

02-26-21_6-19-48 PM02-26-21_7-20-07 PM

The family didn’t have many friends to invite for the celebration, but it was a nice afternoon none-the-less.

Rohan was eager to get started on his school-work and asked Keon for help.

02-26-21_7-22-47 PM

The two of them bonded really well over different kinds of skill building and doing Rohan’s homework together. Keon was aware that it caused some grumpy remarks from Eden because she felt left out, but he didn’t worry too much about it.

The pregnancy had kept Eden happy. The extra attention it brought along was like balm on her troubled mind.

02-28-21_6-21-13 PM

Rohan, who was a bit apprehensive with his mother and her temper, warmed up to this gentler version of her and he was looking forward to getting a sibling.

One early spring morning little Raleigh was born. Eden’s second son and Keon’s first.

02-28-21_7-36-18 PMplum_raleigh

Eden was very protective of Raleigh and barely let anyone else near him. Keon thought nothing of it and put it down to a well-developed maternal instinct in Eden.


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