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1.1 Oxen Household

– Life of Plums –

Martin had been having a great couple of months – His paintings had been selling at record speed and at ever-increasing prices.

He felt so good about himself and his life that he had built up enough courage to do something about the main problem in his life…

03-03-21_8-20-18 PM

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1.1 Warren Household

– Life of Plums –

After eloping Bonnie and Arnold were planning on adding children to their family.
That is happened so soon wasn’t expected but very welcome, nonetheless.
Bonnie wrote all her thoughts down while pregnant and documented every little change she noticed.

02-28-21_9-05-35 PM02-28-21_9-59-50 PM

Robin wasn’t planning on having children… and certainly not when she wasn’t even in a relationship with the father.
Mostly she tried to cope with the morning sickness and the increasing panic she was feeling. Continue reading “1.1 Warren Household”

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1.0 Drummer Household

– Life of Plums –
On Eggshells

Keon didn’t have to move far after finishing his degree.
Eden had arranged for him to move in with her – and her family.

02-28-21_8-25-32 PM

The family counted little Rohan – Eden’s son from a previous relationship…

02-26-21_12-18-39 PM02-26-21_12-19-28 PM

… and of course, Eden’s parents; Ekram and Eleanor Elderberry.

Things were not quite as rosy as Keon had expected them to be – remember, he does have that childish belief in everything always turning out for the better.

02-28-21_8-17-27 PM

Keon was surprised to learn that Eden was very easy to fall prey to her jealous trait. She would get tense and angry from what seemed like nothing to Keon. Eden really took it too far when she accused Keon of liking Eleanor, Eden’s mother, better than he liked her. Continue reading “1.0 Drummer Household”

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ISBI 3.3 – Love All Around

– Grimm Idiots –

Score +365 Points

Norah entertains me by painting her impression of P1umB07 during the night. The two of them can’t stand each other but as long as they stay a good distance away from each other all is fine.

03-24-21_3-31-43 PM03-24-21_9-33-45 PM

Later they let me get a screenshot to prove the tension they feel when being too close to one another. Continue reading “ISBI 3.3 – Love All Around”

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1.0 Tellez Household

– Life of Plums –
No Good Neighbours

Once Olive graduated from Foxbury she and Darin were bound for the city of San Myshuno.

02-28-21_8-29-21 PM

They found a great flat in the Hakim House building of the Arts Quarters. It wasn’t luxurious and big, but it wasn’t small either. It was just perfect.

Olive was hired as a Minor Crimelord by the local Mobwives Gang. She was promoted within the first month and chose to venture down the path of the Oracle.
Darin got a job as a file clerk with Bagley & Buckley LLP. Not a well-paying job but that didn’t matter a whole lot. He was in the perfect position when it came to snooping out information for Olive and her gang.

Olive, as per usual, had a hard time with the other Sims living in the building.
She just didn’t click with any of them – and Geeta Rasoya had the nerve to openly question Olive’s line of work.
Nah, these were not Sims Olive would end up spending a lot of time with.

02-23-21_9-24-07 PM

Olive feared that she would feel lonely during the day when Darin was at work. She wanted company and suggested they should adopt a couple of kittens. Darin wasn’t really that keen on getting two little furballs but since he didn’t like letting Olive down he ended up having agreed to the idea without too many protests.

02-23-21_9-03-43 PM02-23-21_9-18-55 PM

Quinoa and Rye – kittens adopted from the local cat-shelter and oh so very cute! ♥️

It was no secret that Darin and Olive were madly in love from the moment they first laid eyes on each other.
The two of them had been engaged within weeks of meeting, and they were both ready and eager to take the next step.

Since Olive wasn’t really that good friends with anyone other than Darin it would be a private ceremony held at Myshuno Meadows.

02-24-21_8-06-02 PM02-24-21_8-08-06 PM02-24-21_8-09-09 PM02-24-21_8-12-12 PM02-24-21_8-19-39 PM

They even rented the Honeymoon Suite for the night…

It wasn’t really something they had planned or even spoken about – not a whole lot anyway, but it would seem that they were to become parents in the near future.

02-24-21_8-32-30 PM

Darin was supportive and sweet – Olive was nervous and not sure that this was what she really wanted. However, she wasn’t one to run from responsibility.

02-26-21_1-59-25 AM

When Luca was born everything Olive had been thinking about being a mother changed. She was completely smitten with their son and would spend hours rocking him and making silly faces at him. Darin even teased her that he would end up jealous if she didn’t split her attention between them.

02-26-21_11-19-39 AMplum_luca

Olive was far away in nooboo-blabber-land and barely heard Darin’s joke…

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ISBI 3.2 – Moving In

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +365 Points

Hmn – well, that was bad timing and I’m starting to resent how predictable this particular lifestyle is.
If your Sim hasn’t engaged in romantic interactions during their teen years, they seem to always get this Lifestyle a day or two into their Young Adult life stage.


P1umb07 is also sleeping [recharging] and I get this notification.
What does he want to take over… the household? The World? 🤔

Lots of interesting things happen during the night.
Eric has a breakthrough while using the toilet and can now expect a promotion at work.


I have to move on with the generations since the goal of an ISBI is 10 generations [of madness] so I have to ignore that Chip loves being single. I know I could just have him impregnate someone without them being a couple, but I don’t feel like doing that – at least not this generation.

Chip invites Amber to GeekCon – She seems pleased.

02-18-21_4-05-24 PM02-18-21_3-59-25 PM

P1umB07 tagged along for the adventure-opportunities. I imagine he’d like a trip with one of the rocket ships at GeekCon.
He runs into Frankie Caprese – a Sim made by @dawnlysimple [Twitter] for the Plumbobber CAS Game. The two of them enjoy some light conversation.

Chip and Amber are having fun with video games and since they both seem to be in a good mood, I have Chip ask Amber to move in with him and his family. Amber happily accepts.


Time to celebrate with a little telescope-woohoo.

It’s time to do a little check of Amber and get to know her a bit better.
She’s a Secret Agent  – I don’t expect her to get any promotions since she needs a high charisma skill.


She thinks Chip is attractive.
Most of this we already knew from Chip’s view of Amber in a previous chapter. The main difference being that their attraction to each other is not the same. It’s Very attractive vs Attractive.


It still baffles me that Chip has the People Person Lifestyle – it’s not like he has a lot of friends.


Amber has the Renaissance Sim Aspiration and Dog Lover, Genius and Loves Outdoors as her traits.
I think she’ll do pretty good as a Grimm Idiot – but we’re not getting her a dog! No!
Wouldn’t be fair to Eric either, since he is a Cat Lover and never had a cat.

Speaking of Eric…
He got his promotion and a spiffy new outfit.


He also got a notification about his upcoming birthday and he immediately made this grumpy face. I guess he’s not looking forward to being an Elder.

During the night, P1umB07 has me wondering whether Servo’s can die from electrocution…

02-18-21_4-58-26 PM

Score: +365 Points

Cousin Melissa and Cousin Lana both got married on the same night.
Melissa has found herself a Lazy Kleptomaniac Spellcaster named Caldor Severin.


Lana has decided to spend her life with an Evil and Self-Assured Merman named Red Lure.


Congratulations to the four of them!

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1.0 Oxen Household

– Life of Plums –
Friends with Benefits

Martin and Ashti weren’t concerned with the location of their new home, as long as it was big enough for their growing family and had a room that could be turned into a painting studio for Martin.

03-03-21_7-55-03 PM

They found a lovely villa in Oasis Springs – near the lake and with what Ashti deemed to be good neighbours.

Ashti had found out she was pregnant again during Martin’s last term at Britechester and had mostly kept quiet about it. She didn’t want to stress Martin too much since he was so close to finishing his degree.

02-21-21_7-42-59 PM

However, you can’t keep a pregnancy a secret for very long and as a few months after moving in Ashti gave birth to a boy named Silas.


Martin was happy about the pregnancy and their son – despite his fear of being tied down. He had found a coping mechanism that worked well, so far.

02-22-21_8-18-26 PM02-22-21_5-29-45 PM

As long as he could still think of himself as unmarried things would be alright – the panic attacks were not so bad that he couldn’t ignore or hide them.

Myra wasn’t very impressed with having a brother. She had been used to getting an awful lot of attention at the Honeydew Student Housing, and now she was down to only having two adults, instead of eight, taking care of her needs. Having to share that tiny amount of attention didn’t sit quite right with her.

02-22-21_5-55-13 PM

Ashti still had her job with Rainy Days Entertainment – She liked both her job and her employer.

02-22-21_4-47-38 PM

Martin never bothered finding a job – He liked the freedom of painting whenever inspiration struck and then selling his pieces on Plopsy or to a museum on rare occasions.

Since he was the one spending the most time at home it fell upon Martin to befriend the neighbours – something he didn’t mind at all.
Katrina Caliente, their next-door neighbour, liked to stop by for chats and to admire Martin’s work. The two of them became quite good friends.

02-22-21_5-44-20 PM

A fact that wasn’t lost on Ashti.
She grew more and more tense and impatient with Martin as time passed.

“I’m tired of just being considered your friend with benefits – we have two kids together and don’t you  think I’ll be going anywhere… we’re in this together and I hope you’re not planning on anything stupid!” Ashti knew Martin was probably never going to ask for her hand in marriage but at least she could make it clear that he was stuck with her no matter what.

02-22-21_8-00-55 PM02-22-21_8-02-14 PM

Ashti wasn’t happy with her life.
She loved her children, Martin, their home and her job but there was no denying that something was missing.

When she discovered that she was pregnant again something sort of snapped within her…

02-22-21_7-47-01 PM02-22-21_9-15-06 PM

It wasn’t because she wanted to argue over every little thing she just couldn’t help it – Whenever Martin was within her vicinity she felt anger and resentment towards him. She couldn’t help any more than he could help his non-committal trait to flare up by the mention of anything that sounded the slightest like being tied down.

Martin and Ashti calmed down in order to celebrate little Myra.
Her birthday was just around the corner, and she was so looking forward to seeing all her friends from back in Britechester.

02-22-21_8-23-45 PM02-22-21_9-05-29 PM

On her child-birthday she grew into a cute girl with glasses and love for the colour blue. She had picked up on her mother’s polite and proper manners.

She was very happy to see so many of her friends – or maybe it would be more correct to call them aunts and uncles. That’s how she thought of them anyway.

02-22-21_9-04-43 PM

It wasn’t long before Silas had his birthday.
He had a good sense of humour – even at an early age. He loved playing with blocks and somehow accepted that his older sister didn’t have much interest in him. Furthermore, he seemed to know that it was best to just keep his distance.

02-22-21_9-31-56 PM

Martin and Ashti’s third child was also a boy. They named him Sean.

02-22-21_9-37-06 PMplum_sean

With three children and Ashti still being in a full-time job it all got to be too much for Martin. He didn’t have enough time to paint and get his creativity flowing. Since simoleons wasn’t an issue it was decided that they would hire a nanny to help with the kids.

Especially Silas flourished under the guidance of nanny, Kelvin Rouse.

02-22-21_9-51-07 PM

Maybe Kelvin’s calming presence would be good for the household.

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1.0 Warren Household

– Life of Plums –
Bonnie and Friends

Bonnie never imagined living anywhere but Willow Creek and when she found a house for sale on Courtyard Lane she instantly felt at home. 02-21-21_6-03-43 PM

It was much too big and expensive for a single Sim – especially one who struggled with finding work at first- but Bonnie had a plan.

02-21-21_7-32-55 PM

Since Honeydew Student Housing was going to be taken over by a fresh batch of students Julien was eager to move out and settle with a familiar face – at least for a while still.

02-21-21_6-09-48 PM

With fewer Sims around maybe he could finally get started on his aspiration.

Robin was also in need of a place to live and since she had recently been relocated to the Willow Creek PD it seemed like the most obvious choice to move in with Bonnie and Julien.

02-22-21_12-33-24 AM

Bonnie had of course not forgotten about Arnold, but it still seemed a bit too early in their relationship to be asking him to move in. He came over to hang out and chat – a lot.

02-21-21_9-26-31 PM

In fact, there seemed to never be a day when he didn’t stop by to woo Bonnie.
Our girl didn’t mind one bit…

02-21-21_6-03-04 PM

All the visiting and wooing did its job. Bonnie found the courage to take their relationship a step further…

02-21-21_8-53-13 PM

… and then a step further still.

02-21-21_6-06-32 PM

When Harvestfest rolled around Arnold had moved in.
At first Robin was a bit annoyed by it – mostly because she thought this meant that she and Julien would have to move out. Bonnie assured her that the house was big enough for the four of them and no one would be asked to move out.

02-22-21_10-22-51 AM

Robin calmed down and started longing for a relationship of her own.
She tried flirting with Keon when he came for a visit – It was not a success.

02-21-21_7-25-07 PM

Keon left shortly after, and it would be awhile before he came to visit again. Robin felt awkward about having put a dent in the friendship of their two households, but there really wasn’t much she could do about it.

Julien was still seeing Bryan – the already married professor. None of them were pursuing anything serious but kept the relationship going because they truly enjoyed each other’s company.

02-21-21_7-10-39 PM

Bonnie was not one to interfere in their relationship even if she did feel a bit strange having her old lover hang out and having woohoo with her housemate.

No one can say exactly when Julien and Robin “discovered” each other, but maybe it was when Robin asked about Julien’s polyamorous adventures. She was genuinely curious about his lifestyle and didn’t ask to pry or make a mockery of him. It was a something Robin had never really considered but the more they got to talking the more Robin found that Julien’s way of life might also fit her.

02-21-21_6-05-49 PM

Arnold, who is a bit of a romantic, suggested that the four of them go visit the Romance Festival – It was in town, and he had heard so many wonderful things about it.

02-22-21_11-42-04 AM

Bonnie liked the idea  – so did Robin and Julien.
When the afternoon was about to turn into evening they all put on some warm clothes and went to San Myshuno.

Bonnie was not prepared… not at all… but she was more than happy to accept the proposal. The vibe at the festival helped her overcome any doubts she might have had. She loved Arnold – she really did, but she was always worried that they were moving too fast.

02-22-21_10-46-24 AM02-22-21_10-50-45 AM

When the proposal turned into the two of them eloping  – right then and there – she was too baffled to protest it – and somewhere deep inside her, she secretly wanted someone to sweep her off of her feet – to take control and let her know that she was the one and there was no point waiting.

She felt happy and bubbly – She loved Arnold and Arnold loved her – What else mattered, really?

02-22-21_10-52-47 AM

Robin had been watching the whole thing and felt a sudden urge for romance.
When Julien happened to be nearby she grabbed him for a kiss… and Julien, well… he kissed her right back.

02-22-21_10-58-48 AM

Back at home the two newly-weds were getting ready to celebrate their love and new status.

02-22-21_11-27-51 AM

Robin and Julien… well they had a bit too much of the sakura tea and ended up also woohooing all night long.

02-22-21_11-28-18 AM

Now, there’s no telling how this will end – not at this time, but let’s hope Robin and Julien don’t end up in too complicated a situation.

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ISBI 3.1 – So Long, Link!

– Grimm Idiots –

Score: +360 Points

There are a few things I feel I should try to fix in the Grimm family.
One being that Chip and Eric never really bonded.

I have them play a few games of chess and chat but it seems that Bellatrix has other plans with Eric…

eric_friend02-18-21_11-40-23 AM

She is flirty and approaches him with a big smile plastered on her face.
“Hey Handsome – Remember me?”
Eric looks at her – confused but also pleased with the flirtatious attention she’s giving him.
“Not really, but let’s change that…”

02-18-21_11-42-18 AM02-18-21_1-58-19 PM

… and so they did!

Bellatrix still has a lot of energy she feels like getting out of her system after the woohoo.
She’s punching that bag like there’s no tomorrow.

02-18-21_2-04-31 PMbella_tired

Eventually her energy runs low.

Eric is also low on energy and tries to fix it with coffee – luckily sadly the coffee-maker breaks while brewing his cups of ISBI-failures.

eric_tired02-18-21_11-48-10 AM

Link to the rescue!
However, by now Eric has found his bed and is sleeping soundly.

Chip gets prompted to pick his career branch.
Food Critic it is.


He’s now a Chow Chaser making 49§ an hour, and his work hours are pretty good.

To celebrate, Chip takes Link on a one-day fishing trip to Sulani. Since they share the same Aspiration, I figured I could at least try to have them both finish the first Milestone. Link had other plans and never even caught a fish.
Chip got his Milestone completed and both me and my Sims had a lovely day at the beach in Sulani.


Aspiration Milestone: +5 Points

I think Chip and Link were out a bit too late list night 😬
Link is in dire need of sleep when he arrives home from school… DIRE!


“Who needs sleep when there’s coffee?”
– You Link! You need sleep – Please go sleep!
*makes coffee*

link_coffee02-18-21_2-13-22 PM

I guess he finally realised I was right, but now it’s too late…


Pass Out: -5 Points

Later Cousin Lana and Cousin Maya stop by.
I think they sensed that there’s cake to be had later…

Chip and P1umB07 watches a movie with them while they wait for Link to finish his nap.

02-18-21_2-24-32 PM

It’s time!
Hopple Borfna, Link! Hopple Borfna!


Link’s last trait is Self-Absorbed, and he also got the Responsible character trait.

Positive Character Trait: +5 Points

02-18-21_2-33-28 PM

Lana and Maya singing and cheering while Bellatrix throws confetti.

Link got a little make-over – Joined the Gardening career and moved to Brindleton Bay.
His final score was +40 Points


Good luck with your life and please find a cute wife and make cousins for Chip’s future kids!

Score: +365 Points

Chip’s friend Jules Rico and his step-sister Bess [whom we met briefly in the last chapter] both got married.
Jules has married an alien I made for the Plumbobber CAS Game, named Ituxi


Bess has married a Spellcaster I made for @KitDragonFlight [Twitter]