Manners Please

Manners Please is a classic Legacy Challenge following Pinstar’s rules

Miss Minus Manners is the founder of the legacy – and well, she’s quite unusual and because of that, we’re probably going to have a bit of a rough start.

Lot: Oakenstead of Willow Creek
Succession Laws: Strict Equality | Strict Traditional | Random/Democracy | Tolerant

November 2018: Minus Manners has gathered a small and loyal fan-base and some of you might want to see what she’s been up to in a completely different story written by glen1974 (@glen_mcnally on Twitter). Minus is a Guest Star in Simasty – Read More!

Generation One – Minus Manners

Introduction: Meet Miss Minus Manners
Week 1: Meeting the Neighbors
Week 1: Moody Minus
Week 1: Oh Johnny-Boy!
Week 1: Score!
Week 1: Now or Never

Week 2: Introducing Johnny
Week 2: What Friend?
Week 2: Wants Me Not, Wants Me…

Week 3: Upgrading
Week 3: Misery
Week 3: Baby Manners

Week 4: Natural Prankster
Week 4: Being The Good Wife
Week 4: Welcome Angel

Week 5: Social Butterfly
Week 5: Tour de Clog
Week 5: Birthdays and Fights

Week 6: The Friend Race
Week 6: Sore Loser

Week 7: No More Fights
Week 7: Winterfest
Week 7: New Year’s Eve

Week 8: Completing Goals
Week 8: All Over the Place

Week 9: Adulthood 2.0

Generation Two – Maverick Manners

Week 9: Preparing for Work
Week 9: Friends. Love and Growing Up

Week 10: Introducing Hadley
Week 10: Death and Space-Woohoo
Week 10. Ups and Downs
Week 10: Pranked by Lightning

Week 11: Visiting Family
Week 11: Birthday – Dates – Wedding
Week 11: Pregnancy

Week 12: Time Spent with Family
Week 12: Trick or Treat Birthday
Week 12: Hello and Goodbye

Week 13: Rebel and Jinx
Week 13: Let’s Get Bees!
Week 13: Very Bad Gnome
Week 13: Mystery

Week 14: So Long, Imps!
Week 14: Cheer Up party
Week 14: The Wrong Branch

Week 15: Triple Birthday
Week 15: So Many Holidays

Week 16: Incidentally EPIC
Week 16: Aging Up and Down
Week 16: Promotion Celebrated

Week 17: They Grow Up So Fast!
Week 17: Busy Days
Week 17: Married on Love Day

Week 18: Next Heir?
Week 18: Love Quest
Week 18: Odd Shoes