Building ElseWhere

What is ElseWhere?
ElseWhere is a project I started in The Sims 4 recently. The name is somewhat of a tribute to a guild I ran in another game – long time ago. The guild was called Seekers of Elsewhere with the tag [Lost] – anyway, it was a great guild with nice people. In my mind the term elsewhere has always been one of mysteries and adventure and well… I guess for this you could say that elsewhere in the land of Sims someone is working towards the same goal as you are.

Recently – out of boredom or maybe it was inspiration, who knows! – I started a new save in The Sims 4 and cleared it of every household and building in it – almost.

I left Granite Falls and Selvadorada intact and then I decided that I would keep the three familiar vampires – Caleb, Lilith and Vladislaus – and the Straud Estate for them to live in.

I’m not sure they were very happy about my decision – not only did they have no Sims to feed on but they had to share a home. Honestly I couldn’t care less about how they felt about it – they’ve bothered my Sims enough times for me to know that they themselves are not very considerate – time to taste some of their own medicine! But enough about these three Forgotten Hollow Residents.

Why did I do this?
Well it might have been a major brain malfunction because dear plum clearing the world – especially San Myshuno – was a nightmare.

However I like to think that I did it because I had a brilliant idea – or an idea that would at least take me down a winding path of much fun and joy for some time.

I wanted to create a sense of community in my game – and what better way than to have my Sims work together on building an entire world from scratch – well, at least working on some sort of system where their combined effort unlocks different venues – I know all too well that I’m the one that will be doing the actual building.

I wrote down some rules for me to follow and made a handy spreadsheet with all the different venues listed. Time to get started…

These are the rules and the spreadsheet I follow – It’s still work in progress as I adjust and add new things as I go along. Please just ignore the names listed to the right on the ElseWhere Venue Unlock – those are just notes to keep track of who is to do what when time comes.

Building ElseWhere
ElseWhere Venue Unlock

I do written stories for each family – like family journals. I try to connect the different families via their stories so you as the reader get a sense of community too. You can find the stories here: Stories of ElseWhere

Once a family finishes their house or a Venue gets unlocked/build I take pictures, write a description and add a download link for it here: ElseWhere Real Estate

I started out doing a News Paper for ElseWhere called the ElseWhere Journal but I was not satisfied with the tools I used to create it and it took me too long, If I ever find something that’s easier to work with/publish I’ll start doing them again. I only ever made three of these but you are welcome to have a look: The ElseWhere Journal