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Microwave Plus

09-19-21_4-18-28 PM

Ah! Time to leave those troubling teenage years behind!
Ena felt ready to become a Young Adult… she just needed to send one more text, and then she would blow out the candles on her cake and step into a new chapter of her life. She was more than ready.

Let us not ignore the fact that her birthday not having been forgotten by The Watcher was cause for celebration in itself

Let me just plop Ena’s Plumbobber rolls in here… so that you know a little more about her

2021-09-21 11_30_16-The Plumbobber

Ena’s new chapter in life started out with an invitation to a Winterfest Charity event at the Myshuno Meadows. Apparently, all you need to get an invitation is a good reputation and simoleons in the bank.

Taking full advantage of not living under Drifter Challenge rules any more, Ena decided to accept the invitation. It was time to shine, to step out of the shadows of being the younger Sister of a Drifter.

Ena arrived early, and the only other Sim there was the host; Aleister Crowley- a rather strange Sim with a weird hissing habit?!
Hissing or no hissing, Ena found Aleister to be a very fine Sim and decided to lure him to the upstairs broom closet for some fun before the festivities begun.

Young Adulthood and all these new Wicked Whims induced emotions seem to have caught Ena a little off-guard, but The Watcher was not to deny her some fun just because it wasn’t deemed appropriate


Ena arrived home after the Winterfest Charity event just as Father Winter showed up with presents. Fabulous timing…

It seems Father Winter aka Clement Frost had the hots for Ena, or maybe he just got infected with the bubbly flirtyness Ena was feeling after having had her fun with Aleister Crowley.


In any case, Ena got both a microwave and some carnal fun for Winterfest…

The night was still young and Ena full of energy, so why not see what the San Myshuno nightlife had to offer?!

It seems Milo Sellers was on offer… or at the very least his number was.


Ena had a great time partying and went home and got a few hours of sleep before Milo called, inviting her out for coffee – and apparently also kisses. The two of them ended up back at home in Ena’s bed.

No matter what you might think of Ena and her woohoo-scapades, remember that when you judge Ena, you judge her Watcher because it was always within The Watcher’s power to stop Ena – she just chose not to ^^

Well… as you would expect, all that woohoo led to this…

Because of course this save suffers under Risky Woohoo – Sincerely, The Watcher!

09-19-21_9-08-30 PMjudged

Yeah… Ena wasn’t really prepared for pregnancy. In fact, she’s Non-Committal, and having a nooboo seems like a very big commitment. Another thing she wasn’t prepared for was the judgemental looks from both her Sister and her Mother.

Being The Watcher, I can tell you with 100% certainty that Ena never received the Woohoo-talk from her parents. Of course in this day and age, that isn’t an excuse for not using protection, but I feel Myrtice [Ena’s mother] is being a bit too harsh in her judgement here…

After what is perceived as a standard pregnancy duration, Ena gave birth to a girl and named her Lumi.

09-20-21_10-43-32 AM

Lumi will grow up with the special Father Winter’s Baby trait… I guess Ena really did get more than a microwave for Winterfest


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2 thoughts on “Microwave Plus

    1. I’ve only ever had one Father Winter baby before, and she was glitched and never got the special trait.
      I’m looking forward to seeing how much of a difference it makes to her satisfaction points to have the trait


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