The Vera Random Legacy

The Random Legacy Challenge

Since I really like how this challenge mixes things up I’ve decided to give it another go. On my first try, I didn’t get very far because I got caught up playing other challenges.

For anyone interested here’s the link to the chapters from my first attempt:
The Vanguard RLC

Hopefully, I’ll make it a bit further – and preferably to the end – this time!

I’m following the rules posted on Mod The Sims – kept up to date by Skyegal19.

As always, I play with all sorts of mods – so basically, I cheat!
I also tend to take rulesets a bit lightly – if I’m in doubt I’ll improvise most of the time and read up on it later – it’s supposed to be fun, not a self-inflicted gaming dictatorship after all.

My Succession Laws will be the same as in my first attempt – though I’ll allow aliens, and maybe vampires, this time around. Also, the Heir Law – Random might at times be dropped in favour of a poll.

Generation 1 – The Rolls!
1.1 No Stranger to StrangerVille
1.2 What Have You Done, Vera?
1.3 Are You Sure It’s Mine?
1.4 Vera and Saybia
1.5 You Forgot My Birthday!?
1.6 Get a Move On, Vera!
1.7 A Birthday and A Dire Discovery
1.8 Time to Fight!

In-Between: Uni Years

Generation 2 – The Rolls!
2.1 Moving, Marrying and All That
2.2 Perpetually Pregnant
2.3 Cycle of Life
2.4 So Long, Joe!
2.5 Bring Me Back to Life