About Me

Name: Sif – or Onyeka if you only know me through The Sims
Gender: Female
Year of Birth: 1978
Country: Denmark

Origin/Gallery: Onyeka001
Twitter: OnyekaOO1

Simmer since the year 2000 – Yes, I was there when Bella and Mortimer looked like pixelated nightmares.

I’m a collector – meaning I get all the packs when they come out – even the ones I’m not sure I’ll like very much (I’m looking at you Get Famous!)

I write SimLit and I’ve done so since uhmn… well since forever I just didn’t publish anything before 2018 or something like that.
Mostly I write to entertain my own mind and quirks. However, should you stumble upon any of my stories and have some fun reading them I’d be delighted if you would post a little something in the comments section or give the post a like 🙂

Sims is a wonderful creative tool full of silly and goofy moments – but it also works well for more serious topics if needed.
Personally, I’m mostly into the quirky, goofy and lighthearted stuff – with some amount of realism to it.

I use Maxis Match CC (custom content) and mods – because it makes the game more fun and enjoyable for me.
I mostly use mods that fix or tweak unwanted game behaviour like bugs or the fact that there’s no story progression for unplayed Sims.

Welcome to my SimLit Blog!