Small Steps Forward

- Manners Please - Jayden has taken an interest in the new craze spreading across all of SimNation. Knitting is the new black and Jayden agrees - it's very relaxing and fun to create beanies and socks while the world and it's events rushes by. You also get to listen to the Watcher mumbling about... Continue Reading →

1.4 LDP – Restrictions

Yes - Porter Stays: 11 | No - Porter Has to Go: 7 Andrea and Emily spotted Mark and Porter out the window and was out on the porch in a matter of seconds. Warm hugs and tears of joy were in no kind of shortage when first Andrea and then Emily welcomed Mark back... Continue Reading →

1.4 The Third Wheel

Andrea and Emily Mullins - two creative souls who have been married for 16 years. They live in StrangerVille with their three adopted children - and Porter. Well, technically Porter doesn't live there but he spends all his time at their place. Mark Eggleston, Alice Martin and Leslie Holland are all cute as buttons and... Continue Reading →

1.3 LDP – Holger A. Lewis

Yes - Put Holger up for Adoption: 17 | No - Keep Holger: 2 Vita is first and foremost a politician. After spending a week at the Windeburg Heights Spa and Resort to recover after the ordeal of giving birth to Holger, she was ready to take on the press once again. She, of course,... Continue Reading →

1.3 Unwanted

Once again there was a tie - This time I placed my vote on the Alto Family Vita Alto wasn't feeling too good during breakfast. Hopefully, the discomfort would pass soon as she really didn't have time to be sick. She had places to be and important political statements to make this afternoon. After a... Continue Reading →

1.2 LDP – Surprise!

Yes - Elliana (Maid): 11 | Yes - Marie (Director): 9 | No: 3 One late night while watching his favourite show Ricardo received an unexpected phone call. It was from Fred - his contact person at the agency. "You know there's a very fine line between being the notorious but beloved Bad Boy and... Continue Reading →

1.2 Romance Expert

Since there was a tie I got to vote and placed it on the Lobo family. I can't actually vote on my own Twitter polls so you'll have to imagine it being there. Diego Lobo - a sweet kid in an unfortunate situation. I'm not talking about him doing homework. Diego actually doesn't mind that... Continue Reading →

1.1 LDP – Adoption

Yes - By Adoption: 24 | Yes - By Woohoo: 9 | No: 0 Mary and Blossom decided to adopt the very first toddler presented to them by the adoption agency - no looking at gender, name or any other characteristics. Blossom went to pick up their new little family member while Mary stayed at... Continue Reading →

2.5 Bring Me Back to Life

Joe might be a childish goof at times - even infuriatingly cheerful but of course Saybia misses her husband. She spends some hours by his grave promising, again and again, to do everything within her powers to bring him back. During the night Rose manages to teach Archi to not wake up Sims and my... Continue Reading →

1.1 Green with The Greenburgs

Blossom and Mary Greenburg live in the Port Promise neighbourhood of Evergreen Harbor. The area might not be much to look at now but with time both ladies hope to change it into a green and lush haven. They know it might not happen in their lifetime but at least their adopted son, Knox should... Continue Reading →

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