About Me

Name: Sif
Gender: Female
Year of Birth: 1978
Country: Denmark

Origin/Gallery: Onyeka001
Twitter: OnyekaOO1

I have played Sims on and off since the early days of Sims 1 – I think that was back in the year 2000. I’ve spent what most people would say is way too much time controlling those little pixel people – but I really enjoy the game and the story telling of it. Mostly my stories just play out in my head as I manage the Sims and their lives. Sometimes I get an urge to write it all down and spice it up with screenshots and quirky comments – because that’s what so great about the game – all the quirkyness and odd happenings. That no matter how much effort you put into making it all perfect something odd just might happen at any given time. I can’t tell you how many dates my Sims have been on where some random townie has died right in front of the romatic couple – ruining the mood completely!

But why write in English?
I’m from Denmark, I live in Denmark, I speak Danish – but I play Sims in English – always have and always will. I imagine the stories in English when they play out in my head – somehow English and gaming just can’t be seperated in my head. I might also – like the Sims – be odd and quirky at times.

I do use CC, mods and cheats when playing – because sometimes you need your game/Sims to be able to do stuff that the game will not allow without a bit of non-standard input.
When playing challenges I try to keep the cheats etc. to an absolute minimum – but since gaming is meant to be fun and relaxing – not super frustrating and stressing, sometimes I will cheat my way out of horrible situations and stress-triggers. Since It’s my game and I play for fun and for telling stories, not for competing and high scores I figure it’s alright.

Anyway – this blog will be my attempt at getting some of the stories written down and spiced up with some of all those quirky moments. It will mostly be for my own pleasure and enjoyment – a Sims Diary of sorts. However should you stumble upon any of it and have some fun reading it you’re more than welcome.