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Family Sim

Chase had reluctantly agreed to meet with his twin brother, Chet at the Finchwick Fair.
It wasn’t because he didn’t appreciate the effort Chet had put into finding a venue and event Chase might actually enjoy, but he dreaded the conversation they would have… He knew Chet and this heart-to-heart he wanted to have with him all too well.

09-20-21_9-05-15 PM

Chase’s Plumbobber rolls, because as The Watcher I know all this, but it might be handy for you, the readers to get a little insight into it as well

2021-09-20 10_57_46-The Plumbobber

The fair itself was nice and the Sims attending seemed very friendly and down to earth. Chase actually did enjoy his time there.

09-20-21_9-37-45 PM

He even found a new cross-stitch pattern that he eagerly got started on the minute he returned home from Henford-on-Bagley. Life was good – even if Chet had been annoying – as always!

09-20-21_6-29-04 PM

Chase didn’t see anything wrong with his life. Why was it of such great concern to Chet that Chase didn’t go out much and spend most of his time with their parents?

Spending Friday nights watching reruns of Roaring Vice in the company of the Sims who love you the most – and your adoring dog – What could possibly be wrong with that?

Yes, that is Herman the dog from Generation 3 – He is going to live forever because The Watcher has decided that is how pets function in her game – Pets are forever!

09-21-21_10-35-35 AM

Okay, so Maha – Chase’s [and Chet’s] mum is a little concerned for Chase as well.

Maha: Honey, you should really spend more time with Sims your own age…

Chase: There’s no need – I got you – my family – that’s all a Sim needs!

09-20-21_11-11-43 AM

Maha hopes for grandchildren and knows that she might never get to meet them unless Chase [or Chet] gets a move on. The Watcher has considered extending the incredibly short Elder-Lifespan but also feels like it would be cheating too much in her Drifter Challenge – oh the cruel dilemma 😆

Delbert, Chase’s [and Chet’s] dad, doesn’t have any concerns when it comes to his sons – They’ll probably do fine.

Delbert is way more concerned with this stray hen that has shown up at their lot. He thinks it might belong to his niece, Elvie, but he has trouble communicating with it, even though he DID enter his spirit animal form.

Well, they did have a nice chat about which came first – the chicken or the egg, so at least there’s that.

09-20-21_11-16-11 AM

This hen got lost after attending Elvie and Luke’s Elopement-Wedding. It never found its way home and ended up being deleted because it was in constant distress from not being able to route home. Yes, so much for pets being forever, huh?

Chase rarely leaves home but still manages to make new friends, and he is perfectly content this way.

09-21-21_10-55-04 AM

As he sees it, there’s no need to change anything!

In case you’re wondering… this is a loving jab at myself and my somewhat voluntary isolation from the world. It’s okay to be a loner, to feel safest at home with the Sims/People you already know – but please, don’t become like me who only leaves the house to walk the dog in secluded areas where the chances of running into someone equals zero ☀️


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    1. Thank You for reading.
      I don’t mind being isolated, but I know it’s not healthy to never see other people [besides my partner] – I fully intend to do better with socializing in the future, but for now I’ll just enjoy that I have a valid reason for staying at home – and that I do not struggle with it as many others do.

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