2.4 So Long, Joe!

Daisy starts the week by telling Calyx about how she'll be a big girl in just a matter of hours. Calyx doesn't really understand but hopes his favourite sister will still play with him even if she's a big girl. Maybe for the first time ever, I remember to change the birthday Sim into their... Continue Reading →

2.3 Cycle of Life

Vera is a paranoid Sim and has decided she wants to help prepare for disaster. She has read that having angelfish on hand is quite important along with a handful of different flowers and fruits. Since she's so keen on this project I send her out fishing - and a few hours later I find... Continue Reading →

I’m Gonna Live Forever!

Week 47 - the last of this year - whatever year that might be. Lots and lots of stuff to celebrate during the week since there will be three birthdays, New Years's Eve and Legacy Day. Bills, that make no sense at all, arrive. Maybe they are this low because I haven't played a full... Continue Reading →

Death by Present

Jayden, who doesn't like children, sure does spend a lot of time with little Menaya. I guess she doesn't mind as long as she's related to the little poop-monsters. While making silly faces and whatnot at Menaya a couple of notifications tick in. Eve and daughter-in-law Tori have both given birth to a little boy... Continue Reading →

Townie Life Challenge

Townie Life Challenge (This challenge was created with inspiration from other challenges such as ISBI, Mooch Off Your Neighbour, The Hired Help challenge and Random Legacy Challenge) [This is a WIP - Suggestions, Corrections and Testers Welcome!] [The updated rules can be found here!] There are two main goals to this challenge besides having fun.... Continue Reading →

2.2 Perpetually Pregnant

A/N: You'll have to excuse this chapter. To me, it feels messy and the timeline seems off but with the screenshots etc I have this seems to be the right order of things. Saybia felt like she had just given birth to Rose when morning sickness and a pregnancy test showed she was already pregnant... Continue Reading →

2.1 Moving, Marrying and All That

One thing Saybia was sure about when finishing up at the university was that she was not going to raise a big family in the tiny trailer back in StrangerVille - No matter how much she loved the place it just wouldn't work. The hard part would be convincing Vera to move... Saybia had found... Continue Reading →

Generation 2 – The Rolls!

Marital Status: Couple Married or not doesn't matter - but they must live together as a couple. Number of Children: 4 Career Primary Sim: Stylist No additional money-making opportunities Career Secondary Sim: Lifeguard No additional money-making opportunities Generation Goal: Bring Me Back to Life At some point during this generation, one of the family members... Continue Reading →

In-Between: Uni Years

It is time for Saybia to grow up - or, well - turn into a Young Adult at least. After her transition, I turned ageing off in my game - and that is ofc against the rules. Hear me out though... Saybia and her friends are going to study at university. I consider these years... Continue Reading →

Out With a Bang!

Ghosts might break a lot of stuff, true - but they also do a lot of chores around the house. Mystery mops the bathroom floor, Maverick takes out the trash and good old Uncle Don fixes the broken dollhouse and then the shower. Maybe they thought the house needed a bit of fixing up now... Continue Reading →

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