Plumbobber Guide

How Do I Use This Thing?

This is how The Plumbobber 1.3 looks:


As you can see it has a lot of combo boxes and buttons…
They are all just there to confuse you!
Just kidding – I’ll explain now 🙂


Main List: This is where you pick which list you want to work with.
Every Sim you Save, Update or Copy will end up on this list. When playing with genetics it’s also the Sims on your currently selected Main List that will be available in the combo boxes.
The Premades_Edit list is a list containing all The Sims 4 Premades – from Akria Kibo to Zoe Patel.
(PlumbobberList was a list I made for this – you won’t find one with that name on your Plumbobber unless you make it yourself)

Create New List: You can create your own lists. Just enter a name and hit the Create New List button. The lists you create become available as Main Lists.
Personally, I create a new list for each save I’m playing.

Delete List: You know what this is for… I’m sure!


Copy Functions: Do you sometimes use the same Sim or Sim-family in multiple saves?
The copy function lets you copy these Sims from one list to another so you don’t have to plot all that data in again – pretty neat!
There’s an extra list here. The Sims4DB_Premades list – this is only to copy from so you always have a complete list of all the Sims 4 Premade Sims.


Maternal Grandmother etc: This is the genetics playground. Of course, before you can play with this function you have to have some Sims to fill into the combo boxes. You can start out with the Premades if you don’t want to create your own Sims right away. Remember, you find these on the Premades_Edit list.

The infobox to the far right is the data of the selected Sim, Debra Willoughby (highlighted in blue).


Enter Name etc: This is where your new Sim arrives… erhm yeah. Let me rephrase that. This is where the information about your new Sim is generated and shown.

Which parts are inherited and which parts are just randomly generated then?

Part of inheritance: Hair Color, Hair Structure, Eye Color, Freckles, Glasses, Teeth. Traits too, but they work a little differently than the genetics.

Hair and eye color are named in order of appeance in a CC- and Mod-free CAS.

Skin Color is not part of inheritance because the game already has a system that works better than anything we would be able to create.

Genetics are inherited based on a simple system of 1/8s. Yeah, disappointing that there’s no real science behind it – I know! We’re just gamers and programmers – not scientists 😀

Genetics of parents weigh heavier on the rolled outcome than that of grandparents.

The Plumbobber also passes down traits from parents. Your new Sim might inherit one or two traits from their parents but s/he might not. On rare occasions, a child can inherit all three traits from their parents. Grandparents play no role in passing down traits.

Not part of inheritance: Skin Color, Aspiration, Career and Favorite Colors – which is also why the Premades does not have these features listed.

The Favorite Colors feature has been added as a bit of a quirk. It’s meant as a way to help you decide on how to dress your Sims or decorate their room/house.

Unknown Parent/Grandparents: If one or more of the grandparent or even one of the parents are unknown you just leave them blank. The Plumbobber will generate something random for those Sims.

A Random Sim: If you want a completely random Sim this is also where you need to be. Make sure all the combo boxes with parents and grandparents are empty – You can use the Clear button for this. Then click Generate New Sim. You now have some random features you can add to your Sim in CAS – you might roll an aspiration and a career that are a really bad match but I encourage you to go see @velosims’ video (Link on the bottom of this page: Introduction). She got a pretty badly matched roll but turned it into a story for her Sim.

If you want Vampire Aspirations for your random roll you check the box.
If you want unnatural hair and eye colors for your random roll you check that box.
Unnatural hair: White, grey, purple, pink, blue, mint and green
Unnatural eyes: Red and purple

If you’re satisfied with your roll you give your Sim a name and hit the Save or Edit button.

You can edit existing Sims. Your Sim might have gotten a new aspiration or whatever might be the reason. Just enter the Sim’s name and hit enter and the combo boxes will fill with the data for your Sim. Make your changes and hit the Save or Edit button again.

This doesn’t quite work if it’s the name you change. In that case, you need to manually delete the old entry (using the old name).

You can never have two Sims with the exact same name on the same list as the new Sim will overwrite the old Sim with that name. Keep that in mind.

Create File

pb1_3_list_fileAn option to create a file for each of your lists has been added.
Pick the list you want a file for in the Main List and then hit the Create File button.
The file ends up on your desktop and can be opened with something like Google Sheets.

The following image is an example of how it should look (approx.) if you open the Premades_Edit list with Google Sheets.


Delete Sim
If you wish to delete a Sim you can find an option for that in the lower left corner of The Plumbobber.


Enter the name of the Sim you wish to delete and hit Delete Sim.

My Test Family

A little demonstration of how my test family turned out just using the default game mechanics and then how the family changed after adding the rolls from The Plumbobber.

The first image shows Zane and Lacie Royale and their good friends Duke and Debra Willoughby. Zane and Lacie’s son, Hunter and Duke and Debra’s daughter, Amelia were very good friends and ended up marrying each other when they grew up.


Hunter and Amelia had 12 kids – yes, they were both family-oriented and wanted a big happy family!

They had 12 beautiful kids – all with hair as black as the feathers of ravens – eyes as green as emeralds or as brown as chocolate… Doesn’t that sound a wee bit boring to you? It does to me…


Let’s adjust those kids with the rolls from The Plumbobber!
Now, they might not be prettier – that’s a matter of opinion, but at least they are bit more varied and easier to tell apart – and I bet that’s handy when you have 12 of them running around 😀


Some changes are very subtle like blue eyes instead of green or maybe something minor like freckles were added, but for me, even these small changes add a bit more character to each Sim.

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