Early Manners

This story might end up feeling a bit like a roller coaster ride since I plan on mixing things up and switch to a new challenge whenever I feel like I get bored with the previous one. The one rule is that I have to finish the specific part of the challenge I was playing/working on and get to the end of the current generation before I can switch challenge. So if I was playing a generation as a Random Legacy Challenge I’d have to finish the rolls I’d gotten and my heir become a Young Adult before I could switch.

First, we have the Manners Please generation 7 heir, Moira Manners, taking on a modified version of the Townie Life Challenge. Modified because she starts with a few skills and her traits and aspirations are not random – also she’ll only be enrolled in the Townie Exchange Programme during her teenage years after which we change to a different challenge. Because I want the story to start off in a certain way Moira will not roll for host-families.

I start out with a story-telling approach but this might change depending on the current challenge, my mood and energy etc – just as a fair warning.

Generation Moira

Prologue – Early Manners
Living With the Past
Landgraab Life
Building a Life
Matching Flaws
Neo and Nyssa