Random Legacy

The Random Legacy is my try at the challenge posted by tigger89 here – I’m adding in some of the adjustments made by Rainy Dayz Gamez here. Thank you to both of them for inspiring me to add a bit more diversity to my game.
I do tend to take the whole rule set a bit lightly at times – if I’m in doubt I’ll improvise most of the time and read up on it later – it’s supposed to be fun, not a self-inflicted gaming dictatorship afterall.

The Heirs – Succesion Laws
First Generation – 1.0 The Rolls
Second Generation – 2.0 The Rolls
Neil – 2.1 Meeting the Vanguards
Neil – 2.2 Little Sava
Neil – 2.3 Beware The Raven!
Neil – 2.4 Birthday Plethora
Neil – 2.5 New Chess Partner
Neil – 2.6 Weekend Visitors
Neil – 2.7 Call The Doctor
Neil – 2.8 Adios Amigos
Third Generation – 3.0 The Rolls
Sava – 3.1 Lonesome
Sava – 3.2 Boys Boys Boys!
Sava – 3.3 Cycle of Life
Sava – 3.4 My Life