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1.1 Warren Household

– Life of Plums –

After eloping Bonnie and Arnold were planning on adding children to their family.
That is happened so soon wasn’t expected but very welcome, nonetheless.
Bonnie wrote all her thoughts down while pregnant and documented every little change she noticed.

02-28-21_9-05-35 PM02-28-21_9-59-50 PM

Robin wasn’t planning on having children… and certainly not when she wasn’t even in a relationship with the father.
Mostly she tried to cope with the morning sickness and the increasing panic she was feeling.

When she couldn’t hide the bump any longer she was confronted by Julien who wanted to know what was going on – Was he going to be a father?

03-01-21_12-36-03 AM

At first Robin was hesitant to tell the truth but seeing as Julien wasn’t going to let her off the hook she confirmed his suspicions and unloaded all her worries onto him.

Julien wasn’t about to run from his responsibilities and the more he thought about the happier he was to learn about the nooboo. This might actually be perfect. Finding another polyamorous Sim and hooking up with them for good – creating their own special family might be just the right thing.

Bonnie was genuinely happy to hear the news of Robin and Julien planning on becoming their own little family.

03-02-21_4-40-42 PM

Robin was worried they would have to move before the nooboos were born, but Bonnie assured her that the little ones could easily share a room the first couple of years.

Arnold was a great dad – even before the nooboo was born.
He asked a lot of questions, made sure to talk to Bonnie’s nooboo-bump and gave Bonnie awesome massages.

03-01-21_1-08-31 AM03-02-21_5-11-58 PM

All in all he was the perfect husband. That he didn’t bring in a lot of money with his job and his paintings were not a great concern at this point in time.

Before long it was go-time!
Arnold and Bonnie arrived at the hospital and was relieved to find out that the horror-stories they had heard of endless waiting and doctors leaving at the sight of pregnant Sim were all just that – stories.

03-02-21_5-17-36 PM03-02-21_5-20-58 PM

Dr. Anton Bentley helped Bonnie through the delivery and soon little Henryk’s voice could be heard echoing through the hospital hallways.

Bonnie was so proud of her little son and couldn’t stop looking at him.

03-02-21_5-28-27 PMplum_henryk

A few days later Dr. Anton Bentley got to help Robin through the birth of her daughter.

03-02-21_5-33-21 PM

Little Simone Huston-Cuddle was just about the sweetest thing Robin had ever laid her eyes upon.

03-02-21_5-36-18 PMplum_simone

Julien had been so moved by the birth and how brave Robin had been that he dropped to his knees and proposed as soon as the little family arrived home to Courtyard Lane.

03-02-21_5-46-32 PM03-02-21_5-47-05 PM

Robin, who honestly never thought she’d get married, happily accepted the proposal.

A few months down the line Bonnie woke up in the middle of the night with a familiar feeling building in her body…

03-15-21_10-56-48 AM

Was she already pregnant again?
How many more Sims could they fit into the house before Robin, Julien and Simone would have to move out?


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