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2.5 Bring Me Back to Life

Joe might be a childish goof at times – even infuriatingly cheerful but of course Saybia misses her husband. She spends some hours by his grave promising, again and again, to do everything within her powers to bring him back.

07-01-20_5-42-24 PM

During the night Rose manages to teach Archi to not wake up Sims and my heart breaks a little bit because Archi should probably be moving out to a new family since he finished his Lie Down training earlier in the day.

07-01-20_2-29-07 PM

I normally don’t activate the cheat that gives me control over pets but I’m curious to see if Archi is actually mourning Joe or if it’s just coincidence that he’s standing by the grave looking all mopey and sad.

07-01-20_2-32-28 PM

He has this moodlet and that is ultimately what makes me decide to keep Archi with the Randoms. They’ll have to bring in another pet to train and give up for adoption because I can’t bring myself to send this bunch of white pixels off to live with strangers 😥

He celebrates my decision by going inside and rolling in a puddle of water…

07-01-20_7-23-53 PM

… which I know he had already learned not to do. I guess this cements my decision even more – he just can’t be taught anything… silly dog ❤

The next day is Spooky Day and oh boy, does Rose have fun!

07-01-20_2-57-52 PM

The other kids enjoy the day as well even if Daisy does seem a bit spooked by this random Darth Vader walking through the dining room.

07-01-20_3-04-44 PM07-01-20_3-11-26 PM

Saybia spends Spooky Day perfecting her Gourmet Cooking skill so that she’ll be able to create the Ambrosia once she has all the ingredients. I guess being dressed as an astronaut while cooking can have its benefits – full-body protection against hot oil etc.

Rose’s day turns sour when Darrell Barrett beats her in My Sims Racing.

07-01-20_3-02-23 PM

She sure is a sore loser.

This might be one of Saybia’s proudest moments as a mother – all her four children doing homework together and she gets to play the proud homework conductor.

07-01-20_4-24-54 PM

If only Joe had been here to experience it too…

… and if only Joe had been here to help with all the broken toilets and showers.

07-01-20_3-52-02 PM

Vera tries her best to help out but honestly Vera, the biggest help would be if you stopped breaking the toilet in the first place.

Vera is a bit puzzled as to why Saybia hasn’t just asked Joe to move in – ghost or not he could still be a part of the family!?

Saybia has gotten something to think about but first, she needs to take care of Iris’ birthday.

07-01-20_4-43-29 PM07-01-20_4-46-25 PM

Late (too late on a school night – but sssh!) at night – so late that Rose has to be dragged out of bed – Iris gets to blow out the candles on the honey cake she requested as her birthday cake.

Oh my – she might be the prettiest and cutest Sim I’ve ever had born in-game. She’s even cuter than her mom.

07-01-20_5-13-22 PM

Her traits might not be what dreams are made of but oh well, her mother is a slob too so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Iris, like Rose, would like to have a Successful Lineage.

Before Joe returns to his resting place in the cold dirt Saybia approaches him with the suggestion about joining the household. He’s a bit sceptical at first and thinks it might be against some sort of rules.

07-01-20_5-43-08 PM

Saybia assures him that she has checked and that it seems to be perfectly okay for a ghost to return and live among the living.

07-01-20_5-47-58 PM

And so it is decided that Joe gets to return and live with his family as a ghost until the Ambrosia can be made at which point he’ll be back as a “real” Sim.

He is so happy about this new development that he autonomously proposes to Saybia which surprises me because it never really occurred to me that they would no longer be married after Joe died.

07-01-20_7-51-35 PM

Iris is happy to have her dad back and enjoys his company while eating breakfast.

07-01-20_7-35-04 PM

Rose is rarely happy about anything. I guess for a mean Sim to be living in such a generally cheerful household can take its toll on you.

07-01-20_7-36-38 PM07-01-20_7-40-48 PM

She complains to Daisy who doesn’t have time to listen to her rants. She just needed a little more motor skill to have completed her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Since Daisy has the Creative trait I have her do the Artistic Prodigy aspiration next.

Calyx has been working really hard on keeping up and a few hours later he finishes his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration too. Next up Social Butterfly.

07-01-20_7-52-50 PM

The next morning while checking in on the spliced plants in the garage I see that we have a death flower waiting to be picked.

07-01-20_7-47-48 PM

07-01-20_8-07-54 PM
Sorry, little Angel Fish – Your time is up!

Time to put those maxed cooking skills to good use.
Saybia is a bit nervous – this thing better not catch on fire!

07-01-20_8-10-58 PM

She makes a Key Lime Pie for the rest of the family and brings out a batch of her best Dahlia Kombucha for the celebration.

07-01-20_8-30-18 PM

Joe eats his Ambrosia – he doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the taste even if I can’t imagine it tasting all that good.

After having finished his serving of Ambrosia he feels a strange sensation running through his ghostly body. He floats upwards while purple glow surrounds him.

07-01-20_8-32-55 PM07-01-20_8-33-31 PM

The rest of the family doesn’t seem to notice the miracle that just happened but Joe doesn’t care – he just very happy to be back for real. His smug smile says it all.

The next day our teenage girls invite over a couple of their friends for a game of Harnocks Battle (Harry Potter inspired CC by MLys)

07-02-20_2-51-45 PM

When the game is over and the boys have gone home Rose starts yelling at Iris…

07-02-20_2-28-47 PM

I think we have to step back to when Darrell first arrived earlier in the afternoon to find out what is going on.
He spent an awful lot of time talking to Iris leaving Rose feeling a little bit forlorn.

07-02-20_2-50-08 PM

I hope these two girls who used to be the best of friends don’t end up fighting over boys…

Luckily things are still good between Daisy and Calyx.

07-02-20_2-59-51 PM

Calyx even asks Daisy to become his best friend to which she happily agrees – just as her birthday notification pops up.

What was supposed to be a nice evening with the family and homebaked goods is about to be ruined by Rose and Iris arguing… again.

07-02-20_3-12-55 PM

Rose, with her Mean trait, is the instigator every time and no amount of disciplining from Joe and Saybia seems to deter her from keeping at it. Teenage girls – so infuriating at times!!!

…and we’re about to have one more of them.

07-02-20_3-20-18 PM

Daisy stays up all night to get the last creativity skills needed for her aspiration. She can take the day off from school tomorrow if needed.


I didn’t know that Stylists can use their Trending Style-Board to infuse their clothes with moods – pretty cool feature IMO.

07-01-20_4-08-44 PM

As you have already seen during this chapter Rieko and Jared’s oldest son has aged up to a teen. From left to right: Rieko, Carlton holding Peanut, Jared and Darrell.


The Ward-Heckings have also had birthdays to celebrate. Dewayne, Emerson and Abram are now teens and Paulina has aged up into a child. From left to right: Abram, Dewayne, Kingston, Estrella, Emerson and Paulina.


I thought some of you might like to see what happened to James Turner, whom Saybia had a flirt going with during her time at Britechester. He married a lovely lady named Taylor. The two of them had three children. James is an Elder now. From left to right: Blaire, Zackary, James, Taylor, Kyler. Zackary and Kyler are twins.


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2.4 So Long, Joe!

Daisy starts the week by telling Calyx about how she’ll be a big girl in just a matter of hours. Calyx doesn’t really understand but hopes his favourite sister will still play with him even if she’s a big girl.

06-30-20_11-24-46 AM

Maybe for the first time ever, I remember to change the birthday Sim into their set of formal clothes.

06-30-20_11-40-15 AM06-30-20_11-56-14 AM

Daisy is creative but she probably can’t sit still long enough to draw and paint since she’s also a rambunctious scamp who likes to play football and play on the monkey bars.

Rose has entered the picky eater phase – I don’t mind since she gets to eat whatever the other Sims get. She’ll just have to get through it. Sorry, not sorry!

06-30-20_11-19-14 AM

While all the girls are at school Joe and Calyx spend some time together.

06-30-20_2-47-28 PM

Joe is not so strict with the meals as I am so he finds himself and Calyx some cookies for breakfast.

So the two of them and their sugar trip take to the garden where they play and play. This is wonderful for Calyx’ movement skill since he’s mostly been sitting on his bum playing SimShape on the slablet and talking to Daisy.

06-30-20_1-57-27 PM

Daisy had a great first day of school.
Iris didn’t have such a great time it seems… poor girl.

06-30-20_2-07-47 PM06-30-20_2-12-40 PM

She takes Archi for a walk while she cools off. They both seem to enjoy their little trip around Sable Square.

In the evening Saybia takes the girl to visit the park down the street. Daisy needed to play on the jungle gym for her aspiration…

06-30-20_2-23-24 PM06-30-20_2-25-26 PM

… and Saybia needed to talk to some Sims about fashion as part of her job. These two fellows seem to have a trend of sorts going so they become Saybia’s victims for a fashion interview.

Training Archi is… well, it’s ongoing. (A/N: I have Spanish Greyhounds (Galgos) myself, whom I got when they were a few years old. I’m telling you this sort of dog has too much cat attitude in them to be taught anything they are not interested in learning. They are very clever but also very laid back and if they don’t see a point in something they just don’t bother – energy conservation at it’s finest)

06-30-20_11-29-23 AM06-30-20_2-32-19 PM

Eventually, Archi seems to get the No Play in Puddles deal but he does need a bath after having rolled in pee once again.

06-30-20_3-15-27 PM

At least he seems to enjoy the bath.
I guess once he finishes his Lay Down training he’ll have to move to another family 😦

An Eco-Inspector (or whatever her title was) shows up to tell us that we’re not in compliance with some of the NAPs.

06-30-20_1-59-57 PM

Well, you see lady… I just picked the ones that seemed to be less annoying so we’re not actually doing anything to fulfil any of them. Seeing that it’s only two of them that we’re getting punished for is quite nice.

Oh no, we all know what this means…
(A/N: Joe didn’t get a call so he was cut out of the picture because this looked better than having his flirty and happy face there also)


Saybia was sleeping in after a hard night of gardening when she got the call that her dad passed away.

06-30-20_2-52-35 PM06-30-20_3-00-00 PM

His gravestone was fetched so that it could be placed next to Vera’s. The two of them should get to be together now that they have endured a life of not being allowed to.

Today was supposed to be a day of celebration because it’s time for Calyx to celebrate his birthday.

06-30-20_4-30-40 PM

Luckily it seems his happiness is overpowering the sadness so his birthday actually turns out to be a decent experience.

06-30-20_4-47-22 PM

The girls just can’t be bothered with another birthday so they get up to leave just as Calyx blows out the candles on his cake. Rude!

Calyx grows up to have the Erratic trait. Maybe the message of his grandfather’s passing was too much for him or maybe he’s just a bit more like Vera than any of the other kids.

06-30-20_5-01-57 PM

He gets to pair his erratic behaviour with oodles of energy. Good thing his favourite sister and him share their aspiration so that they can burn some energy together.

Speaking of aspirations – The kids better actually start working on them.
Iris practices on her violin the entire afternoon and evening.

06-30-20_5-47-11 PM

Daisy and Calyx play soccer and hang out on the monkey bars most of the day.

06-30-20_5-28-26 PM

It’s probably because of a mod that my Sim kids gain anything from playing with the soccer ball. I seem to remember something along those lines.

Rose is working on her mental skill.

06-30-20_3-49-12 PM

… and she continues to work on it the next day.

06-30-20_5-45-40 PM

She gets a notification that she needs to celebrate her birthday within the next 24 hours. Oh Plum, she’s in a hurry with her aspiration then…

Joe has misunderstood something and stays out there to finish her project when Rose has to turn in for the night. He thinks it’s the project that needed to get done in time so he decides to surprise Rose by having it finished when she wakes up in the morning.

06-30-20_6-03-35 PM

While he sits out on the lawn the rain and thunder roll in from the sea…

(A/N: Yes I totally cheated this… He needed to die, and he has refused to do so even if he has repaired all the electronics, run around outside every time there was a thunderstorm and mind you this is Brindleton Bay so that means every other day during the summer.)

06-30-20_6-05-06 PM06-30-20_6-05-40 PM

Vera was having one of her rain-showers and got a good view of what happened. I’m not sure Joe wanted to see naked ghost-Vera as his last memory of life in SimNation but well… can’t change that now.

Grim is such an odd fellow. After having collected Joe’s light (supervised by Archi) he proceeds to smash the dollhouse in Iris’ room and then floats outside to rummage through the trash.

Saybia wakes up with a horrible feeling that something is wrong… and she finds Joe’s gravestone in the garden.

06-30-20_6-19-17 PM06-30-20_6-24-49 PM

Rose is devastated but decides that Joe’s efforts should not be in vain and she completes her school project and then gives it to Joe.

Inside the garage, Saybia waters her orchids with tears.

06-30-20_7-05-08 PM

It’s a good thing Vera started this project long ago so that Joe can hopefully be brought back to life soon.

With minutes to spare, Rose manages to finish her aspiration.

06-30-20_6-31-35 PM06-30-20_6-33-35 PM

She blows out the candles on the yummy-looking strawberry cake…

06-30-20_6-55-47 PM

… and grows up to be an intelligent, mean girl with a good appetite for life. I don’t know if she’ll succeed with her rather bad attitude but her lifetime wish is to have a Succesful Linage.


I figured some of you might want to see how the Ward-Heckings and the Barretts are doing.

Estrella and Kingston have had four children. Three boys and a girl. From left to right:
Abram, Dewayne, Kingston holding Paulina, Estrella and Emerson.
Dewayne and Emerson are twins – both with the Evil trait. Yikes!


Jared and Rieko have had two boys. From left to right:
Carlton being held by Rieko, Jared and Darrell holding their cat, Peanut.


I don’t know if you remember this notification from a few chapters back…


… but yes, Jared does have a secret child somewhere.

Lucia Rowan gave birth to a girl shortly after that notification. From left to right:
Lucia Rowan holding Jonathan Rowan and Wendy Rowan, who is the daughter of Jared. She also has the Evil trait just like Kingston and Estrella’s twins.


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2.3 Cycle of Life

Vera is a paranoid Sim and has decided she wants to help prepare for disaster. She has read that having angelfish on hand is quite important along with a handful of different flowers and fruits.

Since she’s so keen on this project I send her out fishing – and a few hours later I find her like this. Vera… you were supposed to be fishing!

06-28-20_4-59-01 PM

At home, Rose and Iris meet their new little sister – which isn’t exactly a roaring success.

06-28-20_4-55-55 PM06-28-20_5-01-53 PM

None of them wants anything to do with little Daisy.

Upstairs Joe is showing off some of his lifeguard moves to Saybia who is mighty impressed and decides to reward Joe with some woohoo for this show of manly manliness.

06-28-20_5-13-34 PM

The next morning Saybia is visited by a familiar feeling so she takes a pregnancy test.
Sure enough – she’s eating for two.

06-28-20_5-23-28 PM

Joe seems to be both impressed and in mild disbelief when Saybia breaks the news to him.

06-28-20_5-25-23 PM06-28-20_5-26-33 PM

Despite his disbelief, Joe is very happy and gives Saybia a big bear hug – and whispers to her that this is the last one, right?!
Indeed, this is the last pregnancy for this generation – I think we are all quite happy about that.

There’s more cause for celebration on this day since it’s Rose’s birthday.

06-28-20_5-44-19 PMrose_random

She rolls the Glutton trait and besides having a good appetite she also likes to play chess and do science stuff. I think she’ll grow up to look mostly like Joe.

Friends are invited to celebrate Rose. It’s good to see the old gang – unfortunately, they didn’t bring their kids so that Rose could meet them.

06-28-20_5-56-58 PM

I’m already getting a little bit stressed by all the birthdays since it’s Joe’s Adult birthday the very next day. Kingston and Greg Roswell drop by to celebrate him.

06-29-20_9-20-50 AM

Joe gets a birthday gift from Saybia – that he never uses since it’s Saybia that has taken up a new hobby. The Randoms will be getting a huge garden in the future so Saybia thought they might as well produce some Juice, Fizz and Kambucha from all the produce since selling it is against the rules.

06-29-20_9-27-00 AM

Saybia finds a few apples in the fridge and tries out the new wonder right away.

It’s time for Daisy to grow up – time flies and if my Sims feel stressed it’s nothing compared to how I feel. Why do I torture myself with challenges where I inevitably end up with a full household?

06-28-20_8-15-33 PM

Congratulations Daisy – No party since we just had two of them!

daisy_random06-28-20_8-37-20 PM06-28-20_8-37-45 PM

One of Joe’s parents must have had blonde hair (according to The Plumbobber that I use to roll for traits, looks, etc). She’s quite cute and I love that she’s independent – no need to potty train her. Hurrah!

In the evening Saybia goes into labour – or maybe it’s the evening after Daisy’s birthday. I can’t remember since it’s a bit of a blur.

06-29-20_9-39-57 AM06-29-20_9-43-32 AM

It’s the first (and only) boy of this generation. Welcome to the craze, Calyx!
Saybia looks like she’s relieved this was the last one – I don’t blame her.

Vera finds time to go fishing again. This time I send her to Willow Creek where she catches the angelfish she needs for this project she has started but most likely will not get to see to the end.

06-28-20_7-34-08 PM

The temperature rises and she changes into her summer dress before heading out to look for cherries and lilies.

06-28-20_8-46-49 PM06-28-20_8-43-44 PM

With a bit of help from online guides and by asking for directions she finds what she’s looking for and can head home again.

Saybia plants the cherries and lilies and whichever other seeds they have stored away. In the end, she buys some extra seeds to get more variety in the garden.

06-28-20_5-35-37 PM

She ends up spending the entire evening planting and watering their new garden.

The Foster Pet Project isn’t going too well these days – too many other things going on. Also, our current Foster Pet is not a prime subject when it comes to obedience training etc.
Archi is a bit of pig…

06-29-20_2-39-19 PM06-29-20_9-04-34 AM

… and he’s also rather clueless (which is a good thing because I don’t really want to give him away).

It’s not from lack of trying that he hasn’t let go of most of his misbehaviours, he just too stubborn to care about stuff like that.

06-28-20_5-04-35 PM

After a lot of explaining he finally learns to not bark at Sims. He is rewarded with a nice brushing and some kisses.

Iris and Daisy chat about today’s big event.

06-29-20_10-22-04 AM

It’s Iris’ birthday!

06-29-20_10-39-32 AMiris_random

She rolls the Lazy trait, which suits her creativity nicely. She should feel quite happy sitting still for hours while drawing. her eyes make her look a lot like Saybia but other than that it’s hard to tell how she’ll end up looking.

It’s raining so Rose and Iris spend most of the day inside playing games.

06-29-20_11-17-19 AM

It’s the end of the week and it’s time for Calyx to age up.

06-29-20_11-38-55 AMcalyx_random

Calyx gets the Angelic trait and he has the same eye colour as Vera.
I’ll admit that at first, he rolled the Silly trait but I’ve started ignoring that one recently since toddlers with that trait always end up killing their parents in my game. I just can’t be bothered with it at the moment.

It’s a cloudy but very hot day and the family is spending time in the garden playing with the sprinkler, BBQ’ing and just enjoying their time together.

06-29-20_2-29-18 PM

Vera, Calyx and Daisy have a lot of fun with the sprinkler.

…and yes, it was very much to give Vera a nice final day with her family.

06-29-20_2-42-51 PM

In the evening she salutes her Watcher (me) and whoever else might have been following her adventures. She has no complaints – her life was full of adventure and love and she is confident that her family will live on for generations to come.

Even if Vera is not too worried about this next chapter of her life the rest of the family doesn’t really feel the same way. Saybia is, of course, devastated and Archi won’t stop whining. It’s quite sad.

06-29-20_2-44-17 PM

Vera’s grave is set up at a nice spot in the garden – where there are flowers and lots of traffic from her beloved family. She’ll be able to keep an eye on them still.

06-29-20_2-49-47 PM

Archi spends the most time mourning Vera’s passing – he seems to be a sensitive fellow.

The end of this chapter should not end on such a sad note and so this little notification should bring a little sunshine. Thanks to MCCC the two first dogs whom the Randoms trained are going to have puppies.


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2.2 Perpetually Pregnant

A/N: You’ll have to excuse this chapter. To me, it feels messy and the timeline seems off but with the screenshots etc I have this seems to be the right order of things.

Saybia felt like she had just given birth to Rose when morning sickness and a pregnancy test showed she was already pregnant again.


Joe was, of course, happy to hear the news once again – he was so happy that he agreed to have Saybia give him a make-over to go with his job. He has already reached the top of the Lifeguard career which he joined the same day as he moved in with Saybia and Vera.


So here is Joe’s new look – Beach-Bum Lifeguard!
I can’t help but think it must be a cold and unpleasant job to have in Brindleton Bay – maybe he commutes to Sulani every day?

Because of his work schedule, Joe has lots of time on his hands so he’s been tasked with finding and adopting pets to educate and train.

05-20-20_4-31-43 PM

This is Whisper – a mixed breed of sorts with a very high IQ as it turns out.
(A/N: The first two dogs (Opie and Whisper) I had to give them via random rolls in CAS because my game wasn’t generating any strays – It was fixed when I updated a few of my mods)

Flower Day came around while Rose was too little to enjoy the visit form Flower Bunny and Saybia too pregnant to care.

05-08-20_10-09-50 PM

Flower Bunny spent most of the day just wandering around throwing flowers everywhere.

Whisper learned a lot in just a matter of days – When she was ready to move to a new family she had learned not to bark at sims, not to drink from puddles and not to roll in puddles – besides that she had learned to sit and speak on command – and Saybia reached Pet Training level 5.


A nice couple living in Brindleton Bay were the lucky family to adopt Whisper.


The Abernathy’s live at the big Hound’s Head Mansion near the beach so Whisper will have plenty of rooms to run around and dig up bones etc. Have a happy life!

So, as you can see in the above image of Whisper transferring household Rose is already a Toddler and a little nooboo has been added too – but that’s because everything sort of happened on top of each other for the next few events. I just placed the adoption of Whisper up with the rest of the stuff about her.

Saybia got invited to a party by her good friend Tamika Goth.
Before they even got to set foot inside Saybia went into labour and wasn’t really feeling up to dancing and mingling with the rest of the party guests…


… so she went home and gave birth (in her office because that’s where the bassinet is – it’s just easier than having it in a room upstairs)


Welcome to the world, little Iris.

And well, yes… I forgot Rose’s birthday and she aged up just minutes after Iris being born


Rose is a little independent lady who can’t handle her sugar…
Her favourite colours are red and green.

She likes bubble baths and stories…

bathing_rose05-27-20_8-00-15 PM

… and her new room.
(A/N: Decorating a room in red and green and not ending up with something Christmassy is bloody hard – lol)

Yup, it’s early morning the next day and Saybia has just taken a pregnancy test…


Joe is once again very happy to hear the news.

He decides that it’s also time to adopt a new stray and goes to the beach to look for one.

05-27-20_6-50-03 PM

(A/N: Okay, so those of you who know a little about me will think I cheated to get a greyhound to spawn for this… I swear I didn’t!)

Joe ran into a nice light grey, or possibly dirty white, dog named Archimedes – how he knew the name of a stray is beyond me, but hey… it’s the Sims!

The two of them soon became good friends – with the help of a lot of treats – and Archi(medes) was adopted into the family.


The first thing he did after arriving home and having been given his blue collar was to go drink from the toilet – lovely!
When Joe tried to teach him not to Archi just ignored it and went on his merry way to locate a nice place for a nap… I guess we’ll have Archi for a longer time than we had Whisper >.<

Nothing much happened in the next couple of days.

And so, the next thing that pops up is Iris’ Birthday notification.


Iris is Inquisitive and loves the colours Purple and Pink.

She’s not into bathing – as this is her reaction when Vera wants to give her one…


Vera decides to leave that battle for either and Joe or Saybia and watches cartoons with Iris instead.

(A/N: It’s actually quite funny that Iris doesn’t want a bath because one of her future traits will be Slob (I use the Plumbobber to determine these things at birth)).

05-27-20_8-06-10 PM

Iris gets a room in mostly purple and pink – she seems quite satisfied with it and the story Joe is reading her.

Vera is spending time at her listening stations listening in on some of the bugs she’s planted on unsuspecting Sims over the last couple of weeks.


It seems that Jared thinks he has a secret child somewhere in SimNation – when I checked I didn’t find one but for the fun of it I used MCCC to make this come true in the future.

I’m still confused by the timeline here but it seems it’s almost Rose’s Birthday and Joe talks to her about her birthday wishes.


Joe hopes the new little nooboo will be born before the birthday…

05-27-20_9-09-18 PM

So does Saybia – even Archi seems to be wondering when this new little playmate will be born.

05-27-20_8-52-33 PM

A very tired Saybia heads for bed and just as she’s about to spin into her sleepwear she goes into labour.


She’s too tired to stay up and take care of the new nooboo.
Vera is woken up and goes to give her third granddaughter a bottle and some cuddles.

05-27-20_5-24-41 PM

Welcome to the world, little Daisy!


A little for the EXTRAS section!


Saybia’s friends’ children have been ageing up as well 😀

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2.1 Moving, Marrying and All That

One thing Saybia was sure about when finishing up at the university was that she was not going to raise a big family in the tiny trailer back in StrangerVille – No matter how much she loved the place it just wouldn’t work.

The hard part would be convincing Vera to move…

Saybia had found a perfect house in Brindleton Bay – one with lots of room for children and pets – fresh air in abundance and what seemed to be a nice neighbourhood.
(The house comes furnished and landscaped if you download it from BettyBackwoods99 – I just had to buy it unfurnished etc for Vera and Saybia to afford it)

Generation By The Cape by BettyBackwoods99

It even had its own annexe in the backyard that could be turned into a mini apartment for Vera.

With Saybia’s salary, signing bonus and the simoleons Vera had saved over the years they would be able to afford the house – with only a few simoleons left for the most essential furnishing.

Saybia put her plan into work…
She arranged with the real estate agent that she could put a few items into the little building out back – to help sell the idea as she put it.

05-08-20_11-26-34 AM

It worked.
Vera felt right at home as soon as she saw the listening station and the StrangerVille posters.

She was happy to tell Saybia that she would be looking forward to the move.

05-08-20_12-09-14 PM

And so, Vera and Saybia moved to Brindleton Bay – into a gigantic house with an annexe bigger than the trailer they used to live in.

Remember Joe Booker?
Saybia did – and she had heard that he broke up with his girlfriend a while ago – something with her having an affair and falling pregnant with twins from it.

05-08-20_1-15-08 PM

Joe loved the idea of going on a date – and so they did.

05-08-20_1-02-45 PM05-08-20_1-09-27 PM

It went very well and they ended the date by becoming boy/girlfriends.

The next day Joe moved in and went on a hike around Brindleton Bay to get to know the area.

05-08-20_4-26-48 PM05-08-20_4-42-50 PM

He brought home a new friend whom he had found scavenging for food on the beach.
Meet Opie – the first dog to be adopted and trained by the Randoms.

The next morning, along with some StrangerVille fanmail and a notice about Vera’s upcoming birthday we also got a dying mail carrier – great!


The death of the mail carrier prompted the Attractiveness System in WickedWhims to notify me that Vera finds Grim Reaper to be an absolutely gorgeous guy… hmm. A bit too early to be flirting with death, don’t you think, Vera?

Well, time flies and we’ve got a lot to do in this generation, so let’s get a move on!

If you’re wondering about the odd location for a proposal it was because I was trying to get Vera to take pictures of it – on request from Joe.


Saybia said yes, of course – and she and Joe went to celebrate the deal on their not so comfy air mattress.


The next day friends and family were invited over to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
Rieko was pregnant…

05-08-20_2-35-59 PM05-08-20_2-36-51 PM

… and so was Estrella.
Would you look at that smug smile on Joe’s face – almost as if it’s his doing. LOL

The next day Saybia felt like she might have had one too many drinks during the party – and just as she got messages from both Estrella and Rieko about the birth of their sons Saybia had to throw up…


She took a shower- and a pregnancy test – because come to think of it, there was a good chance she might actually be pregnant.

She was – and Joe…

05-08-20_4-03-19 PMbig_news

… was extremely happy to hear the news.
Maybe it’s his childish trait making him so keen on having children?!

It seems like I forgot to celebrate Vera’s Elder Birthday – shame on me for that one!


Making it up to her by inviting over Tomas so the two of them can have some fun on Love Day…

… while Saybia and Joe are out on a date.


I’m pretty sure they ended up eloping on this date but since my screenshots of this first period of playtime is a mess I’m actually not sure. I just know that at some point they got married and it was probably during this date…

Saybia took Dog Training classes at Uni so Opie is in good hands – and he’s a smart dog too so he’s learning really fast.

05-08-20_5-35-41 PM

His training is also boosted by the Traning Ground lot trait so in a matter of days he had learned a few neat tricks and also unlearned enough misbehaviours to move to a new family. He became the new family members at the Goth household where Saybia is friends with the wife, Tamika.

All the bending over and crawling around on the floor while training Opie had Saybia go into labour.

05-08-20_6-04-04 PM05-08-20_6-05-32 PM

… Welcome to the world, little Rose Random!

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Generation 2 – The Rolls!

Marital Status: Couple

Married or not doesn’t matter – but they must live together as a couple.

Number of Children: 4

Career Primary Sim: Stylist

No additional money-making opportunities

Career Secondary Sim: Lifeguard

No additional money-making opportunities

Generation Goal: Bring Me Back to Life

At some point during this generation, one of the family members (teen-elder) will have a terrible accident… of your choice of course. After Grim has done his duty have the remaining family members work towards having the poor soul rejoin the family and resurrect them.

Miscellaneous Fun: Foster Pets

From the start of this generation to the time the next generation’s heir takes over you must have a pet in the house that you are actively training daily to encourage someone to adopt it. Once the pet has trained away at least 3 misbehaviours like drinking or rolling in pee puddles and has learned some tricks (if it’s a dog) you will choose a family to “adopt” them via manage worlds.

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In-Between: Uni Years

It is time for Saybia to grow up – or, well – turn into a Young Adult at least.
After her transition, I turned ageing off in my game – and that is ofc against the rules. Hear me out though…


Saybia and her friends are going to study at university. I consider these years in a Sim’s life to be sort of a time-pocket where the world around them is at a stand-still and they are so focused on uni-life that time feels and acts differently.
Also, no matter how I did my calculations they would end up spending way too many years in uni compared to what is realistic for future gameplay.

Jared was the last of our gang of four to age up – they celebrated him at the Humor and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno.

05-05-20_7-29-37 PM

Since Estrella lived in a giant mansion with only a housekeeper to keep her company she suggested they all moved into her home during the summer.


The friendship among the four grew stronger while they partied and waited for their acceptance letters from uni. They had all decided to go to Britechester.
Saybia would be studying fine arts, Kingston had decided on economics and both Estrella and Jared wanted to dive into culinary arts.

Finally, on one of Del Sol Valley’s beautiful summer mornings, the acceptance letters arrived.


Saybia was thrilled – she had worked hard enough on her skills to get into the distinguished programme.

The four of them decided to rent a house near the University of Britechester.

05-05-20_9-01-34 PM

It had enough room for five so they decided to put out an ad for an extra roommate.

Saybia started out strong – Lots of classes and time spent studying

05-05-20_9-21-42 PM05-05-20_9-34-54 PM

She wanted to be sure she got the most out of her time at uni…

Kingston reminded her that being at uni was ofc meant to improve your skills and give you a good degree but it was also about having fun and meeting new Sims

Saybia tried to relax a bit and started noticing differences in the feelings she had for Kingston…

05-05-20_9-14-05 PM05-05-20_9-23-32 PM

She also noticed that something seemed to be going on between Estrella and Jared.

Then Rieko Nakamura moved in as their new roommate.
Rieko is a foreign exchange student from Shang Simla – studying language and literature (they deducted from snooping through the books she was piling up in her room).

05-06-20_8-50-21 PM05-07-20_12-57-35 PM

She didn’t understand a word of standard simlish and her behaviour was quite odd. The four of them put it down to cultural differences…

Jared found Rieko to be very intriguing… he really liked the way she would look at him while he completely failed at charming her…

05-05-20_9-08-32 PM05-06-20_8-32-00 PM

…and the way she would look away from him, pretending he wasn’t even there when he was telling her stories about his soccer team practice and whatnot.

Estrella was quick to realize that she and Jared would be going nowhere, fast – and so instead started spending a lot of time with Kingston – not because she wanted to move in on what she deemed to be Saybia’s “territory” but the two of them just really clicked and they had time off during the same afternoons.

05-05-20_9-55-02 PM

Eventually, Kingston made the first move…

05-06-20_10-23-16 PM05-06-20_10-24-01 PM

… and even if Estrella had her doubts, she just couldn’t help but fall for his quirky charm.

Saybia tried her best to move on, to not feel disappointed.
First, she tried dating Grady Davenport… but well, they didn’t have much to talk about

05-06-20_10-34-57 PM05-07-20_7-27-56 PM

Then she met Joe Booker at a bar. She really liked him, but he was already dating someone else and so he never called back…

Stetson Rollins was an older guy that had it all and wanted more – in the form of Saybia, and the bartender and of the female professors. When he got the local bartender pregnant with twins Saybia broke it off with him…

05-05-20_10-55-45 PM

Saybia met James Turner (yes that James Turner! My MCCC is set to fetch townies from my library instead of creating random ones and I have his Simself in there – lol)

Saybia and James were a thing throughout the rest of uni but never made it official – they just liked hanging out together. They both knew it wasn’t going to last – they were more friends than lovers.

05-07-20_1-10-08 PM

Finding time to develop a serious relationship with a girl who does not understand a word you’re saying while also juggling studies and soccer practice was tough but Jared was more than determined – he wanted Rieko!

05-07-20_1-42-16 PM

You never go wrong with red roses, Jared thought to himself before presenting it to Rieko…


… and he was right!

Estrella and Kingston felt inspired by this new development between Jared and Rieko and agreed that if two Sims who can’t even have a real conversation can make it work so could they.


Time flies when you’re busy and having fun in between studies and exams.
Before long the four friends found themselves nearing the end of their last term.

Estrella and Kingston were the first to elope – surrounded by beautiful historical buildings and frosty air.

05-07-20_9-47-46 PMkingstön_estrella_married

For a second Kingston seemed to regret not inviting his dads and his sister and having a proper wedding ceremony but it was soon forgotten.

In the evening Jared and Rieko found themselves by the stream running through the backyard.


It was a frosty and clear night with the stars as the only witnesses when the two of them eloped – and just in time too because Rieko was about to leave for Shang Simla in a few days – crisis averted.

Meanwhile, Saybia and James decided to just be friends- their relationship wasn’t going to ever turn into one where they would want kids and a house together.

05-07-20_7-51-33 PM

No hard feelings – they both had lots of fun and gained a good friend from their adventures.

A few days later is was graduation day!

05-07-20_10-13-19 PM

Saybia, of course, graduated with honours… her friends, well they graduated…


Rieko Nakamura created by Anotherplumbob as part of College Students*
Grady Davenport created by RebelCreator1 as part of Fraternity Boys
Joe Booker created by Aimzillal as part of Base Game Only Townies
James Turner created by TheSimSupply *NEW* Hottest Guy!
Stetson Rollins created by me as part of Teen Townies

*Contains CC so it can’t be found in the Online Gallery

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1.8 Time to Fight!

Vera has been so busy with saving StrangerVille that her fame has started to fade away – to no concern of hers whatsoever.


What does concern Vera is that she has to recruit some Sims to help her out with that gigantic weed in the lab basement. Who will be willing to risk their short life on something like that?

Before any of that really becomes relevant Vera needs to create some vaccines for whoever gets recruited. It seems it’s near impossible to find more hazmat suits in all of SimNation so vaccines are the way to go.

12-17-19_5-38-42 PM

Outside the lab, Vera spends a few minutes swearing at the crazy lightning storms that are haunting the area.

Once she’s safely inside she re-creates the good vaccine, she made a few days before. Amazing that she can remember how to do it.


Now, to find some Sims willing to risk their lives for the cause.

Saybia is the first to volunteer but Vera is having none of it.

12-17-19_5-24-57 PM

“No! I’m not risking the life of my only child on this… you HAVE to understand that!” Vera is practically shouting at Saybia. “Besides, you don’t have the right equipment!” Vera is sure that’s the winning argument and that she’ll hear no more from Saybia regarding volunteering.

She’s in for quite a surprise the next day when Saybia shows up in a full set of conspiracy theorist gear – colander hat and all.

12-17-19_5-52-24 PM

“I’m ready now! – You can’t stop me from helping. StrangerVille is my home and I want to save it just as much as you do!” Saybia’s determination leaves no room for arguments and Vera accepts her help.

“Okay – close your eyes or this might sting and burn…” *SPLASH*


Saybia gets her vaccine and is ready to go fight the gigantic weed.

Next to be recruited is Yuki. The scientist in her is too curious to be left behind on something as important as this…

12-17-19_6-00-05 PM12-17-19_5-58-55 PM

Last, but not least Tomas is recruited for the cause… or maybe it’s more correct to say he was guilted into joining. Vera made sure to mention his brave daughter and her future when asking him to join…

Somehow, I got the feeling that Vera really enjoyed splashing that vaccine in Tomas’ face.

Okay, here we go!

12-17-19_6-08-43 PM12-17-19_6-09-32 PM

The door opens with a sound that sounds an awful lot like a deep and annoyed sigh. Purple miasma floods the hallway and our team of reluctant heroes hesitate a second or two before running to their fighting positions.

Vera, again, chooses to fight the problem head on and positions herself firmly on the little platform right beneath the head… mouth? of the enormous weed-thing AKA ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř.

12-17-19_6-16-22 PM

I wonder if gardening skill might help here… It sure looks like they have all been equipped with super-soakers filled with Roundup.

Vera orders a CHARGE! and everyone gives all they’ve got…


Saybia might be young but she’s no doubt a valuable member of the team. Her skills from fighting bosses in video games might have helped her keep focus.

… Vera waits until ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř is almost done and then she throws the last batch of the vaccine at her.


They did it! – and I had to laugh when at the same moment as ŦĦ€ ΜØŦĦ€Ř died MCCC gave me a notification that Judith Ward had died – Vera’s Sim enemy and poor Estrella’s mother!

Congratulations Vera and StrangerVille!

victory12-17-19_6-22-07 PM

Time for celebrations and hugs – and Yuki left before anyone had a chance to thank her for helping.

Vera has completed her aspiration and the Generational Goal: Doomsday Preppers for the challenge.


Her prize is a hideous plant sculpture and knowing that StrangerVille is safe. Of course, she also gets fan mail – which is mostly lumps of clay. Thanks, fans!

Time to focus on getting maxing the charisma skill and getting that last promotion, which Vera does the next day.


Congratulations Vera! Spin Doctor Extraordinaire!

Saybia also has time to focus a little more on her school work and soon earns an A for her efforts – and a notice from the two universities in Britechester.


Saybia has been thinking about getting a degree – perhaps in Art History.
She applies for a couple of scholarships and is quite annoyed that despite her helping save StrangerVille she doesn’t get the StrangerVille Resident scholarship.

She does get the Future Star scholarship and a couple of notices about birthdays. Her dad is now an Elder and she herself will become a Young Adult within 24 hours.

Saybia makes the most of those 24 hours.
She volunteers at the local nursing home – and gets mighty bored from it but it earned her the last bit for her compassionate trait.


Luckily you can volunteer at any time of the days so Saybia was up before the crack of dawn to have fun with the elders – leaving enough time for her to also celebrate the Big Summer Blowout holiday with her friends.

Since all of them want to attend university they decide on a round of juice pong at the local bar in Britechester – to sort of get a feel for the area and all.

12-17-19_9-16-23 PMsummerfest

Next, they visit the Newcrest Public Pool where they have fun swimming and… Kingston you dork! Yes, it’s raining but… you’re at the pool!!

What a beautiful day and what a great way to end your teenage years.

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1.7 A Birthday and A Dire Discovery

It is time to celebrate Saybia’s birthday and what better way than with a visit to the Humour and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno?! Also, Vera has a job task that requires her to prank 5 Sims at the festival so yes, she has ulterior motives for celebrating the birthday at the festival.


She has asked Tomas to meet them at the festival – He looks like he wasn’t expecting Vera to bring that many kids but what is a birthday party without your best friends?

Vera has brought a chocolate cake and Saybia wastes no time. She is really looking forward to becoming a teenager. (A/N: You’ll have to excuse the bad lighting but it was rather dark at the festival – I think they forgot to turn on the light for the first half of the evening)


Make a wish, Saybia!!

...and so she did and then aged up to a beautiful teenager with the Slob trait – yay!


Besides being a kleptomaniac slob Saybia also finished two childhood aspirations, earning her the Creatively Gifted, and the Socially Gifted traits.

Saybia soon discovers that being a teenager is difficult – and Vera learns that having a teenager in the house is hard and frustrating.


“Come on, Saybia – you’ve only been a teenager for 3 hours and you’re already having a mental breakdown?!” Saybia was SO ready to get some sleep but she couldn’t leave Saybia crying alone in the dark.

I guess that maybe Saybia was sad that her friends didn’t age up with her or something…

Everything was back to normal the next day.
Saybia had a great day at school where she helped a friend cheat on a test and got a small boost to her own performance for it… sweet!


To help Saybia with her emotional control, she gets an easel and a diary. Vera is hoping that Saybia can paint and write her way out of any further breakdowns.
It seems to be working already.

Vera is also working on bettering herself.


The only thing keeping her from a promotion is that her charisma is not quite high enough. It’s been slow progress lately because some of Vera’s older friends have started dying off and it has left Vera in somewhat of a bad mood.

It has also made Vera realise that she won’t have forever to solve the problems in StrangerVille so she decides to get a move on.

Vera needs to figure out how to get her hands on a hazmat suit and figures that the Curio Shop might have one for sale – they DO sell all sorts other strange things so why not a hazmat suit?


The lady at the shop tells Vera that they do indeed have one but it’s missing a spore filter – all the while she’s casting nervous glances down the road where a suspicious van is parked.

Vera decides to buy the hazmat suit despite the missing spore filter because she knows someone who will surely be able to help her with that.

Vera and Yuki meet up at the library and try their best to act normal when the librarian keeps snooping around near them.


When she finally leaves Yuki tells Vera how to create infection profile data that Yuki will need for the spore filter.


Vera fumbles a bit and has a hard time remembering all the steps but in the end, it seems to finally be working.

The next day Vera and Yuki meet up again.


Yuki is really impressed with Vera’s work and thoroughly instructs her on how to proceed when she’s got the spore filter, which Yuki will construct as soon as she gets home and then send to Vera via mail.

Wauw – StrangerVille sure has some great postal service.
Vera has only just arrived home when she spots the package int he mailbox.


The next day vera is more than ready to investigate the parts of the lab where she couldn’t travel before.


She assembles the hazmat suit and goes to investigate…

At first, she’s very nervous – What if the spore filter doesn’t work properly?
She takes a few steps into the mist and is very relieved when she doesn’t feel any immediate nausea or headache.

Vera explores the lab and finds some pretty disturbing rooms. It looks as if they have been doing experiments on these plants – or were they created here and somehow it got out of hand…?

12-16-19_4-13-55 PM

Vera finds yet another locked door and uses her keycard to open it…

12-16-19_4-15-52 PM12-16-19_4-16-50 PM

Llama Plumbob – what IS that thing!?
Vera’s first reaction is to run and get out of there – never ever look back – move to Willow Creek or something…

While running (slowly, because of the hazmat suit) she realises that if she doesn’t stop this, no one probably will and then it won’t help is she and Saybia live in Willow Creek. This will just keep spreading until all of SimNation is covered in purple spores and miasma.

Vera tries to remember what Yuki said about possibly creating a vaccine… it’s hard and Vera decides on three different approaches.


Hopefully, one of them will work.

I’m sorry, Alice…
Vera splashes the first vaccine all over Alice – but it doesn’t really work…

v_test112-16-19_4-32-56 PM

… as in, there’s a reaction but nothing super useful – because who needs possessed Sims running around peeing themselves? Test-subject two unfortunately also pees herself.

Luckily, the last test-vaccine seems to have a better effect.


Test-subject 3 isn’t exactly cured, but he seems more aware and responsive. Vera decides to work hard on refining that last batch of the vaccine – tomorrow.

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1.6 Get a Move On, Vera!

StrangerVille at night – when you can really see the eerie purple glow at the crater that houses The Secret Lab. If you look close enough, you can even see all the strange, glowing plants in the dusty wasteland between the crater and the town itself…

12-11-19_9-57-33 AM

What might be even stranger than StrangerVille itself is that even with the apocalypse brewing just a few miles away life goes on as it would in any other neighbourhood of SimNation.

Parents are helping their children with the latest school project…

12-11-19_8-15-01 PM

“Are you sure this is meant to be a display of the planets, Saybia?” Vera tries to scratch her head in confusion but her action instead makes her colander hat tilt off keel. “I think they gave us the manual for the castle diorama…”

Friends are being made – Best friends too.


Estrella and Saybia will always have each other’s back – no matter what.

Jared Barrett and Saybia enjoy playing soccer together – even if Saybia isn’t quite as good as Jared


Saybia consoles herself with the thought that she’s still better at soccer than Estrella.

Kingston Hecking (Brent and Brant’s son) and Saybia seem to enjoy just being quiet together – they don’t talk much but they always seem to agree on everything, nonetheless.


Kingston might have a crush on Saybia. On a pretty lame and boring Loveday which only offered a small happy event at school, Kingston took it upon himself to make Saybia some Loveday decorations – maybe to cheer her up.


He’s such a sweet little guy ❤

Anyway – as normal as things might seem to be it’s not quite truthful. I guess Sims, like most people, prefer to pretend that everything is okay and normal.


However, the normal approach is getting increasingly hard to maintain.
Vines have taken over at the local gym – and Vera who is used to them tackles the problem head-on – all the other Sims there seem to look at each other daring someone to step up and clear the second vine – but doing so would require that someone actually admits that something is wrong – that’s a tough one.

“Come on, guys! Help me out here – there are still four showers we need to clear…” Vera’s pleas are firmly ignored…

Vera turns to Tomas for help because something has to be done and Vera figures that she and her friends will probably have to clean up this mess that is StrangerVille.


The two of them meet up at the bar and Tomas shows Vera pictures of this new thingamajig he been given by the military.
Vera is keen on getting her hands on one of these scanners herself because she has read that she’ll probably need a hazmat suit with an air filter to get further into the basement under the lab. The air filter needs to be custom made for the environment you’re trying to avoid getting into contact with and the scanner might help her find spore samples and other useful data.

Tomas agrees to get Vera a scanner and asks her to meet him in the alley behind the bar in an hour.


He hands her the scanner and whispers some instructions to Vera.
Vera in return promises to never tell a living soul how she got her hands on the scanner.
(A/N: Vera actually had to pay Tomas 750 simoleons to get a scanner – or it might be more accurate to say that she bribed him – for story purposes I’ve pretended that Tomas was being a nice guy and simply gave the scanner to Vera)

The next day Vera gets to work.
She collects a lot of data and spore clusters she intends to analyse as thoroughly as her non-existent scientist skills will allow.

12-13-19_7-59-41 PM

As vera expects the area around the lab is the most infected. Spores are everywhere.

As much as Vera wants to continue her work she can’t put life on hold to do so.
There are still holidays to celebrate and little children’s expectations to meet.


Vera has no flowers to give away for Flower Festival since their garden is all fruits, herbs and vegetables but she figures that a bunny must love carrots so she wraps one of those up and gives it to Flower Bunny.

Both Saybia and Vera wait with bated breath as Flower Bunny opens the present – and it’s a roaring success. S/he loves the carrot-present and Vera is rewarded with a nice moodlet and a pristine reputation (which is quite something considering that she’s an erratic and paranoid kleptomaniac).

In the evening Saybia spends some time admiring all the beautifully decorated Flower Festival Eggs she has found. Some of them even have a strange light coming from them.


Saybia also bashes in the glory of having completed her second aspiration. Befriending the Flower Bunny counted as befriending an adult and that was the last task needed.

Vera goes to the opera with a friend in the evening and has a great experience along with getting even sicker.


The orange spots she had earlier in the day has developed into charming tiger stripes and uncontrollable giggles and laughs. Maybe the vines and spores are making Sims sick… Vera is quite worried.

She makes sure to spend some time with Saybia the next day.
Saybia’s new aspiration requires her to be read to for 2 hours and Vera is more than happy to comply.

12-14-19_6-56-56 PM12-14-19_7-00-13 PM

This also gives Vera a chance to talk to Saybia about the future – a future Vera hopes to make better for all of Simkind – but also a future that will require Saybia to be very brave because something bad might happen to Vera in the process.

Saybia promises to be brave – and help as best she can.

Soon it will be Saybia’s birthday and she spends her last evening as a child thinking about what this better future her mother talks about might hold for her… will she finally be able to beat Jared at soccer, maybe?


No matter what it can’t hurt to keep practising, right?