Early Years – Interactive

EARLY YEARS – Interactive Story

I’ve had this idea for quite a long time I just never got around to it.

So what’s the idea then?

I’ve aged down the base game Premade Families so that Sims like Johnny Zest and Don Lothario are now children – and don’t worry – I’ve made sure they all have families to live with. I’ve based the families on a mix of memory, imagination and facts found on the Sims Wikia.

I’ve wanted to play in the Maristella Plus Save File made by @JenbaSims (Twitter) / jenba-sims (Tumblr) / silrosse (Sims 4 Gallery) for what feels like ages so that’s where I’ve set this up. As the world is not 100% full I’ve placed lots made by some of my my favourite creators where needed. I’ll give proper credit to you all when one of your builds are being used. In some cases, I have to make minor adjustments to the builds to make them fit the family that lives there.

In fact, I had to make a few adjustments to the Maristella Plus save as the original Premade Families already lived there and well… it would be sort of weird and creepy to keep them.

Anyway… I want to start a rotation of playing these families and as always I want to bother you with screenshots and little stories… and I do mean little. I’ve made a rule that the chapters can have a max of 5 screenshots and about 500 words. Each chapter represents a week in the rotation.

Hey… the title says it’s an interactive story… what does that mean?
After each chapter, I’ll post a poll where you – my readers – get to vote on what’s to happen next time my rotation takes me to that family.

Shortly after starting this story I found Sul-Sul City by Homijoh on Tumblr and got inspired by their way of including the moodlet text etc on her screenshots. I decided to brush up on some long-forgotten skills so that I could do something similar in my story.

IMPORTANT INFO: If you’re reading this on your phone and/or using the WordPress Reader App you might not be able to see the polls.

The order of the rotation has been decided by random draw.







Lewis 1|2|3|4

Landgraab (Johnny Zest)1|2|3

Bachelor (Bella Goth)1|2|3

Huntington III1|2|3






Newbie (Eliza Pancakes)1|2|3

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