ElseWhere Real Estate

Here you can find all the homes and venues built for ElseWhere. They are all uploaded to the Gallery. Download link, pictures and a description will be provided for each of them.

My aim when building is to always have function over form if I can’t achieve both.
Every build has been play-tested – of course something might have gone all bonkers when uploading/downloading – but everything was working before upload at least 🙂
Most builds use a lot of different packs – I’m not very good at limiting myself on what build items I’m allowed to use and all builds should be placed with bb.moveobjects active.

All builds can be found by searching the EA Gallery for my username: Onyeka001

Most builds can also be found doing a Hashtag (#) search for #BuildingElseWhere. Unfortunately I was not smart enough to include the hashtag on the first two builds and sometimes, due to the rules, I’ll use an old build from before ElseWhere was a thing.


Catscratch Cottage – H001
Agave Abode – H002
The Paint Shop – H003
The Barbie – H004
The Vicarage – H005
Rustic Residence – H006
Widowshild Towers – H007
Oakenstead – H008
Refurbished Office – H009


Nightclub – The Llama Llama
Park – Zodiac Park
Vet Clinic – Brindleton PetCare
National Park – Loving Oaks National Park
Bar – Harbour Street Bar
Restaurant – Spork & Foon
Café – Windenburg Coffee Supply


Twin Oracle Retirement
Birchen Lodge
Brook Student Housing