Plumbobber Sims

I’d like to be more creative when it comes to CAS [Create A Sim] and to help me with that I have The Plumbobber. A tool my partner and I created when he needed a project to learn to code, and I wanted a tool to help me with CAS and more genetic variation in my Sims.

The deal is that I ask The Plumbobber to “Generate New Sim” and I have to make whatever pops up.

Join in on The Fun!
If you want to give it a try, create your Sim following the Plumbobber Rolls within the latest post I’ve made here on the page [look for the Sim with a date next to it]. The deadline and the gallery #hashtag needed can also be found within that same post.

Each new post will contain a screenshot of The Plumbobber with the rolls for the current game.
You do not need to download The Plumbobber to participate. However, if you would like to have it for personal use you can download it here: The Plumbobber

If you have a creative outlet of sorts [WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube etc] and use any of The Plumbobber Sims in your content, please give me notice so that I can add a link to your stuff along with the Sim you’re using. We all love seeing these Sims come to life in the game ♥️

Since the game doesn’t provide names for the hair and eye colours I’ve had to name them myself.
I’ve made this overview of the names I’ve given them: Hair and Eye Colours

My partner and I will pick our favourites and I’ll post them here along with my own creation for that particular Plumbobber Roll.

Basic Rules:
– One outfit per category [everyday, formal, athletic etc…]
– Add a description/story where you incorporate their job and/or aspiration and at least one of their traits.
– You decide the gender and age of your Sim – anything from toddler to elder.
– Your Sim can be any kind of occult/supernatural that you think fit the rolls
– You may add Parenthood Character Traits/Traits from the Reward Store to support your Sim’s story
– You may add Lifestyles to support your Sim’s story
– You may assign skill points to help support the story of your Sim’s career, aspiration etc
– If there are traits/aspirations/jobs you don’t have access to pick something yourself or do a random roll.
– Please no CC and no custom poses [No T.O.O.L – mod for builds]!
– Entries will be nominated for Maxis Favorites – Maxis Curation Guide

TIP: You can use mods such as UI Cheats Extension, MCCC and TwistedMexi’s AllCheats to help with adding skills, lifestyles, job promotions etc. Your Sim(s) will not be flagged as having CC if you do.

Here you can get to know [and find download links] to the various Sims created by Simmers who have participated and by me starting December 2020

Entries to The Plumbobber CAS Game

Aleister Crowley
Cynthia Nix
Caldor Severin
Coralia Valkyrie
01 – Trent Pop  [Alyssa Sharpe | Rylan Styles | Tasha Vick]
02 – Trisha Gerber  [Barry Lazee | Abroha]
03 – Outdoor Adventures [Fischer | Apple]
04 – Alexina Lovechill [Charmer | Lovechill | Oddman | Simone Meowfu]
05 – Ituxi Xip [Baxill Kreeg | Bernice Burnett | Brauvrk Blakua | Starchild | Cassie Riddle | Samantha Grey]
06 – James Pond [Nanook Lavoie | Angelfin Freshwater | Olsen | Calypso Starr | Finn Fresh]
07 – Robin Cuddle [Crispin Aquilo | Xto Q | Milton Rains | Griselda Schulz]
08 – Meredith Munster [Renaud | Marshall | Bogey Mann | Kristi Fry | Level Up Ghost Hunter]
09 – Paxton Smiles [Wells | Orsini | Caprese | Millie Tarry | Wyatt Winters | Hardflyer]
10 – Poppy Starr-Lazee [Parker Abroha Freshwater | Mad Mage in Training | Gloria Gerber-Pond | Haylee Freshwater | Olsen-Gerber | Angel Bailey-Moon | Fresh-Gerber]
11 – The [Pur]Loynners [Sheridan “Sisters” | The Cougar & The Merman | The Waite Family | Mirya and Sheppard | One and Two]
12 – Logan Knitter [Cashmere Yarnley | Stitches | Ramona Purl | Charlie Whistle | Granny Gauge | Josef | Merchant | Norman Needles]
13 – Yates Connery [Daniel Burks | Derek Morales | Friedman | Justice! | Plumbobber13 | Lowdown Dirty Scoundrel | McClellan | Oswaldo “The Judge” Gavel | Phil Anders | Wynona Gambel | Yvonne Guiltsy]
14 – Barbara Baker [Drake | Marceline Pierce-Brooks | Plumbobber14 | Morton | Angelique Sanguine | Macias | Day | Margo Kafara | Twilight]
15 – Mondo Izumi  [Phoenix Seaman | Kelli Murata | Nautica | Heqet Hu’ah | Wahine Pu’uwai | Greene | Plumbobber15 | Atlantica | Salas]
16 – The Theorist [Roswell | Mission Failed? | Plumbobber16 | A. Leon Abduchon | Foyle-Hatt | Everest | Grubb | Mewes | Newt]
17 – Etta Llamante [Jones | Velázquez | Indiana VanGarde | Plumbobber17 | Dare | Archie Burrows | Croft | Happy Earth Day 2021]
18 – George Starr Connery [Owen Weird-Man | Freshwater-Morales | Plumbobber18 | Darin Wolff | Weir-Gambel | Fresh-Gambel | Brittni]
19 – Maya & Mouse [Betty & Baby | Plumbobber19 | A Long Way From Home | Dalila and Dolly | Frankie | Gilmore | Channing | Journey and Juniper]
20 – Mars Ender [Roland “Rusty” | Dalma Diamond | Jackie Song | Adult’s Only Loft Cave]