ElseWhere Families

There’s eight maps in ElseWhere – since I’m not using the two vacation maps.

Each map has their own starting family (+ families that I add for challenges etc) and each map has its own page that gets updated when a new family moves into a lot. The families will be shown and described as they are when they start out. For updates on how they are doing you’ll have to read the Stories of ElseWhere. You can read a bit about each family and see their Family Tree if you click the links below.

Willow Creek – The Weavers
Oasis Springs – The Cornwells | The Dolls | The Frost-Haas
Newcrest – The Harleys | Twin Oracle
Magnolia Promenade – The Dolls
Windenburg – The Finns | The Moons
San Myshuno – The Monroes | The Finns
Forgotten Hollow – The Frost-Haas
Brindleton Bay – The Arvings
Special Townies – #BETownies