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Welcome to the home of The Plumbobber!

What is this Plumbobber thing?
What does it do?
Why is it even here?

Let me try to explain…

If you want to go directly to DOWNLOAD

The Story behind it all starts here…

For the longest time… ever since The Sims 4 was released the genetics part of the game has annoyed me. I’ve always wanted more variety, a way for my Sims to inherit their grandmother’s freckles and red hair even if none of the parents have those features.

Of course, I could just add that in CAS – use my imagination and make my Sims my own. I didn’t have to stick with whatever the game had decided for me. I did this for a while – and it worked fine… mostly.
My brain is not very good at storing details of Sims – For some reason, I can never remember how they looked and what exact eye color they had etc. I needed a device that would store all this data for me.
Another thing that bothered me was that even with the variety I added myself via CAS my Sims very often ended up looking very similar – I guess my imagination is somewhat limited in that department.

Yet another thing which is hard with a limited imagination is creating unique and interesting looking Sims from scratch. As I originally wrote: “…my imagination can’t stretch as far as creating a Sim with yellow afro hair… In other words, I need help!”

Here’s where my brain tends to shine… Coming up with practical solutions to problems I have taken an interest in.

I wanted a tool that could store my Sims’ data and also use that data to help me create Sim-offspring with a better genetic variation – While we’re at it, why not add a complete randomizer to it? An app I could have running in the background while playing sounded like just the thing I needed.

The idea for the Plumbobber has been in the back of my head for a couple of years but I had no way of making it because I can’t programme and I’m not in a state where I can just sit myself down and learn it.
Luckily my BF – who is the other person mentioned in the lower right corner of The Plumbobber – started teaching himself how to programme – completely out of the blue and unrelated to my idea. In fact, I didn’t even mention it to him because he’s not a Simmer at all and I thought he’d find it super boring to do a project revolving around little pixel people and their looks.
At some point, he needed a project to work and practice on so I suggested that he could make me a Random Trait Roller for The Sims 4. He was happy while making it and it turned out really good. When he needed a new project I talked to him about my idea for the Plumbobber and he said that he would at least give it a try – no promises, as it sounded pretty complicated to him.

A month later he had made The Plumbobber version 1.0. Not only did it use genetics data from two generations of Sims but he had also added the Random Trait Roller that he had first made me.
Since a few people had shown interest in The Plumbobber on Twitter we made it into a public beta-test-version for people to download. Within the first few hours, SimGuruNick (Twitter) made a shout-out about it


and @velosims (Twitter) made a Youtube review of it. All the attention was pretty amazing and I still can’t wrap my head around it.


You can watch @velosims’ review here: The Plumbobber Review by Velo Sims

My original Twitter post about The Plumbobber has gotten a lot of attention via likes and retweets. SocietiDog and I are both very grateful for each one of them – Thank You All! ❤

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