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Family Sim

Chase had reluctantly agreed to meet with his twin brother, Chet at the Finchwick Fair.
It wasn’t because he didn’t appreciate the effort Chet had put into finding a venue and event Chase might actually enjoy, but he dreaded the conversation they would have… He knew Chet and this heart-to-heart he wanted to have with him all too well.

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Microwave Plus

09-19-21_4-18-28 PM

Ah! Time to leave those troubling teenage years behind!
Ena felt ready to become a Young Adult… she just needed to send one more text, and then she would blow out the candles on her cake and step into a new chapter of her life. She was more than ready.

Let us not ignore the fact that her birthday not having been forgotten by The Watcher was cause for celebration in itself Continue reading “Microwave Plus”

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1.1 Oxen Household

– Life of Plums –

Martin had been having a great couple of months – His paintings had been selling at record speed and at ever-increasing prices.

He felt so good about himself and his life that he had built up enough courage to do something about the main problem in his life…

03-03-21_8-20-18 PM

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Mars Ender

– Plumbobber Game –
Week 20

Genetics or Bricks Week 🧬🛠️ – Make the Sim from the below Plumbobber rolls as you normally would OR build a room to fit a Sim with these rolls. You can of course make and upload both if you feel like it but only ONE of them can be your entry for this week’s game – Please specify which.

The room can be up to 30 tiles and you can use any of the items, tools and cheats available in the game.
The description of the room should include a story about the Sim who calls this room theirs. Why have they chosen the colours, the objects, the layout etc. Continue reading “Mars Ender”

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1.1 Warren Household

– Life of Plums –

After eloping Bonnie and Arnold were planning on adding children to their family.
That is happened so soon wasn’t expected but very welcome, nonetheless.
Bonnie wrote all her thoughts down while pregnant and documented every little change she noticed.

02-28-21_9-05-35 PM02-28-21_9-59-50 PM

Robin wasn’t planning on having children… and certainly not when she wasn’t even in a relationship with the father.
Mostly she tried to cope with the morning sickness and the increasing panic she was feeling. Continue reading “1.1 Warren Household”

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Maya & Mouse

– Plumbobber Game –
Week 19

Optional +1 Week 1️⃣ – Make the Sim from the below Plumbobber rolls as you normally would. If you want to and can make it fit your Sim’s story, add a dog or a child [age: Toddler or Child]. The child can either be adopted or your Sim’s genetic offspring.

Please Remember! – @TPlumbobber [Twitter Profile] has made The Plumbobber available for download.
You all know The Plumbobber as mostly a randomizer and a tool to help spark creativity, but it is actually much more than that. You can read about and download The Plumbobber here: The Plumbobber – Creativity Needs Tools Continue reading “Maya & Mouse”

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1.0 Drummer Household

– Life of Plums –
On Eggshells

Keon didn’t have to move far after finishing his degree.
Eden had arranged for him to move in with her – and her family.

02-28-21_8-25-32 PM

The family counted little Rohan – Eden’s son from a previous relationship…

02-26-21_12-18-39 PM02-26-21_12-19-28 PM

… and of course, Eden’s parents; Ekram and Eleanor Elderberry.

Things were not quite as rosy as Keon had expected them to be – remember, he does have that childish belief in everything always turning out for the better.

02-28-21_8-17-27 PM

Keon was surprised to learn that Eden was very easy to fall prey to her jealous trait. She would get tense and angry from what seemed like nothing to Keon. Eden really took it too far when she accused Keon of liking Eleanor, Eden’s mother, better than he liked her. Continue reading “1.0 Drummer Household”

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ISBI 3.3 – Love All Around

– Grimm Idiots –

Score +365 Points

Norah entertains me by painting her impression of P1umB07 during the night. The two of them can’t stand each other but as long as they stay a good distance away from each other all is fine.

03-24-21_3-31-43 PM03-24-21_9-33-45 PM

Later they let me get a screenshot to prove the tension they feel when being too close to one another. Continue reading “ISBI 3.3 – Love All Around”