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1.1 Oxen Household

– Life of Plums –

Martin had been having a great couple of months – His paintings had been selling at record speed and at ever-increasing prices.

He felt so good about himself and his life that he had built up enough courage to do something about the main problem in his life…

03-03-21_8-20-18 PM

Ashti was hard to convince at first – She didn’t want to go on an outing to a boring island in Brindleton Bay – and especially not without the kids. They could use a fun outing just as much as she could.

Martin kept insisting that it should just be the two of them and eventually Ashti gave in.
She didn’t quite understand why Martin had asked her to wear her best set of clothes, but she followed his instructions none-the-less.

Well, this might be taking place in reverse order of what you’d expect but martin figured that he needed to put Ashti in the right mood before asking the big question… Now that he finally had gathered enough courage, he couldn’t afford it emotionally if she said no…

03-03-21_8-41-34 PM03-03-21_8-43-33 PM

She was quiet… for a very long time… Martin could feel the sweat starting to build up in his armpits…
Then she smiled and jumped into his arms – it was a yes!

The ceremony was held in private – with a beautiful view of the lighthouse and a big sigh of relief from both Ashti and Martin when it was over. I guess they both had their reasons.

03-03-21_8-45-28 PM

Little things started to improve at home. Ashti wasn’t so strict with the children and so there was generally less tension and stress.

03-03-21_9-47-21 PM03-04-21_8-07-07 PM

Sean aged up into a bundle of joy who was eager to learn…

03-04-21_8-23-33 PM03-04-21_8-44-23 PM

… and who loved his older brother very much. They were almost inseparable.

Ashti and Marin found more time for little romantic gestures.

03-04-21_9-04-30 PM03-04-21_9-07-55 PM

They took time out of their day to spend it with each other. Martin learned how to play chess from Ashti…

… and Ashti learned how to paint from Martin.

03-15-21_1-22-17 PM

Seeing everyone in a better mood and the general vibe in the house being more relaxed had Myra puzzled at first. She had been used to the tension between her parents and this new normal was a little scary at first, but eventually she too relaxed and started looking for new friends.

03-04-21_9-30-58 PM

She really connected with Ulrike Faust from Windenburg.
It wasn’t long before you hardly ever saw one of them without the other being close by


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